Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 367


“Big brother? Are you the Great Emperor Ren? No, the Great Emperor is dead! Who are you?” The men in cloak said almost simultaneously.

They began to inspect Yi Tianyun, although they couldn’t estimate Yi Tianyun’s cultivation stage, they instinctively knew that Yi Tianyun was bad news!

The men in cloak saw Yi Tianyun as a beast!

They shivered from fear as they saw Yi Tianyun was smirking towards them!

The next moment, Yi Tianyun flashed towards one of the men in cloak and punched the man toward the wall, killing him instantly.

Ren Zhirou was shocked by Yi Tianyun’s sudden entrance, but she was more confused about why he would claim to be her big brother while she obviously never saw him before!

Yi Tianyun quickly rushed over toward another man in cloak, to punch him.

The man in cloak, who yielded in fear, immediately retreated from the scene.

But Yi Tianyun was faster!

He immediately pulled the men in cloak who seemed to be their leader from the beginning to the side, preventing him from escaping!

Yi Tianyun also slammed the man’s chest, destroying his cultivation completely!

“You destroyed my cultivation! How could you do this!” The man said with a look of disbelief.

Yi Tianyun immediately rushed over to the rest of them and started killing each one of them easily!


‘Successfully killed a Black Cloaked Assassin!’

‘Reward: 260.000 Exp, 3.300 CPs, 200 SPs, Shadow Step Martial Art, Shadow Flash, Shadow Blade, Poison Dragon’s Whip.’



After killing the assassin, Yi Tianyun was a little bit confused.

Why was this group of assassins having the same martial arts as the Shadow Guard from the Netherworld Empire?

Was this martial art that common?

The question kept resounding in Yi Tianyun’s mind.

After killing all but one assassin, Yi Tianyun pulled the man up toward Ren Zhirou.

She didn’t waste any more time and unmasked the man quickly.

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“Army General Wang? Are you the one behind all this attack? Why would you do this?” Ren Zhirou asked coldly.

“Yes, I didn’t expect you to have such a strong helping hand! My squad is already wiped out! I advise that you obediently hand the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure to Prime Minister Long immediately and leave the palace! Otherwise, you will suffer with the people supporting you!” The man said bravely.

“Suffer? My big brother is already dead! I am already suffering! I will personally make sure that you will be dead by the end of this!” Ren Zhirou said while looking like on the verge of crying.

“You will not be able to beat Prime Minister Long!” Army General Wang said as he laughed his heart out.

Suddenly, a flash of silver pierce his chest, and Ren Zhirou even let the man watched her do just that!

“Shhh, do not fight the darkness’ embrace! You will be joining my big brother soon, to answer for your sin!” Ren Zhirou said coldly as she pulled out her dagger from Army General Wang’s chest.


‘Successfully killed Army General Wang!’

‘Reward: 390.000 Exp, 4.600 CPs, 200 SPs, Shadow Step Martial Arts, Cloud Waves Palm, Shadowless Whip, Poison Dragon’s Whip.’

Ren Zhirou killed the Army General Wang, but Yi Tianyun still got the Exp and many more items, like Yi Tianyun was the one killing him!

After a while, the groups of guards immediately arrived at the scene while shouting to protect their princess.

Several guards even encircled Yi Tianyun while pointing their spear toward him.

“Princess, are you okay?” One of the guards said worriedly.

“I am okay! The young man wasn’t an assassin. The real assassin was already killed by him! Believe it or not, Army General Wang was the perpetrator of the assassination!” She said as she pointed her fingers toward the body of Army General Wang.

The guard was surprised to see Army General Wang was indeed one of the dead bodies wearing the cloak.

“Clean this up and hang Army General Wang’s body on the City Gate! I wanted to show the crowds the consequences of betraying me!” Ren Zhirou said confidently.

They immediately Ren Zhirou’s order and immediately left Ren Zhirou with Yi Tianyun alone.

“Are you okay? The black aura from the whip looks like a poison earlier!” Yi Tianyun asked worriedly.

“I am fine, but who are you? why did you save me?” Ren Zhirou asked curiously.

“Didn’t you used to call me brother?” Yi Tianyun said while smiling and taking off his mask.

“Brother!” Ren Zhirou shouted and hugged Yi Tianyun immediately, but she started shaking immediately from the effect of the poison earlier.

“Now, don’t be stubborn and let me help you cleanse the poison on your system!” Yi Tianyun said scoldingly.

“Okay!” Ren Zhirou nodded her head while smiling at Yi Tianyun warmly, she completely trusted him.

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