Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 416


Heavenly Dragon Empire has won the battle!

The news spread across the continent that Netherworld Empire finally was no longer undefeated!

Furthermore, it was an army led by none other than the Imperial Preceptor himself!

The news didn’t stop there!

Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure could be controlled by three people was also a hot topic by almost every faction across the continent. That meant the Heavenly Dragon Empire has become so much stronger!

The news about the defeat of the Netherworld Empire’s army and the death of Prime Minister Long also reached Netherworld Emperor’s ear. He could no longer contain his anger as Prime Minister Long was his brother!

Imperial Preceptor cowered in fear!

This was the first time after a long while that he felt this carnal fear from the Netherworld Emperor as this was his mistake too!

“I am sorry, Great Emperor! The power of the one that helped the Heavenly Dragon Empire was beyond my expectation. I was caught off guard!” Imperial Preceptor said apologetically.

“Can’t you fight with all your power? Aren’t you the number two person inside this empire!” Netherworld Emperor said angrily.

“I can, but I got there underprepared, my lord! There is little I can do to defend against his tremendous power over there!” Imperial Preceptor said as he tried to make an excuse.

“Now that it has come to this, I have to be the one to face that man myself!” Netherworld Emperor said angrily.

“Great Emperor! You can’t leave yet! think about your hard-earned cultivation, if you leave the palace now, it will all be for naught!” Imperial Preceptor said worriedly.

“Brother Long is my younger brother! Did you expect me to set his revenge aside?” Netherworld Emperor said coldly.

“No, Great Emperor! That’s not what I mean! You are already at the final step, if you got the Dark Dragon Power, Heavenly Dragon Empire wouldn’t stand a chance! You could exact Brother Long’s vengeance at that time!” Imperial Preceptor said as he tried to reason with Netherworld Emperor.

“Damn it! You are right! Brother Long, I will avenge you! Just you wait!” Netherworld Emperor said as he gritted his teeth and sat at his throne again, finally calmed down.

Originally Prime Minister Long was to sneak into Heavenly Dragon Empire and create a chance for Netherworld Empire to attack and occupy the Heavenly Dragon Empire, but it would result in the destruction of the Heavenly Dragon Empire, and that was not the goal of the Netherworld Empire.

But now, Heavenly Dragon Empire could fight back because of just one guy!

One person completely foiled years of planning!

“This is our negligence! I will make sure it wouldn’t happen again. If the Great Emperor gets the Dark Dragon Strength, Netherworld Emperor could ascend into the Divine Nation status!” Imperial Preceptor said confidently.

“You are right! We will destroy all of them when the time comes!” Netherworld Emperor said coldly.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun has just finished helping the Heavenly Dragon Empire getting rid of the corpses in front of the Imperial City as the battle ended. He was a little bit disappointed that the quest he had didn’t have any follow up quest, even though Ren Zhirou wasn’t a goddess just yet!

“Brother Yi, what are you doing here?” Ren Long said as he saw Yi Tianyun stood in the lobby alone.

“Nothing, I am just checking the situation outside, and I notice everything has calmed down once again.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Yeah, but I still don’t know what the Netherworld Empire planned next, I think the Netherworld Emperor himself will lead his army to attack Heavenly Dragon Empire next!” Ren Long said as he tilted his head, wondering what the Netherworld Empire would do next.

“Brother Ren, you don’t have to think about it so hard! Is there something else bothering you? I am here if you need to talk about something, you know!” Yi Tianyun said as he saw that Ren Long was thinking too hard.

“I am still not sure! You are far more powerful and competent to be the next Emperor than myself, the truth is, I don’t really want this position as the Emperor myself! I prefer to go on an adventure without any worry, you know!” Ren Long said sincerely.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit startled by Ren Long’s honesty, he didn’t know what to say to Ren Long at this point.

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