Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 424


The Spirit Race’s spies were quick on their foot, it didn’t take long for them to inquire about the news that Yi Tianyun could attack the Netherworld Empire at any time!

The report from the spy also included the amount of Void Spirit Stage Experts currently within the Netherworld Empire’s territory, which was only 4!

That expert consisted of Netherworld Emperor, Imperial Preceptor, and two other Army Generals.

As for the Core Transformation Expert, there were still quite many of them, at least 20 to 30 people, but that was not a concern for Yi Tianyun!

But Yi Tianyun still didn’t tell the rest of the sect any of this as he wanted to catch the Netherworld Empire off guard.

The people inside Heavenly Clouds Mansion all thought that Yi Tianyun was making a bad decision because Spirit Race always relied on concealment for their safety.

Exposing them to the world to see like this wouldn’t be good for the Spirit Race!

In fact, in Yi Tianyun’s mind right now was focused at the reward that he would get from finishing the Main Quest after destroying the Netherworld Empire!

He knew that he would succeed. He was confident that there would be no casualties on his side!

He based it all with his previous confrontation with the Imperial Preceptor. With X8 Crazy Mode effect, he could win against Imperial Preceptor, meaning that since he has already upgraded Crazy Mode to X16, Imperial Preceptor wouldn’t be a problem anymore!

Not only that, but the Heavenly Dragon Empire, under Ren Long would also help him out to destroy the Netherworld Empire, all he had to do was just wait for them to arrive here.

“Well, I am sure when the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s forces arrive here, we will immediately march toward Netherworld Empire’s imperial city!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Many people looked at him in horror!

They were not sure that they could win against a strong nation like the Netherworld Empire, even with the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s help!

“Mansion Lord! That decision isn’t wise! It is dangerous to take action against the Netherworld Empire like that! We could be destroyed if you didn’t plan it thoroughly!” An elder from the Heaven’s Top Mansion said, other disciples from Heaven’s top Mansion also nodded, they agreed that Netherworld Empire wouldn’t be easily defeated!

Yi Tianyun understood that he had the shortest time with the Heaven’s Top Mansion’s people.

As a result, their loyalty towards Yi Tianyun wasn’t as high as the two other sects.

Yi Tianyun couldn’t blame them as it was his own fault for not sparing any time to increase Heaven’s Top Mansion’s loyalty before.

“I didn’t make an empty notion! I’ve already made plans to attack them! Did you think that I didn’t think about the future of this Mansion? I already chipped off Netherworld Empire’s strength before I arrive here!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Furthermore, the Spirit Race’s spy also reported that the Netherworld Empire is preparing something big, you know they can sense the turbulence on Spiritual Energy, and they said that whatever that is that Netherworld Empire had prepared this time would be huge!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“We’ve been on defense this entire time. Now we have to take the initiative to launch an attack of our own! I believe in our power. Together we could destroy the Netherworld Empire once and for all!” Yi Tianyun said commandingly. 

“I am sorry, Mansion Lord Yi. But I don’t know, I still don’t understand where does this confidence of yours come from?! I still didn’t believe that we can win against the Netherworld Empire!” An elder from Heaven’s Top Mansion said nervously.

“That is simple! His confidence comes from the support of the people around him!” Shi Xueyun said confidently as she showed her support for Yi Tianyun’s decision to attack the Netherworld Empire.

From the beginning of the discussion, Shi Xueyun and Heavenly Jade Sect never once questioned Yi Tianyun for his decision.

It may seem ridiculous for the people who only know Yi Tianyun for a short time, but all Yi Tianyun needed was the support from the people that he cared for.

With his power alone, he could defeat his enemy, but still, he needed reassurance that the people he cared for wouldn’t betray his trust!

Suddenly, a guard came barging in to give a report to Yi Tianyun.

“Mansion Lord Yi, Experts from Heavenly Dragon Empire was waiting outside for you!” The guard reported politely.

“Bring them in!” Yi Tianyun said as he dismissed the guard.

Yi Tianyun was excited as finally, Ren Long has come!

A moment later, Ren Long’s familiar figure appeared, followed by a group of experts from the Heavenly Dragon Empire.

Yi Tianyun noticed that Ren Zhirou wasn’t among them, which meant that she was left behind to defend the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City in case the Netherworld Empire decided to attack again.

“Big Brother Ren! You are finally here!” Yi Tianyun welcomed Ren Long excitedly.

“Well, you told me to come to yourself, didn’t you?” Ren Long said teasingly with a smile on his face.

“Well, are you ready to destroy the Netherworld Empire?” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

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