Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 430


A dark Great Array suddenly emerged from the ground beneath the flying palace, bombarding the Heavenly Clouds Palace from below with a black energy ball!

The huge flying palace was easily hit!

The dark Great Array kept following the flying palace movement, and eventually stopped the Heavenly Clouds Palace’s advance!

“You are too reckless, how could you think that big palace could enter the city without any resistance! I will shoot you down myself!” Imperial Preceptor said to himself with his evil smirk became more apparent as he saw that his plan was working.

The Imperial Preceptor constantly controlled the Great Array around the city and relentlessly shot the flying palace in order to knock it down!

At the same time, Yi Tianyun understood that he was trapped in the vicinity of the Imperial City to a tee!

Yi Tianyun also realized that if he forced his way in stubbornly like this, the palace wouldn’t be able to hold on for long!

“The Imperial Preceptor really is cunning! He escaped earlier just to prepare a trap like this!” Yi Tianyun said as he looked at the Netherworld Imperial City in annoyance.

“Spirit King! I know that these attacks that the Netherworld Empire has thrown towards us are not that powerful, but I am afraid it already chipped away 50% of our defensive walls!” Old Ancestor said nervously.

This time it wasn’t the Jade Spirit Stone that became the problem, but the great array itself!

It couldn’t withstand the constant attack from the Netherworld Empire, Yi Tianyun also knew that if the Great Array was broken, then it would be hard to fix!

Everyone looked at Yi Tianyun in anticipation, they hoped Yi Tianyun would have a way to overcome the current situation!

“Rest assured! I have already expected this outcome. Otherwise, the Imperial Preceptor will not choose to escape considering he was humiliated in the previous battle!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

He then raised his hands, and a huge stone tablet releasing a circle of light suddenly appeared, at the same time, the circle of light suppressed the Dark Great Array.

As a result, it could no longer shoot dark energy ball to the flying palace.

This is the Tyrant Stone Tablet that he got from the Spirit Sanctuary!

Everyone looked at the Tyrant Stone Tablet in awe, especially the Spirit Race!

The Spirit Race knew that the Tyrant Stone Tablet was able to nullify the effect of any Great Array within Master Level Divine Rune Grade!

Even though the Imperial Preceptor was a Divine Rune Grand Master, that didn’t mean that every Great Array that he made would be of the Grand Master Grade!

Grand Master Grade Great Array was hard to make, and the risk was too high if he somehow messed the Divine Rune up!

“I almost forgot that the Tyrant Stone Tablet was in the Spirit King’s possession! No wonder you look so calm!” Spirit Race Old Ancestor said with a smile on his face.

“Well, they were well prepared, but so was I!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“I will not let you guys die under my watch!” Yi Tianyun added warmly.

Everyone became excited as they heard Yi Tianyun’s words!

They began to exert confidence as they knew that Yi Tianyun would always have their back!

“What the hell! This is the Tyrant Stone Tablet’s effect! Don’t tell me someone among them can control it?!” Imperial Preceptor said confusedly, he was surprised to see all his Dark Great Array was suddenly nullified by a circle of light that came from the flying palace.

He gritted his teeth as the Tyrant Stone Tablet was the only thing that he wanted from the Spirit Race!

When he was inside their sanctuary, he wasted a full day just to search for the stone, but he couldn’t find it!

He never expected that it has fallen into someone else’s hands!

“Imperial Preceptor! What should we do now? Did we have to order the archer squad to shoot them down?” The last Army General said curiously.

“Did you really think that we could win against them if they already got that close to us?” Imperial Preceptor said annoyedly.

The Last Army General began to think of other options, he knew that he couldn’t mobilize the remaining army because the enemy could control 10.000 Spirit Swords earlier!

He knew that it would only be a waste of manpower!

“Did you have any other idea, Imperial Preceptor? We couldn’t just sit idly as they get closer!” The Last Army General said nervously.

“The Tyrant Stone Tablet only affects the Great Array within the Master Grade Great Array! If we use a Grand Master Grade Great Array, it wouldn’t be a problem! Let them be for now. I will activate the Grand Master Grade Great Array as they got close enough to it!” Imperial Preceptor said calculatedly.

Heavenly Clouds Palace continued flying towards the Netherworld Empire Imperial City while nullifying the rest of the traps that the Imperial Preceptor has laid out for them.

When they got close enough to the Imperial City, Imperial Preceptor smirked, but he was suddenly confused as he saw that the flying palace began to descend and land right in front of the Imperial City’s front gate!

Yi Tianyun raised his hands, and 10.000 Spirit Swords suddenly floated in the air and with his hand sign, Yi Tianyun immediately send the swords towards the soldiers on the city wall, because the distance he was in, the soldier was immediately massacred by the huge amount of Spirit Swords that was coming towards them in a great speed!

“This is not good!” Imperial Preceptor said, he then released a black light, and he slammed it to the ground, and suddenly, a huge great array and a black aura appeared in the city limit!

Suddenly, the aura from the great array began to condense and form a giant dragon.

Yi Tianyun immediately tried to attack the dragon with his Spirit Swords but, the scale was too tough!

The Spirit Swords began to shatter one after another as it hit the hard scale of the dragon!

Yi Tianyun immediately recalled the Spirit Sword, only claiming the life of the City Guards within the wall area.

“This is a great array on a Grand Master Level! The famous Dark Dragon Great Array!” Yi Tianyun said as he observed the Dark Dragon, he suddenly remembered something, and he got an idea on how to block this Dark Dragon!

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