Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 431


The rumor that the Netherworld Empire had the Dark Dragon Great Array has been heard before, but nobody has ever seen it!

But surely, everyone could see for themselves that the Great Array indeed existed, and it was as powerful as the rumor told!

‘Dark Dragon Great Array: Grand Master Grade Great Array. Exude a Dark Smoke from the ground and turn it into a Dark Dragon Phantom Shadow!

The Dark Dragon Phantom Shadow could spray Netherworld Fire as its breath attack. Has the same amount of power as 2nd Layer Void Spirit Stage expert! Combat Power: 37.000.000. Weakness: Destroy the Great Array, and the dragon would vanish or use a strong, gentle Fire to burn it down!’

This Dark Dragon summoned by the Dark Dragon Great Array was far more powerful than the one that Yi Tianyun summoned with Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure!

But in his defense, he hasn’t leveled up to Void Spirit Stage yet at that time, and the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure was also capable of protecting the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City, while this Dark Dragon Great Array couldn’t do that!

“We are surely fighting the enemy with their full advantages on! No wonder the Imperial Preceptor escaped towards the City once he learned that he would be losing the previous battle!” Ren Long said with a dignified look on his face.

“Spirit King, let me break the array for you! If the array is broken, the dragon would be no more! If we don’t do that, the Dark Dragon would soon go on rampage, and I’m afraid that we would receive so many casualties!” The Old Ancestor said confidently.

This is like the dragon summoned from the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure, it will always attack the enemies in its surrounding, as it would always regenerate once it was destroyed!

“No, I have another plan for this dragon, breaking the array would take too long!” Yi Tianyun said confidently with a smile on his face.

Everyone was confused about Yi Tianyun’s words, everyone began to wonder what Yi Tianyun would do in the next moment?

Will he transform into the Evil Dragon?

But everyone was once again surprised that Yi Tianyun didn’t do anything except waiting for the Dark Dragon to get close.

“Let me give you the taste of what your Heavenly Dragon has caused me! Let me see you fight against an immortal enemy!” Imperial Preceptor said while smirking evilly. He thought that he wouldn’t need to partake in the battle himself, for he already had the Dark Dragon on his side!

Everyone was ready to stand up against the Dark Dragon, but Yi Tianyun quickly told them to hold their ground.

“Stand back, I will defeat it myself!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Yi Tianyun then moved forward and raised his hands, the next moment, a fire in the shape of a small flower shot out from Yi Tianyun’s hands with a slow speed.

The fire was very beautiful, but everyone only vaguely felt the heat from it, making everyone a little bit worried that the fire wouldn’t be enough.

The soldiers from the Netherworld Empire started to laugh at Yi Tianyun as the small fire was too insignificant, it wouldn’t do anything to the huge Dark Dragon!

They were confident that the Dark Dragon would be invincible as it was immortal!

“Hahaha, he has already given up! What is he thinking, attacking the Dark Dragon with a puny little fire like that?!” Imperial Preceptor said while laughing profusely.

The Dark Dragon then swallowed the fire, but nothing happened, but instead, it was still moving towards Yi Tianyun steadily.

The Old Ancestor and Ren Long hesitated for a little bit, but they quickly moved forward to save Yi Tianyun, even though they were considerably weaker than Yi Tianyun, they must try to save him out of loyalty!

But the next scene that happened in front of them clearly surprised not only both of them but also everyone else in the vicinity!

The Dark Dragon was suddenly burned!

The whole body of the Dark Dragon started to catch on fire.

After squirming and roaring for a while, the Dark Dragon suddenly stopped moving, and soon after, the fire died, and the Dark Dragon was left as ashes!

The ashes of the Dark Dragon began to scatter by the wind, and soon, it also caused the fire as the ashes caught onto trees building and even people!

The Imperial City soon turned into a sea of fire!

The Immortal Fire was the cause of this, Immortal Fire was a strong, gentle fire, the exact weakness of the Dark Dragon!

The Immortal Fire, as its name suggested, was nearly impossible to extinguish!

Even if it was just a cinder, it had the power to burn anything that came into contact with to ashes!

“See, I don’t need help against that weak dragon.” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled and walked forward.

Everyone on the scene was still too stunned to say anything or do anything for that matter, as Yi Tianyun’s power was really mind blowing.

“How is this possible! The Netherworld Fire was supposed to burn anything! How can it lose to a puny fire like that?!” Imperial Preceptor said as he looked at Yi Tianyun in disbelief.

The Immortal Fire and the Netherworld Fire were two kinds of fires completely opposite of each other, meaning that the Immortal Fire would always win against the Netherworld Fire!

Yi Tianyun was too lazy to explain how his small fire could burn down a huge dragon to ashes, but Yi Tianyun immediately used his Heavenly Eyes instead.

He saw the Dark Dragon Great Array in front of him, he studied the Divine Rune that made the Dark Dragon Great Array and found it not as hard as he firstly thought to fix it!

But the only thing that he had to do was to destroy the Great Array, which was the only remaining line of defense Netherworld Empire had!

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