Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 442


Netherworld Emperor looked at Yi Tianyun with contempt! This young man has culled his Netherworld Empire’s power significantly, and now, he even dared to attack the Netherworld Imperial City! It was true that the Netherworld Emperor also thought of inviting this young man to join the Netherworld Empire, but now he couldn’t let Yi Tianyun live!

“Is that it? If that’s the only thing you can offer, then I will have to pass!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“It seems that you still didn’t realise the situation that you are in! it was a shame that you would have to die in such ignorance!” Netherworld Emperor said as his palm started to glow bright blue! Netherworld Emperor immediately raised his hands, and the Netherworld’s Fire from his surrounding started to condense in his palm and a huge palm was formed, covering from corner to corner, which meant that there is no place to run from this attack!

This was the Netherworld Divine Palm that has been enhanced by the Netherworld’s Fire! The Netherworld’s Fire could burn everything in this attack as it was powered up by the Emperor’s Spiritual Energy!

Yi Tianyun looked at the Divine Palm with his Appraisal Eye and noticed that this attack was at 180 million combat power! It seemed that the Emperor was eager to attack Yi Tianyun with everything he got!

“Equip Heavenly Dragon Set!” Yi Tianyun said to the system.


‘Successfully equipped a Heavenly Dragon Armour.’


‘Successfully equipped a Heavenly Dragon Boots.’


‘Successfully equipped Heavenly Dragon Set, adding X15 Defensive Power, X15 Combat Power, X5 Speed!’

After equipping the full set of Heavenly Dragon Set, Yi Tianyun’s power increased exponentially! This was far better than the effect of the Evil Dragon Suit as the Evil Dragon Suit was only a level 30 equipment!

Yi Tianyun held the Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword tightly, and his body started to glow in a golden light, and a Heavenly Dragon Phantom Shadow also started to appear behind him!

“Heavenly Dragon Slash!” Yi Tianyun said as he swung his sword towards the Netherworld Divine Palm! A sword wave appeared from the tip of Yi Tianyun’s sword that also glowed in brilliance aura that looked so beautiful!

Yi Tianyun’s attack cut the Netherworld Divine Palm into two pieces and destroyed it immediately into countless sparkles and still headed straight toward the Netherworld Emperor as it has overpowered the Netherworld Divine Palm at 200 million combat power!

Netherworld Emperor was shocked, and at the same time amazed by Yi Tianyun’s brilliant attack, leading to him failing to react in time to defend himself properly! He quickly gathered the Netherworld’s Fire in front of him, and thus the Netherworld’s Fire acted as his shield! But Yi Tianyun’s attack was too powerful. The Netherworld Emperor was still hit, despite the Netherworld’s Fire was shielding him! Netherworld Emperor was immediately slammed into a wall after being pushed hard by the Sword Wave!

The Emperor coughed some blood as the attack has severely injured him! Netherworld Emperor immediately looked at Yi Tianyun with horror in his eyes, he used his most powerful attack plus his power was amplified thanks to the Netherworld Great Array! He began to wonder whether Yi Tianyun was also at Spirit King Stage!

“How is this possible? Are you also at Spirit King Stage?” Netherworld Emperor asked curiously.

“Is this question would be any use for someone who’s about to die?” Yi Tianyun said as he stepped forward toward the Netherworld Emperor and smirked with a satisfied look on his face. “Now, you will answer for all the innocents that you have killed up until now in the underworld!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“Killing innocent? Did I hear it right? Aren’t you also covered with blood yourself? What is this bullshit?” The Netherworld Emperor said annoyedly.

“I don’t deny that my hand was also covered with blood, but I only kill people who have already fallen in grace! People who no longer could receive any repentance! I will never kill an innocent person, for I know that I would receive nothing from it!” Yi Tianyun said as he started to rush forwards, swinging his heavenly Dragon Divine Sword!

“The people that I killed were all weak! The weak should cower on my feet, and I should be using them as my stepping stone!” Netherworld Emperor said as he equipped a high-grade sacred tool long sword. The Netherworld’s Fire immediately shrouded the blade, and the power of the Netherworld Emperor rose once again.

Netherworld Emperor immediately tried to parry Yi Tianyun’s sword to no avail! The Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword was much more powerful compared to the sacred tool Long Sword that he pulled out in the last moment. Besides, Yi Tianyun’s combat power has far surpassed Netherworld Emperor’s combat power! Yi Tianyun’s sword pierced Netherworld Emperor’s body, making him stiffen as the pain was unbearable!

Netherworld Emperor never believed anyone if they told him that he would be losing a fight against a teenager, and now, he couldn’t believe his eyes that he loses to a teenager!

Yi Tianyun smirked as he realised that he has succesfully killed the Netherworld Emperor! With the heavenly Dragon Set, plus his cultivation technique and the Crazy Mode, his power has exploded to 200 million! A value that he never thought was possible before, at least not at this level!

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