Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 451


After those who surrendered passed the test that Yi Tianyun gave, they were immediately imprisoned for the moment, while those who didn’t pass Yi Tianyun’s test were immediately killed by the Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s people!

There was no merit in keeping these people alive as Yi Tianyun’s test was to see whether they would still kill the innocent after they were freed or what they’d change their ways in the future.

The purge was finally over. Netherworld Empire’s influence officially disappeared that day!


‘Successfully completed the Main Quest [Destroy the Netherworld Empire from the face of the Earth!].’

‘Reward: 500.000.000 Exp, 5.000.000 Cps, 500.000 Mastery Point (Could be distributed as the player likes), 500.000 Sps, Title [The Punisher of the Wicked and The Destroyer of Evil!].’


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 4th Layer Void Spirit Stage!’


‘Successfully took over a new Main Quest [Build the Heavenly Clouds Empire!]’

‘Reward on Completion: Exp, 20.000.000 Cps, 2.000.000 Mastery points, 2.000.000 Sps, Title [The Great Emperor!]’

‘Completion Condition: Void Spirit Expert: 2/10, Core Transformation Expert: 8/50, Spirit Core Expert: 37/500. Build 1 Imperial City. Note: Only cultivators with 200 Favourability points or above will be included in the tally, and pets aren’t included!’

Finally, a new main quest! The difficulty was far too hard for Yi Tianyun now. He would have a hard time to find or cultivate another 8 Void Spirit Expert, not to mention his sect must at least have 50 Core Transformation Experts!

If he waited for the people from his mansion to reach that cultivation level, it will take much time and a lot of resources that he couldn’t afford now.

If he could merge with the Heavenly Dragon Empire, the difficulty of this main quest would be reduced by half, but it would still be a challenge even if he managed to do so! After all, raising the new people’s favourability up to 200 was tough!

He had no choice but to put this Main Quest aside for now, but he knew that he would have a harder time to level up after this! Yi Tianyun then looked at the new Title that he just got to see what bonus it would give.

[Punisher of the Wicked and the Destroyer of Evil!] title: Prestige Point increased by 500!

The effect was straightforward! But at least it was better than the [Empire’s God Protector] title that he got after defending the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City! The [Empire’s God Protector] title only gave 5x defense power if he was inside the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City. If he left, the effect was also gone!

After everything was resolved, an assembly was once again held, and this time the disciple was also included. This assembly would be a report about the spoils of war they got in Netherworld Empire’s City.

“War Wolf team got 30 Soul Tool, 50 Medicinal Pills, 10 Earth Level Martial Arts, 20 Human-Level …” the War Wolf team leader said loudly.

“Sirius Team got 27 Soul Tool, 58 Medicinal Pills, 8 Earth Level Martial Arts, 17 Human-Level …” Sirius Team Leader said loudly.

One after another, the team leader reported their finding to be recorded by the mansion’s treasurer for future use. This team was also formed to make things more convenient for them in the time that they roamed the Netherworld Empire to purge the Netherworld Empire’s influence.

Each team had a Core Transformation Stage expert as their leader. Thus, they didn’t have to be afraid to encounter any opponent at the Core Transformation stage.

In the meantime, Yi Tianyun kept listening to the resources that the teams got in their runs. These resources were quite helpful as it was impossible for him to fill the quota for everyone’s cultivation resources alone.

After all, teams were done with their report. They looked expectantly to Yi Tianyun as they waited for Yi Tianyun to speak. After all, Yi Tianyun was the Mansion Lord of the Heavenly Clouds Mansion.

“You have done well! Now, these loots that you have reported would be yours. I hope that you could use that to become stronger in the future!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“Thank you very much, Mansion Lord!” They all said simultaneously in an excited manner.

Yi Tianyun knew that they had worked hard in purging the Netherworld Empire’s influence, and some of them even got seriously injured! This reward that Yi Tianyun gave for them would hopefully raise their morale.

Naturally, now that Yi Tianyun was a Mansion Lord, he needed to know when to give the rewards and the punishment!

But as soon as the excitement calmed down a little bit, an elder quickly voiced himself.

“Now that we have overthrown the Netherworld Empire, how about we build the Heavenly Clouds Empire? Our Mansion Lord’s strength is even beyond Emperor Ren’s power. I believe that we can build an empire based on this fact!” the elder said confidently.

Everyone became excited once again as they found the elder’s word made sense. After all, Yi Tianyun’s power was strong enough to overthrow an Empire by himself! This time, everyone’s eyes looked over to Yi Tianyun once more. It was all depending on Yi Tianyun’s approval.

“It wouldn’t be easy! Many alliances will target us for announcing our step up into an Empire stage!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“We know, but the Netherworld Empire was the second most powerful Empire, and we have destroyed them! We still have to carefully plan everything, but we will succeed!” one elder said passionately.

“I agree with the elder! With Spirit King’s influences and power, we have enough power to become the next Empire!” Spirit Race Old Ancestor said as he stepped forward.

Everyone’s eyes showed the look of excitement, and Yi Tianyun himself couldn’t help but get excited as his main quest was to upgrade this faction into an empire!

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