Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 471


Because of the Nether water Bug that Yi Tianyun has captured, they could traverse through the Fog of Death easier. The only thing that they had to worry about was some Demon Beast that kept attacking Yi Tianyun.

But all the Demon Beasts were low leveled compared to Yi Tianyun, so he didn’t have a hard time against them.

Originally, Yi Tianyun wanted to rely on his soul guide to lead the way, but he noticed that the Soul Guide wasn’t very accurate to traverse the maze area like this Fog of Death!

He also thought of using his Lucky Aura as he knew that with it, he could easily find a shortcut or an easy path for them to reach to Ghost World immediately, but he also knew that with the current level of the Lucky Aura, he would consume a lot of Crazy Points!

After a long walk, Yi Tianyun finally led his party out of the Fog of Death! And the first thing that he noticed was a group of cultivators camping nearby.

Yi Tianyun immediately scanned all of them with his Appraisal Eye and noticed that they were quite strong! And there were at least a dozen cultivators in their group!

Those cultivators immediately noticed that the four of them were coming out from the Fog of Death, but they immediately realized that the four of them were in the same group, surprising everyone on the site as it was very rare to see a lot of cultivator on the same party got out of the Fog of Death!

At the same time, Yi Tianyun also noticed that the path to the Ghost World led to a towering mountain, and he couldn’t see any other route, this meant that they must climb the mountain to reach the Ghost World!

Yi Tianyun also noticed that the top of the mountain was covered by a thick cloud, making it impossible to see the top of the mountain.

This mountain was the Netherworld Gate! After passing this mountain, they would successfully reach the Ghost World, but as its name suggested, the mountain would have a big challenge later!

“We finally passed the Fog of Death! This is all thanks to Little Brother Yi for guiding us without any trouble!” Ren Liangchen said happily. Leng Hu and Yang Zhiwen just nodded their head as they felt sheepish, for they didn’t do anything to help Yi Tianyun.

“You don’t have to say that now, I only do what I can do!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“Now, all we need to do is to pass this Netherworld Gate! We will be at the Ghost World after that!” Ren Liangchen said confidently. “But the thing is, this mountain is the hardest part! So many cultivators were trapped in here! but we only have this path to go on!” Ren Liangchen said solemnly.

Everyone looked determined as they really wanted to pass this Netherworld Gate to reach the Ghost World!

Yi Tianyun and the other walked pass the resting cultivators nearby the Fog of Death, Yi Tianyun knew that these people were resting there because they were unable to go through the Netherworld Gate!

In fact, Yi Tianyun knew that once one got close to the mountain, the amount of black energy that immediately covered their body was staggering!

But for Yi Tianyun, that wasn’t a problem!

The resting cultivator looked at Yi Tianyun’s party with ridicule on their eyes. They thought that the new party wouldn’t be able to pass the Netherworld Gate and will end up there anyway!

The cultivators that were resting there have already experienced the harsh situation firsthand. They were climbing the mountain until their body was corroded by the Black Energy, and soon had no choice but to retreat to that place!

Nobody could fly in this place. Otherwise, this mountain wouldn’t matter at all!

The climb itself wasn’t easy! The mountain was steep, and with all the black energy blocking the cultivator to properly use their technique, it became a hard challenge just to climb a 90 degrees path!

Many cultivators fell to their death too as they tried to climb a horizontal wall without preparing themselves beforehand.

Some of them kept trying. They rushed back to the safe point to detoxify the Black energy from their body and then tried once again! They would repeat that process until some accident took their lives!

That was how these resting cultivator’s life was as they refused to give up on getting into the Ghost World!

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