Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 472


“They are awesome, there are not many teams that could survive the Fog of Death with three members, let alone four!” one of the resting cultivators said casually.

“Yes, but they have not tasted true despair yet! Let them try to pass that Netherworld Gate! I bet they would end up like us here!” another cultivator said confidently,

“Well, let’s just see how far they got for their first time trying to climb the Netherworld Gate!” another said as they resumed their meditation.


The cultivators in this part of Netherworld Passage knew that no matter how powerful your weapons and armor are, it would be useless before the Netherworld Gate!

The Black Energy was the only dominant factor there that constantly threw everyone off!

You need to have a huge amount of Detoxification Pill in case you got poisoned by the Black Energy, plus the pressure on the mountain was no joke, making it even harder, if not impossible, to climb!

“Hey, newcomers! Did you have enough Medicinal Pills to get through?” A core transformation expert said to Yi Tianyun’s party as they passed through. This man was not that old cultivation-wise, reaching 40 years old with cultivation level Core Transformation peak stage!

“I am sorry, but we couldn’t reveal that information!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face as he knew that Ren Liangchen was worried about the man’s intention.

“But hey, I can trade you a couple of medicinal pills for some information, did you want it?” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“That’s a great idea! I’m in!” the man said as Yi Tianyun pulled out two medicinal pills and threw it to the man.

“Well, all I could say to you is that the mountain would become harder to climb as soon as you get higher. The black energy would become stronger as you climb! Everyone here was already a loser that failed to climb the mountain! We are stuck in here for a while, until we finally gave up!” the man said casually.

The man’s information was, in fact, good enough for Yi Tianyun to draw some conclusions about the place. The difficulty must come from the pressure that the black energy created as they got higher!

From the looks of things, these people here have all already reached a certain altitude before they realized they could no longer push forward.

“But make sure that you really have what it takes to traverse this place, or you would end up like them!” The cultivator said as he pointed his finger towards the piles of bones scattering around the ground.

“That’s all I can give you, for now, thank you for your medicinal pills, I will use it well!” The man said as he walked towards the big group earlier.

“Hey, you seem to have quite a lot of medicinal pills! Could you share it with me?” another man walked toward Yi Tianyun.

“It depends! Did you have any information that I need? In fact, if you can give me a good enough information, I am willing to give you this bottle of medicinal pills!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“No, I don’t have any information for you! But I still want that Medicinal Pills!” the man said threateningly.

“I can’t do that! if you want a medicinal pill from me, you need to trade it with some useful information!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“Stop being a courageous little shit! You are just one person while I have three more people with me!” the man said as three other men came to his side. They saw that Yi Tianyun was just a frail-looking teenager, so they decided to intimidate him!

“Enough! This boy is in my protection!” the previous cultivator that made a little trade with Yi Tianyun said confidently while showing off his core transformation peak stage aura!

“Lu Feng, did you really think that you can have a go with us!” The cultivator that threatened Yi Tianyun earlier said with a frown on his face.

“This boy is good! I don’t know about the other three, but this boy shouldn’t be touched!” Lu Feng said commandingly.

“Okay, okay! we will not touch that boy, but the three others are fair game!” The cultivator said as he nodded at Lu Feng.

“Brat! Don’t blame yourself for this! If you gave us your Medicinal Pills, it wouldn’t end up like this! Now, I wonder if they have any medicinal pills for us!” The cultivator said as he turned his attention towards Ren Liangchen and the others.

But he couldn’t do anything else after that as a shadowy figure immediately rushed towards him and punched his solar plexus!


‘Successfully killed Cheng Yang!’

‘Reward: 1.200.000 Exp, 48.000 Cps, 600 SPs, Devil’s Claw martial art, Magic Cloud walk, Recovery Medicinal Pills, Detoxification Pills.

“Now, who wants medicinal pills again?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently as he tapped his knuckles to clean it from non-existence dust!

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