Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 473


Yi Tianyun looked coldly at the rest of the cultivators who were trying to mug him and the rest of the cultivators that meditated earlier. Yi Tianyun realized these cultivators were all sly and will make things difficult for him! While his one-hit-kill power surely surprised everyone, Ren Liangchen and the rest of Yi Tianyun’s party weren’t surprised! They knew that Yi Tianyun’s power was already far above them, so killing the cultivator earlier in one hit wasn’t surprising!

 “Anyone else wants my Medicinal Pills?” Yi Tianyun asked tauntingly.

“Lu Feng! Don’t blame me for this! Guys, kill him!” one of the Core Transformation experts who mugged Yi Tianyun earlier said while ordering the rest of his man to attack Yi Tianyun.

Lu Feng became more interested in Yi Tianyun as he saw that Yi Tianyun was no ordinary cultivator, and so he looked at the rest of Yi Tianyun’s companion and saw them shaking their heads as they watched Yi Tianyun punch the cultivators who came at him one by one!


‘Successfully killed Peng Yun!’

‘Reward: 1.100.000 Exp, 4.700 Cps, 800 Sps, Heaven Expelling Palm, Anti-water Cloud, Earthquake stamp, Recovery Medicinal Pills, Detoxification Pills.’


‘Successfully . . .’


‘Successfully . . .’

The three of them were killed in an instant! They didn’t have any chance to raise their weapon at Yi Tianyun at all! That was the result of the difference in power between Yi Tianyun and the rest of the cultivators there. No one there was even beyond the core transformation stage!

“Anyone else?” Yi Tianyun asked the rest of the cultivators who were still meditating on the side. Yi Tianyun wouldn’t mind killing everyone else here as he found them unnecessary for his growth!

Some guy from the cultivator group got up and checked on the cultivators that Yi Tianyun punched earlier. He was shocked to see that the three of them were dead! Everyone began to think that the boy in front of them right now may be a Void Spirit cultivator after he shouted that the three of them were dead!

They all resumed their meditation as to back down from challenging Yi Tianyun!

“How funny, I hope this would become a reminder that you shouldn’t challenge anyone without knowing anything about them!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. He immediately turned his attention toward Lu Feng again. “Many thanks to brother Lu. You’ve already helped me too much!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“I was thinking of helping you after as you’re already kind enough to share some Medicinal Pills for me, but it seems you don’t even need my help!” Lu Feng said as he smiled at Yi Tianyun.

“It’s okay. My name is Yi Yun!” Yi Tianyun said as he offered his hands for a handshake with Lu Feng.

“Lu Feng!” said Lu Feng, introducing his name.

“Now, Little Brother Yi is obviously someone that shouldn’t be crossed around here! I hope you could bear that in mind!” Lu Feng said to the other cultivators with a smile on his face. The cultivators were clearly not happy to hear Lu Feng’s word, but they couldn’t do anything now, so they decided to continue with their meditation.

“Brother Lu, has anyone successfully climbed the mountain?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Sure did, two people have climbed the mountain not too long ago! It seems that some skill was needed to pass the mountain, having the same attribute as this place will help too!

Attribute? Did you mean Dark Attribute?” Yi Tianyun said as he tried to confirm his guesses.

“Yeah, well, having a resistance against the Black Energy helped too!” Lu Feng said as he said what he knew. “But, no matter what you have, you still need to be careful! This place is atrocious!” Lu Feng said as a reminder to Yi Tianyun.

“Thank you, brother Lu, for giving me this much information already!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Lu Feng.

“Are you guys ready to climb the mountains?” Yi Tianyun asked as he turned his attention towards Ren Liangchen and the others.

“Sure, we are just waiting for you.” Ren Liangchen said confidently.

The rest of the cultivators began to mock Yi Tianyun, and his party as the rest of them found Yi Tianyun’s party was naïve! They immediately bet among themselves that Yi Tianyun’s party would soon crumble and returned here eventually!

Soon, Yi Tianyun’s party walked towards the foot of the mountain climbed immediately after covering their body with their aura, but the Black Energy immediately gnawed at their bodies! They just clenched their teeth and held the pain in as they knew that there was no use whining about the current situation.

As for Yi Tianyun, he just walked in without any aura covering his body, but instead, he immediately activated his Heaven Swallowing Divine Secret Art! The black energy around him was immediately drawn towards his body and devoured at an incredible pace! He was climbing the mountain while constantly absorbing Exp!

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