Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 487


Shopkeeper Ye found himself in a very good mood today. He was so excited that Yi Tianyun has successfully opened the box that he has been trying to open for months!

Although so many Divine Rune Masters have tried to open it, they all failed! That was because they tried to open it with the wrong method!

Shopkeeper Ye quickly wrote something in a piece of paper and gave it to Yi Tianyun.

“Take this! This is the recipe for Divine Accumulating Pill, an advanced version of the Soul Accumulating Pill. The effect would at least double the amount of Soul Accumulating Pill would have. I got it from a Divine Rune Grandmaster early in my life. Of course, he is far stronger compared to the man that said he was a Divine Rune Grandmaster earlier!” Shopkeeper Ye said casually.

“Thank you very much, Shopkeeper Ye! Yeah, it was very unfortunate that a Divine Rune Grandmaster embarrass himself like that!” Yi Tianyun said gratefully.

“The Divine Accumulating Pill would help you in your cultivation to become the strongest Divine Rune Grandmaster for this generation for sure! I wish you good luck!” Shopkeeper Ye said with a smile on his face.

Shopkeeper Ye didn’t think that Yi Tianyun has reached the high realm of Divine Rune Grandmaster as Yi Tianyun seemed too young. Thus he concluded that opening the box didn’t require one to be at least a Divine Rune Grandmaster.

No one there knew that Yi Tianyun has already become a Divine Rune Grandmaster for quite some time now, but Yi Tianyun himself didn’t want to correct Shopkeeper Ye as he found it unnecessary to do so!


‘Successfully completed Side Quest [Help Shopkeeper Ye to open the treasure chest!]’

‘Reward: 30.000.000 Exp, 100.000 Cps, 100 Shopkeeper Ye’s Favourability points.’

This side quest was easy to complete. In other words, it was easy Exp and Cps for Yi Tianyun! This type of Side Quest was Yi Tianyun’s favorite!

“Thank you very much, Shopkeeper Ye! But can I buy more of this Soul Accumulating Grass from you? I need more than this.” Yi Tianyun asked politely.

“It seems that you valued this Soul Accumulating Grass quite highly, but I am afraid I don’t have any more than this. This grass was rare, but the market’s demand is low, and barely anyone needs it! Even though it’s at the same rarity as a 6th Grade Spirit Medicine, but the effect is lacking, making it not that worth it! I am sorry about this, but you may come back again later if I get my hands on another batch of Soul Accumulating Grass!” Shopkeeper Ye said apologetically.

“Ok, I understand. Thank you again, Shopkeeper Ye!” Yi Tianyun said disappointedly. He wanted a lot of Soul Accumulating Grass to make sure that he could level up quickly.

Shopkeeper Ye immediately handed over the three Soul Accumulating Grass with some Spirit Medicine to Yi Tianyun. “Now, here you go! With this, you can make Divine Accumulating Grass! All that you need now is to find yourself an Alchemist to refine the pill! If you want, I don’t mind helping you with that, but I can’t do that now, maybe in a couple more months, I can help you refine it for free!” Shopkeeper Ye said casually.

“It’s okay, I understand! We will take our leave!” Yi Tianyun said casually. He didn’t really need Shopkeeper Ye to refine him the pills as he could do it himself now that Shopkeeper Ye has already given him the recipe.

“All right, then see you again later!” Shopkeeper Ye said with a smile. “If you need to buy something from the store, feel free to talk with my disciple, he will help you find whatever it is that you need.” Shopkeeper Ye said casually.

“All right, see you again next time, Shopkeeper Ye!” Yi Tianyun said as he left the shop.

After Yi Tianyun left, Pu Ren came over to Shopkeeper Ye and looked at the box. “Master, what is inside the box?” Pu Ren asked curiously.

“The content is what we need to get back! After so many years, we finally have a way to go back home! Now, clean up the place! We are going out for a while!” Shopkeeper Ye said excitedly.

“Get back? I never thought we could get back this soon. I thought it would take some more decades!” Pu Ren said surprisedly.


At the same time, Yi Tianyun left Ren Liangchen and the others at the Broad Cloud City inn.

“Now, I will go out by myself! I will come back for you once I am done!” Yi Tianyun said commandingly.

“Okay, we will wait for your return in this city!” Ren Liangchen said, followed by the nods of the other two. After all, they were already inside the Ghost World! They could cultivate in this inn better in the Mortal World!

After that, Yi Tianyun quickly left and flew toward where the Soul Guide was guiding him. But he soon found a shallow cave and decided to stay inside for a while to refine the Divine Accumulating Pill. He was curious about how good the effect would be!

He immediately found out that while Soul Accumulating Pills had 100% Success Rate for Four Refinement Rank, the Divine Accumulating Pill only had 80% Success Rate for the same rank!

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