Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 493


Elder Luo nodded his head as he agreed with Yi Tianyun’s thought. There will always be good and evil in every race! Elder Luo didn’t say anything else; he proceeded inside with Yi Tianyun right behind him.

They finally arrived in the front of the Treasure Room, and there was a Spirit King Expert guarding the entrance.

“Elder Luo, is that a human?” The expert asked confusedly as he looked toward Yi Tianyun. Yi Tianyun noticed that this expert was at the 6th Layer Spirit King Stage!

“Elder Feng, this man has bought back my granddaughter from the Mortal World! He also told me about Huang’er fate. I took him here to repay him his kindness.” Elder Luo said as he explained briefly.

“Thank you so much for your kindness, very few humans would do something like this for our race.” Elder Feng’s attitude toward Yi Tianyun changed as he finally knew about Yi Tianyun’s kindness.

It seemed almost all the Phoenix Clan was disgusted by humans, but not all of them blindly hated every human.

“Although you already did your best, according to the rule, you can only take one item. So, I hope you choose an item that suits you the best.” Elder Feng said casually as he opened the door to the treasure room.

Elder Luo nodded to Elder Feng and walked inside, accompanying Yi Tianyun to choose his reward. After he entered the room, Yi Tianyun saw that there were so many treasures neatly placed on a shelf that was also classified into several categories like Weapons, Defensive Equipment, Medicinal Pills, and so on.

This was natural for a faction that was on par with a Divine Nation. Yi Tianyun looked at every treasure inside this room and saw so many sacred tools, medicinal pills of 6th Grade and above, and even a Heaven Grade Martial Art!

But Yi Tianyun knew that this was only part of Phoenix Clan’s treasure. They must have much better treasure stored somewhere else.

“You can choose one of the treasures in here. This is the room where we keep all the items that we specifically allocated for rewards.” Elder Luo said as he let Yi Tianyun pick anything from this room collection, he had no intention to let Yi Tianyun leave empty-handed.

He knew from Yan’er’s attitude that Yi Tianyun has been treating her well. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be that close to Yi Tianyun.

“Elder Luo, did you also resent the human race?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously as he was curious about Elder Luo’s thoughts.

“To tell you the truth, yes! I hate humans very much! If you weren’t here to bring back my granddaughter, I probably will treat you the same as the other elder would. So, I am sorry to say this, but after you choose your reward, you must leave. Your presence has made some people very uncomfortable.” Elder Luo said with a sad look on his face.

Yi Tianyun nodded as he understood where he was right now. The Phoenix Clan has been tortured and used by humans for so long! It was mainly because of the Phoenix blood essence Humans were willing to kill the phoenixes, or even captured them for their blood essence, which could accelerate human’s cultivation!

“I understand, I will do as you said and leave!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately looked around the shelf to find anything that might suit him.

He doesn’t need a weapon, so he skipped them entirely; the same went for defensive equipment and martial arts as well! He could easily get them by killing cultivators later!

He finally wandered to the alchemy section. Phoenix Clan was gifted by their natural flames, so they have some of the most amazing Alchemy Furnace anywhere!

But he wanted to have some high-quality Divine Rune Stroke, for it was the best for him right now.

“Elder Luo, is there any High-Quality Divine Rune Stroke around?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“No, we don’t have that here, Phoenix Clan isn’t gifted in the Divine Rune area, so we don’t normally have that here.” Elder Luo said truthfully.

“Well, if that’s the case, I will take this Raging Flames Divine Furnace.” Yi Tianyun said as he pointed towards the small stove on the side with several phoenix carving on its side.

“Are you an alchemist?” Elder Luo asked curiously.

“Yes, but I am not that good yet.” Yi Tianyun said honestly. This is the truth, Yi Tianyun’s pill refinement mastery has not yet reached a master grade. But he still could boost it up as now he had a lot of mastery point that he hasn’t used just yet!

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