Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 494


“If you want an alchemist furnace, it’s better to choose the Heavenly Burn Divine Furnace next to that Raging Flames Divine Furnace. It doesn’t have any negative effect if you fail, and it is easier to control! This Raging Flames Divine Furnace is too wild! If you don’t have the ability of a master level alchemist, you will receive a backlash just from using it!” Elder Luo said solemnly. He thought that Yi Tianyun was still inexperienced, as he was young.

“Thank you very much, Elder Luo, but I think I will stick to this one.” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Well, this is your choice, but heed my word! If you are not a master level alchemist, its best not to use this furnace until you are a master level alchemist!” Elder Luo said solemnly.

“I understand. Thank you for worrying about me.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

Elder Luo then took the Raging Flames Divine Furnace and immediately gave it to Yi Tianyun. “Alright, so here is your reward for bringing Yan’er back to Phoenix Nest. I hope that it could help you in the future!” Elder Luo said solemnly.

“Thank you very much, Elder Luo, I will try my best to use it to the fullest!” Yi Tianyun said as he showed his respect to Elder Luo.

For Yi Tianyun, getting his hands on a Sacred Tool rank weapon and armor was easy, as he could always get some by defeating cultivators that tried to block his path, but he couldn’t get any Divine Furnace as it wasn’t something that a cultivator commonly had on them.

“You don’t have to thank me for it! It’s in my responsibility to reward you accordingly.” Elder Luo said solemnly as he led Yi Tianyun outside of the Treasure room.

After they got out of the Treasure Room, Elder Feng was looking at Yi Tianyun in curiosity. “What did you choose?” Elder Feng asked as he took out a record book. It seemed that Elder Feng was also in charge of Treasure Room’s records.

“He took the Raging Flames Divine Furnace.” Elder Luo said honestly to Elder Feng.

“Raging Flames Divine Furnace? It’s not an easy furnace to master. Even a master level alchemy couldn’t master it properly. Are you going to use it or sell it?” Elder Feng asked once again.

“I will use it for myself.” Yi Tianyun said honestly.

“Can you use it?” Elder Feng asked curiously as he was surprised by Yi Tianyun’s answer.

“There should be no problem for me.” Yi Tianyun said in the most polite way. He didn’t want Elder Feng to think he was cocky.

 “What is your Alchemy grade, kid?” Elder Feng asked curiously.

“Hey! Stop it, leave him alone! He has already choosen his reward; you don’t need to know anything else!” Elder Luo said to refrain Elder Feng from asking further questions. Elder Feng shrugged and let Yi Tianyun leave with Elder Luo.

“Is there anything else you need?” Elder Luo asked as they walked back to the house, as it was closer to the exit.

“No, I think this Alchemy Furnace is enough.” Yi Tianyun said sincerely.

“No need to hole back, ask away! If it’ not because of you, I would be alone in this world! She was the last of my family, you know.” Elder Luo said with a smile on his face.

“Well, if that’s the case, can I meet with Yan’er before I leave?” Yi Tianyun said sincerely as he was reluctant to leave Yan’er just like that.

“You are a kind-hearted man! Of course, you can! In fact, I will always welcome you to the Phoenix Nest, here, take my token! That way, you can visit Yan’er every time you want to.” Elder Luo said as he gave Yi Tianyun one of his token that was used as an identifying token.

After all, Elder Luo knew that Yan’er was very close to Yi Tianyun, and therefore, he didn’t want to make Yan’er sad by denying Yi Tianyun’s access to visit.

“Thank you very much, Elder Luo, I will cherish this token all my life. but if you give me more than this, I am afraid I’ll have to pay for it.” Yi Tianyun said sincerely.

“Well, since you put it that way, I will not force you to take anything else! You are a weird one, aren’t you?” Elder Luo said as he was amused to see someone this virtuous. Yi Tianyun just smiled as he didn’t have any more comment on that.

When they were getting close to the house, a guard approached Elder Luo nervously. “Elder! This is not good! There is something wrong with the Phoenix Cave.” The guard said nervously.

“Damn! If that’s the case, can you wait for me in the house with Yan’er? I will get back as soon as I am done!” Elder Luo said as he asked Yi Tianyun to wait for him inside the Clear Elegant Residence.

“Elder Luo, can I go with you to check the problem?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“If you want to come, I won’t stop you, but you can’t go anywhere you aren’t supposed to, okay?” Elder Luo said as he was in a hurry.

“Thank you very much, Elder Luo!” Yi Tianyun said as he followed Elder Luo. They flew as it was the fastest way to reach the destination. They arrived at the Phoenix Cave not long after, and Yi Tianyun saw that the cave was beneath a giant phoenix statue that looked very magnificent!

But he also noticed that the cave entrance was flooded with a fiery magma! Some Phoenix Clan people tried hard to halt the flow of the magma by absorbing it to their bodies!

But, instead of getting stronger, Yi Tianyun noticed that the Phoenix Clan that absorbed the magma became weaker for each passing second.

Yi Tianyun was confused as the Phoenix Clan was supposed to be resistant against the fire element, but apparently, it was not entirely true!

Yi Tianyun immediately looked at the magma that flowed from the cave with his Appraisal Eye, and he was shocked to see what he found!

‘Immortal Fire: High-Grade Earth Level Fire, Extremely Hot, need an extremely cold fire to extinguish!’

This was like a gold mine to Yi Tianyun! He wanted to absorb all of it to level up his Immortal Fire!

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