Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 495


Immortal Fire wasn’t something that could be absorbed without having a proper technique to do so! At the very least, having a strong fire that could nullify the effect of Immortal Fire was a must!

Yi Tianyun and Elder Luo then descended towards the Phoenix Clan, who was standing near the magma. The people were confused as they saw a human came with Elder Luo.

“Who is that human, Elder Luo?” one of them asked Elder Luo in confusion.

“He is my guest! I will handle things from here!” Elder Luo said solemnly.

Elder Luo! What is the meaning of this? you brought him to the temple, and now you even bring him to Phoenix Cave!” Elder Lei said as he walked towards Elder Luo.

“Elder Lei, I don’t mind that you judge the entire human race to be evil, but for once, trust me! He is different than the others. He proved it by bringing back my granddaughter!” Elder Luo said solemnly.

“Judge? I am just telling the truth! All human is the same. I think he was just trying to use your granddaughter as a ticket to infiltrate the Phoenix Clan!” Elder Lei said spitefully.

“Elder Lei! As Elder Luo said, you can judge me or the entire human race all you want, but I don’t like the idea of using Yan’er as a ticket to infiltrate this clan!” Yi Tianyun said annoyedly.

“What? Am I wrong? Human is never a credible race! They are all sinister!” Elder Lei said challengingly.

Elder Lei’s word was supported by the majority of the Phoenix Clan, who stood around the Phoenix Cave as they nodded their head after Elder Lei has finished his word.

“Enough! I said that he is an exception! I personally guarantee that!” Elder Luo said confidently.

“Elder Luo, how can you be so sure?” Elder Lei asked sarcastically.

“My granddaughter likes him a lot, and that alone is enough reason for me to trust this man!” Elder Luo said solemnly.

“Well, I hope that you are right! I will hate it when you prove yourself wrong later!” Elder Lei said sarcastically.

“Both of you stop arguing!” A commanding voice suddenly interrupted. Yi Tianyun immediately looked over, and he saw an old man coming towards them.

“Great Elder!” the two Elders said at the same time while showing their respect.

“If you have the time to argue with each other, then you should’ve dealt with this fire first!” Great Elder said in annoyance.

“Yes, sir!” the two Elders instantly said as they began to deal with the spreading Fire. Elder Luo then left Yi Tianyun alone as he couldn’t let agitate the Great Elder!

Yi Tianyun really wanted to join Elder Luo and absorbed the Immortal Fire in this place. He was tempted by the amount of Immortal Fire that he could absorb in this place.

But for now, he couldn’t let the other Phoenix Clan people judge him any further.

“Little brother! I heard that you had brought back Elder Luo’s granddaughter, is this true?” The Great Elder asked as he looked over to the two elders while standing beside Yi Tianyun.

He didn’t join them with quenching the Fire because his age was already making it hard for him to walk!

Contrary to everyone’s belief, Phoenix wasn’t an immortal creature, but they do have an extremely long lifespan!

“Yes, I have brought back Elder Luo’s granddaughter to fulfill my vow to her mother.” Yi Tianyun said sincerely.

Yi Tianyun looked at the Great Elder’s status with his appraisal eye and saw that the Great Elder had achieved Spirit King Peak Stage!

“To tell you the truth, our Phoenix Clan will always have a negative view regarding humans. Your action could be interpreted as both an act of kindness or a deceitful act! But I believe that you are a good person, if you aren’t a good person, the little girl won’t be close to you!” Great Elder said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun understood where the Great Elder was coming from as the Spirit Race had the same kind of problem before, although Phoenix Clan had a long history of abuse from humans!

“Thank you very much for trusting me, Great Elder!” Yi Tianyun said as he showed his respect.

“Now, we have a problem with the evil spirit inside this Phoenix Cave. The seal that locked it inside has weakened, and because of it, the evil spirit keeps struggling to get out, and the Immortal Fire spilled out as the result of its struggle! We don’t have a good way to keep this Immortal Fire at bay. If we have our king now, it could be different, but never mind that!” Great Elder said as he stopped saying anything further.

This was the exact information that Yi Tianyun needed! He couldn’t ask any of the Phoenix Clan directly for the problem that their clan had, but thankfully the Great Elder told him in person!

“Great Elder, I am sorry if I am brazen, but can I help the Phoenix Clan quenching this Immortal Fire? I am quite good at it!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Are you sure? This Immortal Fire is extremely hot! It would burn anything that it touches!” Great Elder said as he was surprised that Yi Tianyun wanted to help.

“It’s not a problem, Great Elder. It is my main Fire, after all!” Yi Tianyun said as he showed Great Elder that he had Immortal Fire under his controls!

“Immortal Fire cultivator?” Great Elder said in awe.

“Yes, so, can I help?” Yi Tianyun asked hopefully.

“Yes, of course you can!” Great Elder said as he was thrilled to watch what Yi Tianyun would do.

After getting his permission, Yi Tianyun’s eye flashed in excitement! It was his time to absorb this Immortal Fire!

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