Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 496


After getting his permission to absorb the Immortal Fire at the entrance of the Phoenix Cave, Yi Tianyun immediately walked toward the Immortal Fire excitedly.

Everyone noticed that a human was coming over. Elder Lei and Elder Luo, in particular, were surprised by this scene. They were also confused as the Great Elder only smiled and said nothing at all.

“Elder Luo! What is your guest doing? Is he crazy? He will be burned alive in an instant!” Elder Lei said annoyedly.

“What are you doing! Get back immediately!” Elder Luo shouted to Yi Tianyun.

“It is okay, Elder Luo! Great Elder has given me his permission to help the Phoenix Clan this time!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

“Great Elder gave you his permission?” both Elders said at the same time as they became even more confused than before. They immediately looked at the Great Elder and saw that he was still smiling at Yi Tianyun.

Without further ado, Yi Tianyun immediately reached over to the Immortal Fire and activated his Heaven Swallowing Divine Secret Art! A large amount of Immortal Fire immediately rushed towards him as the absorption speed was high!

Elder Luo was running towards Yi Tianyun to save him before the Immortal Fire burned him alive, but he was too late! But the next scene that he saw surprised him and the rest of the Phoenix Clan tremendously!

The amount of Immortal Fire that Yi Tianyun absorbed was not normal! In fact, none of the Phoenix Clan people ever saw someone who could absorb this much Immortal Fire!

‘Get 1.000 Immortal Fire Mastery Point, 2.100 Immortal Fire Mastery Point, …’

Yi Tianyun’s immortal Fire mastery increased rapidly. Yi Tianyun was grinning happily as he knew that it wouldn’t be difficult to level up the Immortal Fire to High-Grade Earth Level Fire at this rate!

Seeing the scene that developed in front of their eyes, the Phoenix Clan people were still in shock as they saw that Yi Tianyun easily absorbed the flame to his body!

They began to wonder about the fire that seemed to have no effect whatsoever on Yi Tianyun’s body.

At the same time, the Great Elder walked toward Elder Lei and Elder Luo. “Don’t worry. He is an Immortal Fire Cultivator. The Immortal Fire wouldn’t have any effect on him. This Little Brother is surely a blessing for our Phoenix Clan!

It is almost impossible to find any Immortal Fire Cultivator on this world!” Great Elder said in awe.

“He can control the Immortal Fire? isn’t it only our king who was able to control the Immortal Fire?” Elder Lei said confusedly.

He surely was confused about how to see Yi Tianyun in the eye after badmouthing him so badly, and now, Yi Tianyun was helping them solve their own problem!

“He is a blessing! I just knew it when I first saw him!” Elder Luo said with a smile.

“Stop lying, Elder Luo! If he didn’t bring back your grandchild, you’d probably drive him out immediately!” Elder Lei said knowingly.

“Well, it is better than you who keep trying to drive him out of the clan’s territory as soon as possible!” Elder Luo said as he smirked to Elder Lei.

Soon, the Immortal Fire on the entrance has gone down tremendously. Yi Tianyun’s mastery itself was still halfway before it leveled up.

If he wanted to absorb more Immortal Fire, he had to go inside the cave! “Great Elder, can I also absorb the Immortal Fire inside the cave?” Yi Tianyun asked for the Great Elder’s permission.

“Sure, just stop at the deep passage inside the cave.” Great Elder said casually.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head, and while still absorbing the Immortal Fire, he started to walk inside the Phoenix Cave! This was a great opportunity to level up his Immortal Fire!

“Now, both of you don’t have to argue anymore! I officially welcome the little brother as our official guest! It is thanks to him that we don’t have to resort to Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s help! Otherwise, it would be disastrous! Now, did all of you understand everything that I just said?” Great Elder said excitedly.

“We understand, Great Elder!” the Phoenix Clan People on the scene said simultaneously.

Elder Lei surely felt guilty to Yi Tianyun now. He was so rude to him before without ever knowing that Yi Tianyun could help them solve their problem.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun heard everything that was being discussed on the outside, and he smirked excitedly as he was recognized as an official guest!

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