Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 555


Yi Tianyun immediately flew towards the passage. Because in order to get into the Mortal World, all he had to do was pass the thunder and lightning that covered the passage.

It was simple, but it wasn’t easy to do! The higher someone’s cultivation was, the stronger and more often, the thunder and lightning struck the ground!

If a Saint King expert walked through this passage, the Heavenly Thunder would strike so frequently that the expert would have no chance to walk past the passage!

At the same time, Yi Tianyun saw several people were flying with a magic weapon, and even several flying mounts towards the passage!

Yi Tianyun noticed that their cultivation wasn’t high, but they were already at the Core Transformation stage! 

And that was when Yi Tianyun noticed a flying Ship with Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s flag on it! The flying ship was ready to fly into the passage!

“Boss, what is wrong?” Ren Liangchen asked confusedly as he saw Yi Tianyun’s cold eyes.

“Our enemy is here! They are the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation! Knowing that, would you still follow me?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously as he pointed his finger to the flying ship.

The three of them were surprised and fell silent for a second. They looked at each other and nodded their head in determination. “Of course! We will always follow you, no matter what happens! Even if we must fight the Golden Bamboo Divine Nation, we will accompany you until the end!” Ren Liangchen said while the other two nodded their head in agreement.

Golden Bamboo Divine Nation is the strongest Divine Nation on the Ghost World!

“Great, now we will intercept that ship before they could advance any further!” Yi Tianyun said while wearing the Thousand Mask.

The other nodded and put on their own disguise. Yi Tianyun landed near the passage entrance and stored the Ice Phoenix on the Pet Bar, and immediately leaped towards the Flying Ship!

Simultaneously, the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s personnel on the ship were busy chatting to each other while waiting to pass the passage.

“After this passage, we will reach the Mortal World! Our goal is to annihilate the faction that destroyed the Netherworld Empire that was supposed to be the extended faction of our Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!” one of the experts said while smirking to his companion.

“That is great! I wonder if the women in the mortal world are good looking, I can’t wait to play with them!” Another Expert said while laughing with the others.

They would become the pioneer of the new Netherworld Empire on the Mortal World!

The weakest cultivator on this ship was at the Spirit Core stage, while the strongest was at the Void Spirit stage!

But they were not the first squad that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation has dispatched towards the Mortal World; they were the second squad!

So, the strongest person who was supposed to be at 1st Layer Spirit King Stage has passed through the passage ahead of this squad!

As they were busy laughing with each other, four figures suddenly broke the roof and knocked several people down!

Along with the loud noise and flying people, the entire ship shook violently and started to crumble! Shocked and confused cultivators fell one by one as they screamed.

The cultivators fell silent, and a look of horror was clear on their eyes! They don’t know what was happening right now!

But they were startled once again as a shining ray of light flashed towards them. Following the flash of light, the cultivators on the ship were immediately cut in two, splattering blood everywhere!

They realized that the flash of light that they saw was a sword aura!

The Void Spirit Expert immediately blocked the attack as they served as a guard for this ship too! If they let this ship fell, the Holy King would undoubtfully kill them!

“Who are you?” The Void Spirit Expert asked.

But Yi Tianyun didn’t answer his question. Instead, Yi Tianyun attacked once again with his Sword Aura.

This time, the Void Spirit Expert couldn’t block the attack, and Yi Tianyun’s sword aura cut his neck cleanly!

There was barely any exchange of words on the ship! There was only a blood-chilling scream, and the sound of sword slashes!

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