Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 556


Yi Tianyun killed all the cultivators on the ship mercilessly! Ren Liangchen and the others also joined the fight.

Although they couldn’t kill as fast or as easy as Yi Tianyun, they could at least hold their own! Especially with a sacred tool in hand, the Core Transformation expert of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation couldn’t stand a chance!

Yi Tianyun also used his X10 Exp Card and X50 Exp Card to maximize the amount of Exp he received. With this many enemies in one place, he decided to use his Exp Cards since he didn’t know when this kind of opportunity would arise again!

Several Experts tried to run, but as they walked out of the big room, Yi Tianyun immediately cut their head!

Yi Tianyun wouldn’t let anybody escape from his grasp! Yi Tianyun also activated his After-Image Technique, creating three more clones of himself to save time!

Yi Tianyun knew that if he didn’t use this technique, many experts would escape from the ship as he wouldn’t be able to keep track of everybody!

With Yi Tianyun’s clone helping, they quickly annihilated the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation expert on the ship without sparing anyone!

The Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s Experts never expected that they would be ambushed like this, so they weren’t prepared for enemy attack.

Nonetheless, they wouldn’t be able to do anything even if they knew Yi Tianyun was coming!

Several of them successfully escaped the room to the edge of the ship, but several elders of the Phoenix Clan immediately killed them!

Yi Tianyun smirked as he noticed the Elders helped him here. Clearly, the Phoenix Clan didn’t want to cause conflict with the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, but if they were sure there wouldn’t be any witness, they would help Yi Tianyun!

After all, the Phoenix Clan shared the same goal as Yi Tianyun as they also wanted to eradicate the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation from the Ghost World!

Finally, after making sure there was no Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s personnel alive on the ship, Yi Tianyun set it on fire!

The elders quickly went hiding again while Yi Tianyun, Ren Liangchen, and the rest quickly rode on the Ice Phoenix once again.

Some random cultivators who happened to pass by immediately dodge away as they were startled by an explosion on the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s ship!

They looked at the fallen vessel with horror as they were afraid of dealing with Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation on their own!

“Boss, is there anything we need to do now?” Ren Liangchen asked curiously, while Yi Tianyun could see that their body was covered with blood!

“No, we will return to the Mortal World as quickly as we can now.” Yi Tianyun said solemnly. He then pulled out three bottles of Medicinal Pills and quickly threw them to Ren Liangchen and the others to rejuvenate themselves for the battle to come!

The cultivators who happened to see them were shocked beyond belief that some unknown man dared to mess with Heavenly Netherworld Divine nation like that.

However, they immediately thought that the unknown man must have great backing to help him if the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation retaliated!

There was no way the man wouldn’t have any backing to fight against Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

They immediately left as they didn’t want to be associated with the unknown man, nor did they want to be interrogated by the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation regarding what happened in that place!


Yi Tianyun ordered the Ice Phoenix to fly as fast as possible while he absorbed the incoming Divine Thunder with his Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl!

With this Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl, he could easily avoid getting burned or hindered. He still didn’t know the Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl’s upper limit, but he didn’t care about it as long as he could pass this passage easily!

“What an amazing orb!” Ren Liangchen said as he looked at the Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl with awe.

But Yi Tianyun didn’t say anything to Ren Liangchen as he had to get back to the Mortal World as soon as possible to make sure that the Spirit King Expert that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation dispatched earlier was still waiting for the people on the ship earlier to make a move!

After all, he knew no one at the Heavenly Clouds Mansion could stand against a Spirit King Expert now!

The deeper Yi Tianyun flew on the passage, the stronger the thunder became! He noticed that the thunder that the Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl absorbed had reached 560 million combat points earlier!

He looked at the thunder that tried to strike Ren Liangchen and the others, but it was not that much! Even Ren Liangchen, the strongest of the three, was only struck by a thunder worth a couple of million combat points!

The gap was too big right now, but Yi Tianyun knew that they had the potential to grow stronger in the future!

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    Yi Tianyun also used his X10 Exp Card and X50 Exp Card to maximize the amount of Exp he received. With this many enemies in one place, he decided to use his Exp Cards since he didn’t know when this kind of opportunity would arise again!



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