Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 557


Another Big Heavenly Thunder was coming towards Yi Tianyun once more. However, this time, he didn’t plan to absorb it.

After all, he didn’t know the limit of the Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl, so he quickly shot out his own Divine Thunder from the pearl to counter the Heaven Thunder!

The two-thunder collided with each other and instantly dispersed! Yi Tianyun was silent for a moment as he noticed that the thunder from the Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl packed quite a punch!

At least after absorbing so much Heavenly Thunder! But the situation remained the same. The Black Clouds were still shooting lightning and thunder towards Yi Tianyun and the others!

But fortunately, Yi Tianyun was riding on a phoenix, which allowed him to traverse the passage really fast!

When he saw so many people struggled to pass the passage, Yi Tianyun envied them for a bit as he knew that if he could do the same, he could get so many Exp from the Heavenly Thunder!

“We’re almost there! Are you guys ready?” Yi Tianyun asked casually. Ren Liangchen and the others nodded their head to Yi Tianyun, and Yi Tianyun asked the phoenix fly at its maximum speed towards the light that finally appeared at the end of the passage!

Once they entered the light, their surrounding immediately changed. They came out of a cave behind a waterfall that drenched them as they flew by, not to mention the dense forest scenery that was much different than the scenery in the Ghost World!

“We are finally back!” Ren Liangchen said as he took a deep breath. While the environment looked much better than the Ghost World, the Spirit Energy in the Mortal World was far worse than the Spirit Energy in Ghost World!

But still, the scenery was familiar! And after all, they didn’t have to fear anyone in the Mortal World as they were among the highest-level cultivators in Mortal World!

“We will go to my Faction to fend off the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation first!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly, to which the others nodded their head in agreement.


On Heavenly Clouds Continent, the Heavenly Clouds Mansion has already started to build their imperial city and many other supporting cities across the continent!

They‘ve successfully decimated many rebel forces, bandits, and other evil forces throughout the continent! They wanted to do their best before their leader, Yi Tianyun, returned!

The Spirit Race specially made the Imperial City itself as they wanted to build a safe and orderly Imperial City.

Many bandits and rebels have attacked the Imperial City, but the Spirit Race could repel the attack, although some of them fell victim to the brutality of the Bandit and Rebel forces!

“Old Ancestor! Why don’t you take a break for a while!” An Elder from the Spirit Race said to the Old Ancestor of the Spirit Race worriedly.

“It’s okay! I can still go on! Even though age has caught up to me, I can still go on, much like the youngsters these days!” Spirit Race Old Ancestor said with a smile on his face.

The Elder nodded helplessly as they didn’t know how to convince the Old Ancestor to take a break.

But an alarm sound suddenly alerted them. The Elder and Old Ancestor quickly checked what was happening outside!

The Old Ancestor decided to fly towards the gate as he couldn’t see clearly from the spot he currently stood, and once he was there, he could see that the crowds were pointing their finger to a flying ship that came towards them!

Ye Qingxuan, who also came to the gate, was confused. With their alliance with the Heavenly Dragon Empire, the Heavenly Clouds Continent was supposed to be safe, and no Faction would want to wage war against the Heavenly Clouds Mansion either!

But as the flying ship got closer, they immediately knew what they were dealing with! They could feel the tremendous aura from the ship.

Furthermore, they knew that at least the Flying Ship was a lower grade sacred tool! The only faction that they knew has this much resources must be the Divine Nation!

“I don’t know who you are, but please stop there!” Spirit Race Old Ancestor said solemnly to the People on top of the flying ship!

“You don’t have to worry about that! We will be quick! You better surrender, or you will be obliterated! This Imperial City would become the new Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s Imperial City on Mortal World!” An expert said from the top of the Flying Ship.

Many cultivators then immediately landed on the ground and made a move towards the Imperial City!

The Spirit Race trembled due to the pressure from those experts. They knew that the weakest expert on the ship was at least a Core Transformation Stage cultivator!

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