Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 567


Heavenly Dragon Imperial City was in a pinch. They were desperate to hold back the invasion of 4 empires. Due to the dire situation, so many cultivators of their own started to panic and fled the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City, weakening their defences in the process.

The situation was dire, as anyone could predict that the Heavenly Dragon Empire was done for!

This was obvious as there was no way a single empire could repel four empires’ attack at the same time!

On top of that, the Heavenly Dragon Empire was losing control of its territory as the other empire began to take control of their land.

Although their cultivators tried their best to fight back, it was simply impossible!

“Kill all the invaders!” City Lord Mo Si of Revolving Cloud City shouted as he tried to fend off the invaders from invading his walls.

“City Lord Mo! I advise that you stop resisting! There is no way your Revolving Clouds City could withstand our Heavenly Luo Empire’s attack!” a Void Spirit expert said as he surrounded City Lord Mo with several Core Transformation experts.

The Heavenly Luo Empire had hundreds of cultivators. Among them were mostly Core Transformation rank cultivators, too!

They only dispatched one Void Spirit expert to Revolving Clouds City as they thought that it would be such a waste to send more! But apparently, dozens more were dispatched elsewhere!

“Dong Lin! I am disappointed! No matter what happened, we won’t give up hope! Once our reinforcement comes, you will be dead!” City Lord Mo said confidently.

“Reinforcement?Do you mean Heavenly Dragon Imperial City or other cities? Or might it be Heavenly Clouds Mansion? I heard that your prince was the one who led that 3rd-grade faction, I heard that he was strong too! But I think that they wouldn’t bother helping you guys, if they do, they will be having a tough time protecting themselves!” Dong Lin said with a smile.

“No matter what you say, the Great Emperor Ren and Prince Yi will avenge us!” Mo Si shouted confidently.

He was loyal towards the Heavenly Dragon Empire, and he wouldn’t surrender if that meant betraying Heavenly Dragon Empire’s expectation.

“You are quite persistent! I also hope that the Great Emperor and your prince would come out and save you now! but sadly, they are a bunch of cowards, hiding behind the Imperial City’s Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure’s power!” Dong Lin said as he laughed.

Mo Si fell silent as he knows that it was true, not that he would say that the Great Emperor was a coward, but there is no hope of winning the war as the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure couldn’t be brought out of the Imperial City, the only chance they got was to endure the attack in the Imperial City and hoped that reinforcement would come eventually.

“Now, how many cities you think we’ve already conquered? We have captured so many people, executed so many officers, and raided so much resource! But where is the support that you wait for? They never send anyone from the Imperial City to help the cities! They’ve already abandoned you all!” Dong Lin said tauntingly.

Dong Lin’s word was a blow to loyal followers of the Heavenly Dragon Empire!

It was true, the Imperial City hasn’t come even after this long, but they still had hope in their eyes that their Emperor was planning something to avenge their fallen comrades!

“Just listen to me, drop your weapons and surrender to us! We will take care of the city better than those Heavenly Dragon Empire cowards! We guarantee that you will be compensated fairly!” Dong Lin said as he persuaded Mo Si.

But City Lord Mo Si was smarter than Dong Lin thought. Mo Si knew that Dong Lin wanted to avoid casualties on their part, if they could convince Mo Si to surrender, the city would be theirs, and Dong Lin’s people didn’t have to fight!

“You are clearly out of your mind right now! Like I said, Heavenly Dragon Empire always treat us well! Even if we die, we will never surrender!” Mo Si said with utmost determination!

Mo Si wouldn’t be swayed to surrender that easily!

The other City Guards who were listening to their conversation this whole time began to cheer as they also agreed with Mo Si!

“A group of idiots! You are obsessed with the Heavenly Dragon Empire even until your death is imminent! You clearly fail to see the turtle hiding in their shell. The Great Emperor Ren and your prince are all shit!” Dong Lin said frustratedly.

“We don’t want to hear your insult! Let’s get this over with!” Mo Si said as he made his stance once again.

“Sure! Then die, you big fat buffoon!” Dong Lin said as he signalled for his soldiers to begin invading the city.

“Wait? Did you say that I am a turtle?” a new voice suddenly surprised everyone.

They immediately turned their head to look for the source of the voice, and they saw a teenager floating in the sky above them!

“Prince Yi!” Mo Si shouted with surprise. He once saw Yi Tianyun during the previous war, so he knew who the teenager was!

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