Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 568


The arrival of their prince made everyone feel hopeful again.

“You are the prince of the Heavenly Dragon Empire?” Dong Lin said as he looked Yi Tianyun up and down.

He couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw that the prince that everyone has talked about was this young! Although the rumour said that the prince was strong, Dong Lin didn’t believe it one bit!

There was no way a snotty brat like this would be that strong!

“Yes, I am the prince!” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked playfully.

“Then you aren’t the turtle, but an ass! Instead of hiding behind the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure protection, you came running all the way here to help. If that’s not an idiot behavior, I don’t know what is!” Dong Lin said tauntingly.

On the other hand, Mo Si was startled by Dong Lin’s words. He immediately walked away from Dong Lin as he knew the prince would kill this man quickly!

“Is that your last word?” Yi Tianyun asked indifferently.

“Last word? Did you get hit in the head as a child?” Dong Lin said tauntingly, then immediately commanded his soldiers.

“Capture him! if he really is their prince, I want him captured alive!” Dong Lin said commandingly.

The Core Transformation experts who came with him immediately nodded their heads and surrounded Yi Tianyun in the air.

They were confident that Yi Tianyun was just a genius who was still at the Core Transformation Stage.

If that was true, then there was no way he could deal with that many Core Transformation Experts at the same time!

Yi Tianyun sighed and put the Sword Master Suit to good use. He controlled hundreds of Spirit Swords and instantly killed every single Core Transformation expert who surrounded him earlier.

Dong Lin was shocked to see what Yi Tianyun just did as he never saw anything like this before! Not even Spirit Core experts that he brought with him were spared!

They all died with one single attack from Yi Tianyun!

“What is this Divine ability!” Dong Lin said as his expression showed terror!

Yi Tianyun’s attack was overwhelming! It was so strong that only a few of Dong Lin’s cultivators remained!

Dong Lin then gritted his teeth as he finally realized that Yi Tianyun was at least a Void Spirit Expert like himself!

He then pulled out his Lower Grade Sacred Tool to fend off Yi Tianyun’s attack.

Yi Tianyun’s spirit sword was easily destroyed as Dong Lin’s weapon is far superior. But Yi Tianyun didn’t mind it at all!

Dong Lin then leaped to the sky and rushed towards Yi Tianyun, but he was confused as he saw Yi Tianyun didn’t even bother to move from his spot!

Then the next moment, he saw Yi Tianyun pointed a finger towards him, and suddenly, a beam of light shot out from Yi Tianyun’s finger. Dong Lin was even more confused as he didn’t feel anything, but then he saw a big hole in his chest!

“So, this is the power of the prince!” Dong Lin said as he fell to the ground, dead!

Dong Lin is a Void Spirit Expert, but he was basically a newborn baby before Yi Tianyun!

A cultivator below Spirit King Stage shouldn’t even bother to challenge Yi Tianyun for their own sake!

When the situation was controlled by Yi Tianyun alone, Mo Si was still in shock!

He knew that Yi Tianyun was strong, but this was overwhelming!

And he didn’t even have the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure with him!

“Clean up now, and I congratulate you for not betraying the empire until the end! For that, everything that these guys have is yours!” Yi Tianyun said to Mo Si casually.

Yi Tianyun knew that it wasn’t equal to the amount of loyalty that Mo Si showed for the Heavenly Dragon Empire, but that was all he could give for now.

“We have no reason to betray the Heavenly Dragon Empire, My Prince! Even if there is no reinforcement coming, we are glad to serve the empire until the end!” Mo Si said respectfully.

“Good! You must understand that we are in a dire situation. There are not enough soldiers on the Imperial City to send to every single town in need! We are being attacked everywhere!” Yi Tianyun said as he shook his head frustratedly.

The Heavenly Dragon Empire was being attacked by four other empires even though it hasn’t completely recovered from the internal dispute earlier!

There is no way the Heavenly Dragon Empire could withstand that much!

“We all express our gratitude to the prince for taking the time to save us!” Mo Si said as he kneeled in front of Yi Tianyun, followed by the guards and everyone else in the city!

“At ease! Now, fortify the city and stand by! I will go to the next city to drive out those intruders!” Yi Tianyun said with a cold expression.

Mo Si nodded and shouted, “We wish for the best of luck on Prince’s side and hope that every single one of these invaders will perish!”

Yi Tianyun nodded and disappeared into the sky. Things were far from over as there were so many cities that were being attacked right now!

But Yi Tianyun’s prestige was pushed to the utmost limit as everyone believed in him!

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