Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 569


The war continued, and more cities on the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s territory got taken away. At the same time, the Heavenly Dragon Empire got more bad news on the way!

A lot of their cultivators chose to escape the Heavenly Dragon Continent as they felt hopeless!

First was the war that Prime Minister Long waged, causing an internal turmoil. Then, four empires formed an alliance and attacked them!

But in the state of chaos, maybe what hurt the empire the most was the mutiny of Heavenly Dragon Empire’s minister!

It was understandable that not everyone was as loyal as City Lord Mo Si, but for a high-ranking official to stage a mutiny was simply uncalled for!

Ren Long was now standing on the wall, looking over to the minister that he once trusted!

“Great Emperor Ren! I suggest that you surrender! Do you think you can win with only that Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure?” The minister said as two Spirit King cultivators landed beside him.

These Spirit King cultivators were the Great Emperor of two Empires out of the four who waged this war!

Ren Long didn’t expect to fight them now as he himself wasn’t prepared, but there was nothing he could do about it now!

Ren Long then saw many Void Spirit Experts landed behind their emperors, followed by the Core Transformation experts.

The numbers easily reached hundreds!

Ren Long knew that not even Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure could defend the Imperial City for long with that many experts before him!

“Great Emperor Xiao, I remembered that our Empire was in a good relationship in the past, so please tell me why you choose to join this war?” Ren Long asked curiously.

“I don’t need to tell you that, and the only thing that we want to hear from you know is whether you will surrender or not!” Great Emperor Xiao said coldly.

Great Emperor Xiao came from Cloud Firmament Empire, and the relationship between them and the Heavenly Dragon Empire was good.

However, it was all thanks to the previous Emperor of Heavenly Dragon Empire, but with the previous Emperor gone now, the Cloud Firmament Empire didn’t see any reason to prolong their relationship with Heavenly Dragon Empire!

“But what happened to the Heavenly Luo Empire and Dream Cloud Empire? did they encounter some trouble capturing some cities?” A handsome man said as he walked out of his flying chariot with two beautiful women on his side.

“Great Emperor Zhuge! They did have more cities to capture than us. Perhaps they were a little late because of that!” Great Emperor Xiao said politely.

“Well, they are wasting my money, as time is money here!” Emperor Zhuge smiled coldly.

“I couldn’t say anything to that. It was their own choice whether they wanted to capture those cities o not!” Great Emperor Xiao said with a smile on his face.

“So, Great Emperor Ren, what is your answer? Do you willingly surrender to us to avoid another unnecessary loss of life on the battlefield?” Great Emperor Xiao said as he looked back to Ren Long.

“I have nothing to say to an ungrateful piece of trash like you!” Ren Long said with a taunting smile.

He wouldn’t let the Imperial City fall without fighting until the end!

“You seem to think that you still have a chance of winning! But don’t blame us for the destruction of your empire. It is all because you are too weak! Even if you have several years on your belt ever since you earn the title of the Emperor, you still couldn’t breakthrough! It really is a shameful display, especially in Emperor’s standard!” Great Emperor Xiao said coldly.

Ren Long’s expression suddenly became apprehensive as it was all because he was stuck on the Coiling Dragon Cave for too long!

If it were not because of that, he was sure that he would’ve already broken through to Spirit King Stage now!

But it was still humiliating nonetheless, knowing the fact that Emperor Xiao and Ren Long were at the same age, and Ren Long had a better innate ability. Yet, Emperor Xiao still managed to overtake him!

“So, what are you going to do with my empire? dissolve it into your own?” Ren Long asked coldly.

“That is not important for you to know! But I suggest you surrender now obediently! But it really doesn’t matter, either way. You can either surrender and be executed later or keep using the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure to prolong your life for a couple of days! But believe me, you will die either way!” Great Emperor Xiao said coldly.

Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure was already known throughout the Mortal World as it was one of the most powerful Divine Treasures.

But it wasn’t invincible!

It still could be destroyed with enough force, and right now, the 4-empire alliance had enough force to destroy the barrier from the Secret Treasure!

“Well, come on then! I will wait for you inside!” Ren Long said coldly.

“Okay then, the moment the other two Great Emperors assemble here will be your last day on earth!” Great Emperor Xiao said confidently.

“You don’t have to wait for them. They will not be available to come here at any time now.” a figure suddenly appeared not too far from them.

Everyone subconsciously turned to the voice source and saw a teenager was floating in the sky watching their movement casually, but the two great Emperors never saw this teenager before!

While on the other hand, Ren Long was grinning excitedly!

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