Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 570


“Little Brother Yi!?” Ren Long said as he saw Yi Tianyun in the Imperial City sky.

They know that Yi Tianyun has gone to Ghost World, but they didn’t have any means to inform Yi Tianyun about what happened there, but all Ren Long wanted right now was for Yi Tianyun to get away as far as possible.

The Heavenly Dragon Imperial City’s residents were also surprised to see their prince’s arrival at last. But they were confused as to why the prince came alone to a large-scale invasion like this!

The two great emperors were also surprised as they’ve heard of Yi Tianyun’s power to control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure efficiently.

But it was all just a rumour for the Emperors as they never saw Yi Tianyun fight themselves. But after seeing the teenager came alone, they began to think that the rumour might be true!

“So you are that famous prince; you look quite young! Are you sure that you can handle us, boy?” Emperor Xiao said as he looked at Yi Tianyun up and down.

“Wait a minute! What do you mean the other two emperors wouldn’t come?” Emperor Zhuge asked confusedly as he pushed Emperor Xiao back.

“Well, Yeah! Dead people won’t be able to walk here!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Everyone was shocked to hear what Yi Tianyun said as there was no way what Yi Tianyun said was true!

Emperor Zhuge and Emperor Xiao thought that Yi Tianyun was just bluffing to scare them off. Their army instantly laughed as they don’t believe what Yi Tianyun just said.

Even the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s residents found it hard to believe what Yi Tianyun just said as they didn’t think the prince was that strong to kill two emperors alone!

“Relax, if Big Brother Yi said he did it, then he really did it!” Ren Zhirou said confidently.

Ren Long also nodded as he also believed in Yi Tianyun.

“Great Emperor Ren! Are you being manipulated by this kid? The other Emperors have been killed? What is this joke? No wonder you’ve fallen this low. You believe this kid’s nonsense after all!” Emperor Xiao said while laughing profusely.

A group of cultivators looked at Yi Tianyun with a ridiculing look on their eyes. They thought that Yi Tianyun had lost his mind, as there was no way a kid could kill a Spirit King cultivator and a bunch of Void Spirit experts on his own.

If he made up a more believable lie, probably everyone would believe it, but this was just too much!

Who would believe that some kid was capable of such a remarkable feat on his own!

“Heads up, I won’t let any of you go, even if you beg for mercy! You must pay for everything you’ve done!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Wow, look at this fool! Emperor Ren, are you sure this guy is your famous prince? I never thought that you would make such a fool the prince of your empire!” Emperor Xiao said as he laughed.

“This is very sad, how the great empire has fallen! Hahaha!” Emperor Zhuge laughed hard.

the minister who betrayed the Heavenly Dragon Empire earlier shook his head as he thought that betraying the Heavenly Dragon Empire was the correct choice!

“I am glad I am not serving a delusional prince now, and I am also glad that you all will be dead soon!” the minister said evilly.

He knew that Yi Tianyun was strong, but there was no way that he would be able to handle two emperors at the same time!

The Heavenly Dragon Empire’s residents also didn’t know what to say as they had the same thought.

“I’ll let it slide now, brat! but let us see you talk again when the other two emperors come here!” Emperor Zhuge said with a smirk on his face.

He thought that he would be laughing with the other two emperors when they arrived there!

“Wait all you want, but they aren’t coming! It is clear to me that you are too ignorant even to realise the situation you currently in!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“What did you say, boy! You dare to mock us?” Emperor Xiao said angrily.

But as the two emperors looked at Yi Tianyun’s eyes, they felt hypnotised and felt that their consciousness fading, making their body weaker as time went by!

“Look at that! this is too easy!” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked at the two-unconscious emperors.

“Now, attack each other till one of you die!” Yi Tianyun said as he waved his hand, and the two emperors began to attack each other without any hesitation!

Everyone was surprised as they didn’t understand what just happened in front of their eyes right now!

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