Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 571


No one expected the two emperors who were supposed to ally themselves would suddenly attack each other like this.

Each of their strikes was laced with killing intent, proving to everyone that they were seriously trying to kill each other.

Everyone was too surprised to even think of what to do next, but suddenly, an explosion occurred that startled everyone again.

This explosion was Emperor Xiao’s power, so everyone was convinced that Emperor Xiao was clearly the real one! But still, no one could explain what happened here!

“Oh, god! What is happening here? why are they fighting all of a sudden?” The Minister who has betrayed the Heavenly Dragon Empire earlier said as he was confused.

“What are they doing? How come they attack each other instead of us, their enemy?” Ren Long said as he was confused himself.

“Stop! Control yourself, emperors!” The elders behind the two-emperor shouted as they tried to draw the emperors’ attention.

However, no one would be able to stop them from fighting with each other as Yi Tianyun has used his Eye of Charm, which could control any Spirit King that he wanted!

The lower their cultivation stage, the easier for Yi Tianyun to control them, so with Emperor Xiao at 2nd Layer Spirit King stage and Emperor Zhuge at 1st Layer Spirit King Stage, it was easy for Yi Tianyun to control them!

But Yi Tianyun was not completely controlling each and every emperor’s move as he wanted them to realize what they were doing without having the ability to stop it, as Yi Tianyun knows that no matter what method that he used to kill these emperors, he would still get the Exp that he wanted!

“Great Emperor Xiao! Please snap out of it! what is wrong with you!” The enemy Army General shouted frustratedly.

“I don’t know! I couldn’t control my body! It must be that brat’s doing! Kill him quick!” Emperor Xiao shouted as he kept on attacking Emperor Zhuge.

The enemy nodded and immediately turned their attention towards Yi Tianyun. They didn’t know what Yi Tianyun’s power was, but it was clear that the Emperors started to attack each other after Yi Tianyun showed up!

They immediately attacked Yi Tianyun without any hesitation, as they thought killing one kid would be easy!

They even used all their power to make sure that they could kill Yi Tianyun in one blow so that their emperor could return to normal and stop fighting against each other!

But Yi Tianyun smirked. He immediately controlled the emperor to block the attack and kill the enemy for him!


‘Successfully killed Void Spirit Expert!’

‘Reward: 53.000.000 Exp, 13.000 Cps, 800 Sps, …’


‘Successfully killed Void Spirit Expert!’

‘Reward: …’

The Experience he received reached up to 50 million points thanks to his Crazy Mode, which was also enhanced by several Exp card that he bought earlier.

There was no way he would miss this much Exp!

So, even though the X50 Exp Card was expensive, he will still buy it as cultivators at Void Spirit stage and above gave a bunch of Exp when he killed them!

“That brat used sorcery! Get away from us! He used us to kill you all!” Emperor Xiao shouted as he was frustrated by Yi Tianyun controlling his body!

“That brat is clearly afraid to face us fair and square! So, he turned to sorcery! It is so unfair!” Emperor Zhuge shouted frustratedly.

The Emperors were both frustrated as they didn’t know how to break free from Yi Tianyun’s control!

Their hearts were filled by regret as they killed their generals whom they helped cultivate for a hefty amount of resources and time!

“Hmm, now I am a coward? Didn’t you look yourself in the mirror? Four empires allying themselves to attack one empire? you are clearly were too stupid to see the truth!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“Now you great emperors aren’t so great anymore! You are now completely under my fingers! Kill your men to your heart content as it’s clear that you love killing so much!” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly with a smirk on his face.

Yi Tianyun was late because he had to deal with the other two empires, and now, here he was controlling another two emperors to finish off all their soldiers!

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