Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 572


Yi Tianyun smirked as he said his final word. No one would dare to laugh at any faction that he was in now as he could easily delete two empires by himself!

Even though Yi Tianyun couldn’t say that he completely wiped them off, at the very least, they wouldn’t be able to do anything after this!

“He really did it! he killed the other two emperors!” the enemy looked at Yi Tianyun in horror. Although it sounded like a joke before, it wasn’t so funny now!

Everyone looked at Yi Tianyun in a different light as he was clearly more powerful than these Emperors!

The Heavenly Dragon Empire’s cultivators also looked at Yi Tianyun with shuddering awe as it wasn’t that long ago since Yi Tianyun destroyed the Netherworld Empire, and now, he was much more powerful than he was before!

The two emperors themselves were feeling remorseful as they clearly messed up with the wrong person here!

After all, they had ridiculed Yi Tianyun from the first time they met, and now, it was clear who was the fool here!

“Retreat!” Emperor Xiao shouted at his people, the cultivators on the enemy’s side immediately ran away from the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City.

There was nothing left for them here as they couldn’t possibly win against someone who toyed with their emperors like that!

“Did I ever say you guys can go?” Yi Tianyun said as he ordered the two emperors to kill everyone who was trying to escape.

But the number of fleeing soldiers was too much!

The two emperors couldn’t kill all the escapees as they all scattered around to avoid the emperors’ attack!

But Yi Tianyun wouldn’t let the experience flee!

He then summoned all the Demon Beast that he had and immediately ordered them to chase after the people who were trying to escape. It was a complete massacre!

Clearly, they couldn’t escape thousands of Demon Beasts and their emperors at the same time!

“I am the Minister of the Heavenly Dragon Empire, surrender myself to you, my Prince!” The minister who has betrayed the Heavenly Dragon Empire said nervously as he kneeled in front of Yi Tianyun.

They were ashamed of themselves. They thought that the Heavenly Dragon Empire would surely fall after being attacked by four Empires at the same time.

They never expected the Prince would easily destroy all empires like this!

Clearly, Prince Yi Tianyun wasn’t someone that they should mess with!

“Your betrayal would be only punishable by death!” Yi Tianyun said as he ordered his demon beast to execute the minister who kneeled in front of him.

Yi Tianyun would never trust someone who easily betrays his expectation like this!

There was no telling when that person would betray him again in the future!

In his last moment, the minister regretted his action as it was clear that if he never betrayed the Heavenly Dragon Empire, he would still be alive right now.

Furthermore, the Empire would surely grow now as Heavenly Dragon Empire would prosper thanks to the spoils of war from the four Empires!


‘Successfully killed Spirit Core Stage Cultivator!’

‘Reward: …’


‘Successfully killed Core Transformation Stage Cultivator!’

‘Reward: …’

At the same time, he got a notification from the system. However, it wasn’t from killing the minister, but from Heavenly Clouds Mansion!

That was from Ren Liangchen, who managed to repel the Heavenly Clouds Mansion from Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s attack!

It was fortunate that Yi Tianyun left them behind. Otherwise, the Heavenly Clouds Mansion would be in terrible danger right now!

Yi Tianyun was clearly annoyed by this as he couldn’t let his guard down for even a second, for he had to keep an eye on both factions constantly!

Yi Tianyun realised that he must destroy the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation as soon as possible as his problems kept building up!

He needed to have one or two Spirit King level cultivators on the Heavenly Clouds mansion in case he wanted to leave later as it would be at least safe to leave the faction’s safety on their hands.

However, there was no way anyone on the Heavenly Clouds Mansion could cultivate that fast!

He still had to solve the problems here on the Heavenly Dragon Empire first, as this was far easier to deal with than any other problems he currently had!

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