Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 573



‘Congratulation to the player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breaking through to 1st Layer Spirit King Stage!’

Yi Tianyun smirked as he finally successfully broke through to the Spirit King Stage!

He could feel that his power was increasing exponentially. Since his basic Combat Power was already at 200.000.000 points, when he used the Crazy Mode, his total combat power recached Points!

After all, the Crazy Mode amplified his combat power by 16!

Yi Tianyun was excited as he knew that Ming Chen, who was at 7th Layer Spirit King Stage, couldn’t exceed 1.300.000.000 Combat Power!

Yi Tianyun wondered what would happen if he levelled up the Crazy Mode once again. Now, X32 multiplier that the next level offered seemed really tempting!

After some thinking again, Yi Tianyun realized that his Crazy Levelling System was broken! The Crazy Mode was far better than any other Divine Power out there!

For example, the Clone Divine Power that Yi Tianyun had could be said as one of the most powerful Divine Powers in term of offensive ability, but it still had the downside of only copying 30% of the user’s power!

Furthermore, the system’s cultivating method was much different than any ordinary people!

As no normal cultivators wouldn’t get any exp from killing another cultivator!

Even the reason behind the fight among cultivators was resources, not Exp!

But Yi Tianyun was satisfied nonetheless!

Thanks to such power, he could protect the people that he held dear!

After all, whether he cultivated with this Crazy Levelling System or not, he would be forced to kill another cultivator anyway!


The battle has ended! The only enemies left on the battlefield were Emperor Xiao and Emperor Zhuge, who were still under Yi Tianyun’s control!

Yi Tianyun smirked as he was satisfied to see the horror and frustration on both the emperor’s face. This is the price that they had to pay for attacking Yi Tianyun’s faction!

“Did you think this is funny? I will swear on my blood that I will kill you, bastard!” Great Emperor Xiao said furiously.

He couldn’t stand to see his men died by his hands anymore!

“You are the devil himself! You pitiful scumbag!” Great Emperor Zhuge wailed furiously.

“Wow, now I am a demon? I don’t know what the four empires’ alliance was trying to pull by attacking Heavenly Dragon Empire, but clearly, you have gone too far! If it were not because of me, I’m sure you would’ve destroyed everything on this empire! So, don’t blame me if that also happens when you lose!” Yi Tianyun said with a smug smile framing his face.

“After all, the winner is just, and the loser is evil! If you can’t afford the loss, then you shouldn’t join the battle in the first place!” Yi Tianyun said while laughing a little.

Yi Tianyun then waved his hands, causing the two emperors to attack each other once again.

“Don’t worry. I will take good care of your empires! In fact, I will visit them personally and make sure the entire Mortal World knows not to mess with our Heavenly Dragon Empire and Heavenly Clouds Mansion in the future!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

The two-emperor roared in frustration as they kept attacking each other!

After hearing Yi Tianyun’s words, they were frustrated and desperate to break free from Yi Tianyun’s control in order to be their empire and took a precaution, but they couldn’t do anything!

They kept attacking each other, drawing blood, cutting limbs, and obviously killing each other in each step!

Finally, after a while, the two emperors collapsed as they didn’t have any strength left to fight each other and died on the spot!

Yi Tianyun only received a small Exp from the two emperors as his X50 Exp Card has already expired, but Yi Tianyun didn’t really care as it was not his concern right now.

The ministers of the Heavenly Dragon Empire were looking at Yi Tianyun with a chill down their spine!

They knew that the two emperors were powerful, but in front of Yi Tianyun, they were nothing but a doll that he threw away once he was bored!

They made a vow to themselves to never make Yi Tianyun their enemy as it would never end great for them!

“Big Brother Ren! Little Girl!” Yi Tianyun said as he approached Ren Zhirou and Ren Long. He looked to the side and saw all Heavenly Dragon commanders, and the rest were kneeling at him respectfully.

“Big Brother, Yi! I can’t believe you’ve gotten even more powerful since the last time we met! Now, I am not sure I can catch up to you!” Ren Zhirou said with a smile on her face.

“That is not true! I am not that strong yet, and I’m sure you can catch up to me! After all, I can’t keep cultivating since it will be hard to control it!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile to Ren Zhirou.

“Don’t lie to me, brother! If it were not for you, the Heavenly Dragon Empire would’ve fallen today!” Ren Zhirou said with a frown on her face.

The Mortal World would surely shake after hearing the news that Yi Tianyun wiped out four empires on his own!

“What can I say? It is my duty as the prince of the Heavenly Dragon Empire to help whenever the empire is in a dire situation like this!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

Ren Long laughed while Ren Zhirou kept frowning at Yi Tianyun. After that, they immediately had their hands full recapturing the cities on Heavenly Dragon Empire territory that was previously captured by the four empires!

At this point, Yi Tianyun no longer helped the Heavenly Dragon directly as he just had to order his legion of Demon Beasts to capture the city!

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