Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 574


With the help of Yi Tianyun’s Demon Beast, the Heavenly Dragon Continent was once again free from the oppression of the four empires’ alliance!

This incident shocked the entire Mortal World> Although the Mortal World was nowhere as good as the Ghost World in terms of cultivation level, the empire’s influence was significant here!

That was why after hearing that Yi Tianyun had destroyed 4 Empire alone, the Old Ancestor of the 4 Empires frowned!

This was a massive blow to their power as the Great Emperor died while bringing most of their military power!

The former emperor of each empire and their Old Ancestor held a meeting in secret about what to do to the Heavenly Dragon Empire!

“This is very weird! How could the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s price kill all our successors alone! Furthermore, My Xiao’er is dead!” Xiao Tian said sadly.

 Although he had many grandsons, Emperor Xiao was the most promising out of them all!

“I heard that he commanded many Demon Beasts! Maybe he was a Beast Tamer, but how could he control so many beasts at the same time!” Zhuge Yun said while biting his nails.

“I believe he was at least in the middle of Spirit King stage! There is no way anyone below that could trounce our successor!” Zhuge Yun added.

“That is very likely, but our information is limited right now! but from what we have, I assume that this Prince of the Heavenly Dragon Empire is quite formidable!” Tian Luo said coldly.

“But if four of us attacked him at the same time, I believe that we can overpower him!” Tian Luo adds.

Since their cultivation was in the middle Spirit King stage too, they concluded that if they attacked Yi Tianyun simultaneously, there was no way Yi Tianyun could block it all!

“We have to kill him no matter what!” Long Yun said coldly.

His skin was covered with a thick dragon scale, indicating that this old man has absorbed countless Dragon Clan’s Blood Essence!

He was confident with his strength as he was on par with the previous Great Emperor, Ren Long’s father!

But he admitted that he had a hard time controlling his Blood Qi. Even after all this year, he still couldn’t keep it up!

The same could be said to the other three, but Long Yun could see that everyone there wanted Yi Tianyun dead!

This time, the four-empire alliance would be victorious!

“I have a great array for our cultivation! With it, we may be able to deal with this unknown brat easier! But if you say that we don’t need it, I wouldn’t take it out!” Long Yun said casually as he showed the Great Array to the others.

“This is Dragon Locking Great Array!” Xiao Tian said as he looked at Long Yun’s great array with glittering eyes.

It was a Heaven Level Great Array that could increase the user’s power exponentially.

“Yes! as the name suggests, even a true dragon wouldn’t be able to get out of it once it was trapped inside! Even 7th or 8th layer Spirit King won’t be able to do anything!” Long Yun said confidently.

“Good! Then we should inspect this Great Array of yours, and we will bury the Heavenly Dragon Empire once and for all!” Zhuge Yun said coldly.

They all showed interest in the Dragon Locking Great Array, which Long Yun already expected, but it didn’t matter right now as Long Yun was focused on getting revenge!

After all, they had no information whatsoever regarding their opponent’s power!

If they planned poorly, they would be dead too!

After inspecting the Dragon Locking Great Array, they became so much more excited than before!

“Yes! This is it! This Dragon Locking Great Array would be powerful enough to seal the Heavenly Dragon Empire for all eternity!” Xiao Tian said excitedly after he learned the secret of the Dragon Locking Great Array.

“That is a given! We must get our revenge! That brat has to pay for his sin! We can’t just kill him instantly; we need to torture him until he begs us to kill him!” Tian Luo said coldly.

“Well, why don’t you try it first!” a voice suddenly startled all of them.

They looked to the voice source and saw an unknown teenager was already standing on the door. They were confused as they saw the teenager; the room they were in was supposed to be a secret room that couldn’t be found so easily!

How could that teenager be here!

But this teenager is Yi Tianyun!

He had the Eye of Charm with him, which made any investigation easy!

He already knew that the four-empire alliance wouldn’t give up so easily and would conspire on the back to attack the Heavenly Dragon Empire once more!

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