Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 575


“Who are you?!” the old ancestor said as they stared at Yi Tianyun.

They were ready to attack as they released their murderous aura. Looking at Yi Tianyun, they somehow had a rough idea of who the teenager was.

In fact, Yi Tianyun didn’t need to hide anything. He didn’t need any disguise in this Mortal World as the only one who could stop him now was probably a Saint King!

“Who do you think I might be?” Yi Tianyun said to Long Yun with a smirk on his face.

Yi Tianyun’s eyes glowed as he looked into Xiao Tian and Long Yun’s eyes, and those two suddenly lost control of their body!

That was the power of the Eye of Charm; he could control anyone with a mere glance!

Long Yun and Xiao Tian tried to shout, but no voice came out of their throat!

They immediately realised that the situation was much dire than they thought!

They were the strongest out of the four in the room, yet they couldn’t even lift a finger!

The other two former emperors in the room didn’t notice that Long Yun and Xiao Tian were controlled by the teenagers as they kept staring at Yi Tianyun without regard to others!

“He is probably the rumoured prince of the Heavenly Dragon Empire! We didn’t even hear him coming in, but it seems his cultivation is not low! At the very least, he should be at the 7th Layer Spirit King Stage! We have to siege him with the Dragon Locking Great Array. If it doesn’t work, we have to evacuate!” Tian Luo whispered to the others, but Yi Tianyun heard all of it!

“I agree!” Zhuge Yun said as he nodded a little bit.

But after a moment, Tian Luo and Zhuge Yun noticed that the other two former emperors didn’t answer them back!

They felt strange about it as he had to confirm what they should do with the others!

“Here is what I think! If you have done talking, you should stop now.” Yi Tianyun said as he rushed towards Tian Luo and kicked him down and stomping him on the ground!

Tian Luo was at the 3rd Layer Spirit King Stage!

His physique was trained to the best of his ability, but Yi Tianyun easily pierced through his defence and even cracked his bones!

“Let me go, you bastard!” Tian Luo shouted as he endured the pain.

Tian Luo then activated his fire and tried to engulf Yi Tianyun in the fire to burn him to ashes!

The fire instantly enveloped Yi Tianyun, but they didn’t stop there!

Zhuge Yun immediately released his power, and several golden thorns appeared in the air!

Zhuge Yun then waved his hands, and those six sharp thorns immediately flew toward Yi Tianyun!

Each of those thorns held up to 400 million points of combat power!

But they were once again confused as they looked at Xiao Tian and Luo Yun!

“What are you doing! Hurry up and attack him!” Zhuge Yun shouted at Xiao Tian and Luo Yun!

But the next scene surprised Zhuge Yun and Tian Luo as they saw Xiao Tian and Luo Yun suddenly attacked them instead of the teenager!

“What the hell!” Zhuge Yun shouted as he dodged Xiao Tian’s attack.

He immediately summoned a golden peacock to parry Luo Yun’s following attack. But the shockwave still hit Zhuge Yun, sending him flying towards the wall and blew it up as he fell to the ground outside.

Because the attack was too sudden, he couldn’t block the attack properly!

His reaction speed was too slow, especially against two powerful Spirit King opponents!

Zhuge Yun’s body was stained in blood as he received wounds from Luo Yun’s attack, but fortunately, he didn’t suffer that much damage from it!

“What is going on here, you traitor!” Zhuge Yun shouted furiously to Luo Yun and Xiao Tian.

He couldn’t find any reason why the two former emperors would conspire with the Heavenly Dragon Empire when their successor was obviously killed by the Heavenly Dragon Empire!

“Don’t twist your panties in a bunch! I controlled them, and because of that, they would do everything I say!” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked towards Zhuge Yun.

Luo Yun and Xiao Tian followed Yi Tianyun’s movement and walked towards Zhuge Yun!

Zhuge Yun looked at Tian Luo and saw that the former emperor was already burned to ashes on the ground! “What kind of flames did that bastard use to kill Tian Luo!” Zhuge Yun mumbled to himself.

He didn’t know what Yi Tianyun’s power is, so he couldn’t just blindly attack Yi Tianyun!

But the only thing he knew for sure was that the brat’s fire was more powerful than Emperor Tian’s!

He understood that they had misunderstood the situation from the very beginning!

They shouldn’t make an enemy out of Yi Tianyun in the first place, they thought that once they formed an alliance among the four empires, they would be invincible, but clearly, they couldn’t do anything to Yi Tianyun!

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