Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 576


Although Zhuge Yun regretted their decision to attack the Heavenly Dragon Empire, he knew that there was no turning back now!

He knew that he had to think of something here as he knew that they couldn’t escape, nor could he fight against the teenager.

“Friend! I, Zhuge Yun, will make a vow never to step a foot inside the Heavenly Dragon Empire, nor would I attack in any form! I will give you many treasures from my empire as some sort of compensation for your trouble! If the treasure is not enough, I believe you can come up with other things that you need, and I’ll try my hardest to procure it for you!” Zhuge Yun said respectfully.

That was his way of saying that he didn’t want to die and asking for Yi Tianyun’s mercy.

“Do you think I need any of that? When I kill you later, I will take all of your empire’s treasure anyway! so, what is there for me to spare you?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Zhuge Yun’s complexion changed when he realized that what Yi Tianyun just said was true. He had lost all negotiation piece when the enemy was already at his front door!

Zhuge Yun then turned around instantly and fled from the site as his only option right now is to escape Yi Tianyun’s grasp and live for another day!

But obviously, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t let him run away!

With a wave of his hand, the two Spirit King Emperors who were still under his control immediately chased after Zhuge Yun!

As the two Emperor under Yi Tianyun’s control were slightly faster and stronger than Zhuge Yun, they caught up to him almost immediately!

“Traitor!” Zhuge Yun shouted as he struggled to escape from Xiao Tian’s clutch.

“We are no traitors! But damn it, I don’t know what sorcery that brat used, but I couldn’t control my body!” Xiao Tian said frustratedly.

Yi Tianyun loosened the control a little bit to let him speak on purpose!

Both Xiao Tian and Luo Yun looked pale as they didn’t know what sort of power did Yi Tianyun used on them, but clearly, they couldn’t break free from it!

At the same time, Zhuge Yun looked over to Yi Tianyun to find that Yi Tianyun was just standing still as there was no need to chase after Zhuge Yun himself!

“Well, your old coot duke it out yourself! I will wait here until you finish!” Yi Tianyun said casually as he waved his hands once more.

At the same time, the two Spirit King Emperors started to attack Zhuge Yun, and no matter how hard he shouted for them to stop, they couldn’t!


‘Successfully killed Zhuge Yun!’

‘Reward: 130.000.000 Exp, 8.500 Cps, 2.300 Sps, Heavenly Secret Art, Deduced Divine Art, Heavenly Secret Disk, Heavenly Secret Talisman, Heavenly Secret Fan!’

Yi Tianyun read the notification carefully and realised that there was no problem with letting the cultivator that he controlled killing his opponent!

Yi Tianyun then called back the two Spirit King to his side.

“Kill me! Why are you doing this!” Xiao Tian said as he growled to Yi Tianyun.

They were angry and humiliated that a former emperor like them was controlled like this by a boy!

“No need to worry! I will kill you, but before that, I need to ask you a couple of questions! Now, I’ve already asked your successor this question, but clearly, they didn’t know everything! So, why did you attack the Heavenly Dragon Empire, and did you have any other backers on this matter?” Yi Tianyun asked coldly.

“Ghost World’s Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation reached out to me and told me to ask for other empire’s assistance to attack Heavenly Dragon Empire and Heavenly Clouds Mansion, but their primary objective is the Heavenly Clouds Mansion! I know that the Heavenly Clouds Mansion and Heavenly Dragon Empire are strong together, and therefore, I choose to attack the Heavenly Dragon Empire first!” Xiao Tian said casually as he was being controlled by Yi Tianyun.

“Damn, them again? They really are insufferable!” Yi Tianyun said angrily.

Yi Tianyun finally knew why the emperors didn’t know about the whole story as most probably, these former emperors refrained from telling them!

Yi Tianyun knew that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation already realised that they couldn’t confront the Heavenly Clouds Mansion by themselves, so they forced other empires on Mortal World to attack!

“What did they offer you in return?” Yi Tianyun asked again coldly.

“They promised to make us their vessel! We can get a lot of treasure once we get to the Ghost World!” Xiao Tian said honestly!

“That is all it took to buy your allegiance?” Yi Tianyun asked again.

“Yes! with the Divine Nation influence, we can get so much benefit, so we have to agree with their term! Plus, the Heavenly Dragon Empire is weak on their own; it wouldn’t take much to destroy them!” Xiao Tian said honestly.

Yi Tianyun nodded as he understood what was going on here. Obviously, the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s offer was tempting, especially for a faction that was stagnant for a long time!

But Yi Tianyun had enough of the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s interference!

He decided that he would be taking his revenge soon!

“Now, I am done with you two! I will manage your empire, and you will accompany your successor in hell soon!” Yi Tianyun said as he waved his hands.

The two emperors showed deep regret, but everything was already too late!

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