Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 577


The problem involving the empire’s four great alliances ended as all of their former emperors were dead!

Yi Tianyun immediately asked Ren Long to send his troops to conquer the four empires that already lost their heads, making things easy on Yi Tianyun’s end.

This meant that the Heavenly Dragon Empire now had four other sites that they needed to manage, but it surely wouldn’t be a problem as many cultivators started to flock around Heavenly Clouds Mansion and Heavenly Dragon Empire.

Many other Empires on Mortal World were silently watching as the Heavenly Dragon Empire became more powerful because they didn’t want to follow the footsteps of the four empire’s alliance!

They knew that they wouldn’t have adequate power to bring Heavenly Dragon Empire and Heavenly Clouds Mansion down anyway!

At the same time, Yi Tianyun’s Heavenly Clouds Imperial City was also being attacked right when the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City was attacked by the Four Empires’ Great Alliances.

Fortunately, they didn’t need Yi Tianyun’s help as the alliances only sent their weak cultivators.

All cultivators that recently joined the Heavenly Clouds Mansion knew that Heavenly Clouds Mansion would soon become an Empire as they saw the power and influence it held on the Mortal World!

The only thing left was to crown Yi Tianyun as the Emperor for Heavenly Clouds Mansion to officially change it to Heavenly Clouds Empire!

On the other hand, Yi Tianyun checked the current progress of his Main Quest, and he noticed that he still lacked a couple more things to finish it!

Even though he has already acquired the number of cultivators that he needed to progress, their loyalty was not up to the system’s standard!

But regardless of the outcome, he would leave it all to the Faction Management as it was too much a hassle!

So, Yi Tianyun immediately entered an empty cultivation room as soon as the situation stabilized once again. He finally levelled up to Spirit King Stage, meaning he was eligible to open the Level 60 Gift Pack!

“Open Level 60 Gift Pack!” Yi Tianyun said casually, and the system responded immediately.


‘Successfully opened Level 60 Gift Pack!’

‘Contained: 8X X10 Exp Card, X5 Cp Card, X5 Evil Point Card, X10 Skill Card. Level 70 Gift Pack!’

“Use all the Lottery Ticket at once!” Yi Tianyun said casually again, and the system immediately executed his command!

The Lottery Roulette immediately appeared in front of Yi Tianyun, and as it stopped spinning, the arrow pointed at Accessory Category.

Yi Tianyun began to wonder what he would get as he rarely got the Accessory category after all this time, but he knew that it would contain some jewellery like Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, or stuff like that!

The only jewellery that he used right now was the Power Bracelet that was part of his earliest armour set!

Yi Tianyun now realised that this category had a low drop rate that might be more valuable than other categories!

But he was soon disappointed as he got a regular accessory without anything special on them!

He sighed as he put his hopes up, but fortunately, the content inside the gift pack was good enough to cheer him up!

Yi Tianyun then checked his overall status and saw that he needed 3 billion Exp to level up to 2nd Layer Spirit King Stage, which was an outrageous amount of Exp!

But he knew that with him breaking through to Spirit King Stage, he would be able to deal with the Spirit King cultivator easier later, making it easier for him to gain Exp along the way!

Yi Tianyun checked other things that he had right now and noticed that he had 27 million Crazy Points and 1.27 million Sin Points!

Yi Tianyun smiled radiantly as he knew that 1 million Sin Points was enough to get him another suit on the Sin Point Shop!

He immediately opened the Sin Point Shop and browsed his options.

Evil God Suit: Requirement level 50.

Effect: X50 all power enhancement, X50 Defensive Power, X10 Speed.

Special Effect: can transform into an Evil God at any given moment. After transformation, all attack becomes a ranged attack that can burn anything in ten miles radius, and Crit Rate increased by 20%!

Price: 1.000.000 Sin Points.

Sword Saint Suit: Requirement level 50.

Special Effect: Grant the user Sword Array Swordsmanship ability, which can control up to 10.000 Long Swords within the High Grad Sacred Tool Rank within ten miles radius from the user!

Price: 1.000.000 Sin Points.

Yi Tianyun frowned as this was really a difficult choice!

He knew that both suits were great, but with his situation right now, he knew that if he ever encountered a Saint King Stage opponent, the Evil God Suit was the best equipment to help him fight them on the same ground!

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