Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 578


Yi Tianyun finally inspected the Heavenly Clouds Imperial City for the first time after its completion. He noticed that the city had changed a lot.

However, the situation remained the same from the look of it. It was buzzing as everyone looked busy with things that they must do.

However, the only thing that the Mortal World knew was the fact that there was a very powerful Prince in Heavenly Dragon Empire, but not the Heavenly Clouds Mansion!

This was because a prince was much more prestigious than a mansion lord title! Even though Yi Tianyun knew that this kind of misinformation would slow down Heavenly Clouds Mansion in finding a recruit, Yi Tianyun didn’t want to clarify anything!

‘Mission Completion Condition: Void Spirit Expert 3/5, Core Transformation Expert 25/25, Spirit Core Expert 1/1, Imperial City 1/1’

He only needed two more Void Spirit Experts, and this main quest will be complete!

Yi Tianyun knew that it wouldn’t take that much time for the Core Transformation Experts to cultivate and breakthrough to Void Spirit Stage as Yi Tianyun has provided them with a lot of resources!

Yi Tianyun noticed that more and more cultivators successfully breakthrough to Spirit Core Stage from Core Condensation Stage and Core Transformation Stage from the Spirit Core Stage!

In particular, the cultivators from the Spirit Sect and Heaven’s Top Sect had the greatest number of cultivators who successfully breakthrough to the next stage! But for now, none of them successfully breakthrough to Void Spirit Stage just yet!

Yi Tianyun frowned as he thought of a way to fill the remaining two Void Spirit cultivator slot that he required for his Main Quest as he wanted to finish it quickly!

“Little Brother Yi! We have come to see you!” Ren Long’s voice suddenly snapped Yi Tianyun back from his thoughts.

“Brother Ren! Sister Zhirou! Welcome, glad you can spare your time to come here! The Heavenly Clouds Imperial City is finally done! Did you come here to see the city as well?” Yi Tianyun asked cheerfully.

“That is one of our reason, yes! Heavenly Clouds Imperial City was built nicely, and the Heavenly Clouds Mansion is finally ready to become a new empire! when that happens, not only our Heavenly Dragon Empire would come to greet you officially, but other Great Emperors would probably come to visit too.” Ren Long said with a smile on his face.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head as he knew that other Great Emperors probably would be surprised as soon as they saw that the new Emperor was a teenager, but they would have to hide their emotion to save their image as an empire that supported the Heavenly Clouds Mansion to become an empire.

“Of course, then I would soon be busy with their arrival!” Yi Tianyun said as he walked back to the palace with Ren Long and Ren Zhirou.

When the event being held to introduce the newly built Heavenly Clouds Imperial City, many Great Emperors from other empires came to visit as Ren Long has predicted!

“See? you are popular! No other Great Emperor would be able to kill four other emperors at the same time like you! they also didn’t want to become your enemy in the future as they’re afraid that they would be annihilated in a second!” Ren Long as he patted Yi Tianyun’s back.

“Yeah, how can you be that strong, Brother Yi?” Ren Zhirou asked curiously.

But Yi Tianyun didn’t answer her question. He was still thinking about how to complete his main quest now.

“Why don’t you two become Heavenly Clouds Mansion Official Guest?” Yi Tianyun asked hopefully.

“Official Guest? What is the difference between becoming an official guest with our relation now?” Ren Long asked confusedly.

He knew that Official Guest was not a fixed status on the Faction, but they would become some sort of member, but their current status as allies was surely better than that!

“You don’t have to think about it! So, would you like to become Heavenly Clouds Mansion Official Guest?” Yi Tianyun asked once again.

“Sure! we wouldn’t mind!” Ren Long said confidently. Although he didn’t know what was going on, he put complete trust in Yi Tianyun!

“Did you hit your head or something, brother? I am confused right now, but sure! if it’s you, I will certainly agree!” Ren Zhirou said as she agreed to become Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s Official Guest!

“It was nothing!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at the Ren Siblings warmly.


‘Successfully complete the Main Quest [Standard amount of Expert to become a great empire!]’

‘Reward: 100.000.000 Exp, 500.000 Cps, 100.000 Sps.’


‘Successfully take the Main Quest [Build Heavenly Clouds Imperial City!]’

‘Reward on completion: 100.000.000 Exp, 500.000 Cps, 100.000 Sps.’


‘Successfully complete the Main Quest [Build Heavenly Clouds Imperial City!]’

‘Reward: 100.000.000 Exp, 500.000 Cps, 100.000 Sps.’


‘Successfully take over the Main Quest [Coronation of a Great Emperor!]’

‘Reward on completion: 100.000.000 Exp, 500.000 CPs, 100.000 Sps.’

Yi Tianyun was happy that he made progress, but he didn’t know that the quest would be separated into several parts!

He thought that he would be able to completely clear it, but it seemed he had to complete several more steps!

He found a loophole for the first part as he thought that if he could recruit Ren Long and Ren Zhirou, who both were at Core Transformation expert, he would finish his Main Quest!

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