Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 621


“Phew, finally done!” Yi Tianyun said as he looked at the Divine Rune in front of him.

The trip this time didn’t pose any danger for Yi Tianyun, and he received a lot of information and other convenient stuff!

The most important information was about the Demon race since he’d be in trouble later if he didn’t know anything about the demon!

After sealing the cave, he covered the entrance with soil once again, burying any proof that a cave even existed.

“There should be no problem for the time being!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

He was worried that Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation would find this place as they wouldn’t think twice of releasing the demon for their own benefit!

But Yi Tianyun knew that at least a Saint King expert had to come there personally in order to obtain the treasure and open the seal. Fortunately, there was no way for a Saint King Expert to come to the Mortal World yet!

Yi Tianyun knew that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation wouldn’t change their mind even if they knew about the demon.

Yi Tianyun had a feeling that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation would even try to negotiate with the demon to gain the demon’s favour!

He absolutely had to stop them from getting anywhere close to this place!

“This place is off-limit! Don’t let any disciple get anywhere close!” Yi Tianyun said to Bai Yulian, who stood next to him.

“Of course, I will obey the Great Emperor’s command!” Bai Yulian said respectfully.

“In case someone breaks in and their cultivation is too strong, evacuate this mansion as soon as possible!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Bai Yulian was a little bit surprised, but she knew that Yi Tianyun’s warning was for a reason, so she didn’t ask any question and nodded her head obediently.

“I will do as the Great Emperor commanded!” Bai Yulian said respectfully.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head in satisfaction. He didn’t explain the situation to Bai Yulian as he thought that the fewer people know about the circumstances, the better!

At the same time, Yu Shiqian, who was also beside Yi Tianyun, mustered her courage and then said.

“Great Emperor, can I go with you to Heavenly Clouds Empire?” Yu Shiqian said nervously.

“I see that you have made your mind!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling at Yu Shiqian.

Her innate ability was pretty good, and thus Yi Tianyun knew that she would be a great addition to Heavenly Clouds Empire in the future!

“Yes, Great Emperor has given me various opportunities in these past few days! That is the reason that I would trust the Great Emperor’s guidance in the future!” Yu Shiqian said with an excited flare on her eyes.

“Then take this token to Heavenly Clouds Imperial City, and you’d be welcomed immediately!” Yi Tianyun said while giving a token to Yu Shiqian.

The token had his Divine Sense, so the people in Heavenly Clouds Empire would immediately know that it wasn’t a fake!

“Are you not coming with me, Great Emperor?” Yu Shiqian asked curiously as she thought that she would be coming along with Yi Tianyun.

“I am not coming back just yet. There is something that I have to do first! But there is nothing you should worry about. Your cultivation is high enough to go there on your own!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling warmly to Yu Shiqian.

“Yes, Great Emperor! I understand!” Yu Shiqian said while bowing respectfully.

She was a little bit disappointed, but she already made up her mind and did what was best for her!

She knew that as a Great Emperor, Yi Tianyun was a busy man!

Yi Tianyun then departed from White Lotus Mansion as he planned to continue his quest. Yu Shiqian, who stared at Yi Tianyun’s disappearing figure, promised herself that she would work hard and make the Great Emperor’s turn her way in the future!

After leaving White Lotus Mansion, Yi Tianyun didn’t go to Ghost World right away!

After receiving the Divine King’s memory from the Tool Spirit, Yi Tianyun understood the circumstances involving the three realms and decided to go to the passage to Heaven World!

Yi Tianyun knew the route to Heaven World from the Divine King’s memories and thought that it would be better for him to go to Heaven World using that route.

After a certain period of time, Yi Tianyun reached the area where the passage to Heaven World was located, namely Heaven World Divine River!

This area had a spacious river that looked more like a sea rather than a river, but there was a body of water that constantly soared to the sky in the middle of it. It might seem like the water was falling down at first glance, but that wasn’t the case!

This Heaven World Divine River would take him to Heaven World!

But it had the same rules as the Ghost World Passage. Yi Tianyun would be tested before he could reach Heaven World safely!

But as Yi Tianyun got closer, he saw that the mist was covering the body of water!

It wasn’t a normal water mist either, as Yi Tianyun noticed that it would be easy for him to get lost inside the mist.

“It looks like the passage is temporarily closed!” Yi Tianyun said disappointedly.

Similar to Ghost World Passage, Heaven World Passage also opened several times a year!

This time, it seemed that Yi Tianyun was too late!

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