Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 622


“So this is Heaven World Divine River… It really is something else!” Yi Tianyun said as he observed the river from afar.

Not many people knew about this place as it was located at the edge of a continent, the farthest away from civilization!

As a comparison, Yi Tianyun flew from White Lotus Mansion as fast as he could, but it still took him one full week to get there!

If it were some average cultivators of Mortal World, it would probably take them a month at the very least just to get there!

Now that the Heaven World Divine River was closed, it wasn’t possible to swim upstream!

Yi Tianyun already knew this, so he changed his destination to the small village on the edge of Heaven World Divine River!

This small village was a fisherman’s town, and Yi Tianyun could see several Fishing Boats drifting near the edge of the land from where was standing.

Although the mist was covering the uprising current in the middle, the other part of the river was fine!

Yi Tianyun quickly flew towards the village, and as he got close, he immediately landed and walked inside the village!

After looking around, a villager immediately welcomed him.

“Young Master, I have never seen you before! May we know why you grace our village with your presence?” The villager asked politely.

Yi Tianyun quickly assessed the villager, who stared at him as he entered the village, and Yi Tianyun noticed that barely anyone lived inside this village!

“I am just passing by. You can watch me if you want!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“We will be happy to do that!” The village didn’t say anything else and observed everything Yi Tianyun did.

Even so, the villager didn’t bother Yi Tianyun, and he could move freely inside the village!

Yi Tianyun noticed a few run-down houses inside the village and realised that the villager didn’t harbor any hostility towards Yi Tianyun, but as the village rarely had visitors, it couldn’t be helped if they suspected him!

Yi Tianyun then walked towards an old man on the edge of the Heaven World Divine River. He saw that the old man had a fishing net in his hands, and as the old man noticed Yi Tianyun’s presence, Yi Tianyun smiled warmly to the old man.

“Can I help you with anything?” the old man asked as he saw Yi Tianyun approaching.

“You are Heaven World Divine River’s Guardian. I didn’t expect you’d be still here like your promise to Heaven Creating Divine King!” Yi Tianyun smiled lightly.

The old man’s expression changed slightly, but he immediately covered it up!

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Young Master!” The old man said while smiling slightly.

“Don’t you have a few drinks at your house? Why don’t we have a chat while having a few drinks?” Yi Tianyun said while walking towards a house nearby.

The old man fell silent and finally decided to follow Yi Tianyun after a while.

After entering the old man’s house, a young boy greeted him while looking at Yi Tianyun curiously.

“Are you grandfather’s guest?” the boy asked.

Yi Tianyun smiled and looked at the boy who seemed to be seventeen or eighteen of age. Yi Tianyun assessed him with his Appraisal Eye and noticed that the boy was at 8th layer Spirit Core, which was high for his age. Yi Tianyun never expected to meet someone with such potential in a remote village like this!

“Xiao Yao, help me out with the net!” The old man called out his grandson.

“Yes, Grandfather!” Xiao Yao said respectfully, but he was still glancing at Yi Tianyun curiously.

Then as the teenager got out of the house, Yi Tianyun sat down on a chair on the side and poured himself a glass of wine.

“This is a good wine!” Yi Tianyun said as he took a sip.

The old man nodded as he surely knew his own wine, but he didn’t take a sip himself!

“You know, with your identity, you would be able to get anything you want, but no! you silently guard the Heaven World Divine River. Presumably your entire family has been guarding this place for a long time! Your determination is really admirable!” Yi Tianyun said while nodding his head excitedly.

“I really don’t know what the Young Master was saying! A guardian? you jest. We are just a small family here, fishing for a living.” The Old Man said confidently.

“A Spirit King Peak Stage cultivator like you are telling me that you are a normal fisherman? At your level, you can even create an empire!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Through the memories of the Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet, Yi Tianyun learned both the Ghost World Passage and Heaven World Passage had their respective guardian to maintain the balance within the passage.

They were also responsible for stopping those who weren’t supposed to enter the passage from forcefully entering the respective realms!

These passages were created by the three Divine Kings themselves, and no one could destroy them!

But still, the passage may corrode over time, and that was why the Guardians were needed to fix the problem that may occur revolving around the passage!

“It seems you really come prepared! I don’t know who you are, but what are you doing here? What do you want?” The old man asked coldly and instantly released his aura to block all the exits of the house.

The guardian’s identity must not be revealed to the public, and the old man was determined to do just that!

“There’s no need to get all cautious! The Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet was the one that told me about you!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Heavenly Rock? You found the Heavenly Rock?” The old man said surprisedly.

Although he was amazed that the young man in front of him could find the old treasure that the Heaven Creating Divine King has sealed, he couldn’t trust him yet!

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