Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 623


The murderous aura enveloped the whole room. The villagers outside paid no heed to what happened in the room since they had nothing to do with what happened inside.

Besides, they couldn’t even sense the murderous aura, and they never expected the old man next door was such a powerful man.

The old man’s family was the only cultivators in the village; the rest were ordinary fishermen. Normally, this place was so safe, largely due to the help of the Guardian.

They were able to make this place extremely safe because there was no demon around. Besides, with a Saint King Stage expert there, there was no noticeable problem.

Even if it was any storm, it didn’t blow over much. With a Half-Step Saint King Stage expert here, what could disturb them?

Any natural disaster or storm would be a one-punch thing for a powerful person.

Faced with such a terrifying killing intent, Yi Tianyun took a sip of his wine and said expressionlessly, “There is no need to be so nervous. Do you think the Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet will give the memories to others that easily?”

The terrifying killing intent that would freeze anyone in fear didn’t mean anything to Yi Tianyun at all.

“This….” The old man was stunned. After a moment, he sat down, and the killing intent subsided. However, he still stared at Yi Tianyun intently and asked, “Could it be that you are related to the Emperor?”

He quickly calmed down and knew where the matter lied. Only a handful of people knew about Guardians’ existence, even in Flying Divine Nation.

Most of them resided in the Mortal World, so it couldn’t be helped if they weren’t that well-known.

“That’s right. I am the inheritor of the Heaven Creating Divine King.” Yi Tianyun reached out and flicked his hand. A familiar aura presented itself before his eyes, which surprised the old man.

“You… you are the Young Master!”

The old man was so surprised that he immediately stood up from his chair and was about to kneel when a force suddenly prevented him from doing so.

“There’s no need to kneel; you have done so much behind the scene without anyone knowing for so long. If the Divine Kings comes, he will praise you for sure.” Yi Tianyun didn’t let him kneel; he admired the Guardian’s loyalty to keep guarding this place for this long.

Normal cultivators would’ve grown sick of this and abandoned their duty. But then again, Heaven Creating Divine King obviously selected guardians because each of them had their own redeeming qualities.

“My lord has restored our family’s honor. If it were not for my lord, our whole family would have been long gone from this world.” The old man sighed.

As Yi Tianyun nodded, he noticed the Guardian in front of him was at least several hundred to a thousand years old, which was enough to roughly guess how long the Heaven Creating Divine King’s absence.

Spirit King Stage cultivators’ life span was around a thousand years. Saint King Stage cultivators’ life span was around three to four thousand years, while the Divine King Stage was estimated to live more than ten thousand years. However, each of their life spans was different.

Later, he learned from the old man that he had had a family of four. His son and daughter-in-law weren’t home at the moment, so he was alone with his grandson.

His son and daughter-in-law’s cultivation level was nothing to sneer at either, with both respectively were at Spirit King Stage and Void Spirit Stage level.

It was an amazing family, indeed. They’d be able to topple a country easily with two Spirit King Stage cultivators. However, they weren’t tempted by the worldly desires outside and stuck to their duty as Guardian.

The Heaven Creating Divine King must’ve taught them a lot of martial arts for them to have such high-level cultivation. It’d be a waste not to teach such talented individuals martial arts after all.

“There’s one thing I have to tell you. It’s about the Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet.” Yi Tianyun’s smile was gone and replaced by a serious expression.

“Is the seal about to be broken?” Ren De had roughly guessed what was it about.

“Yes, the seal is indeed about to be broken. Hadn’t I repaired the Divine Rune, it would have been broken in less than fifty years.” Yi Tianyun said in a deep voice, “Since I have repaired the seal Divine Rune, it can at least last less for another hundred years, although it’s shorter than before.”

“Less than a hundred years?….” Ren De’s gaze was cold. “I can still hold on until then. If the seal is really broken, I will definitely fight!”

Although he was old, his eyes showed that he hadn’t lost his edge.

“Now that was the first. Secondly, I’m here to ask you to guard my Empire.” Yi Tianyun said in a deep voice.

“This…. Young Master, we have long sworn to act as guardians for generations, and thus we cannot leave this place at will.” Ren De seemed conflicted.

Yi Tianyun was not surprised and continued to explain, “A Divine King in the Ghost World had his eye on the treasure. I happen to have made an enemy out of them when I stumble across Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet that they’ve been looking for. The problem is that my Empire is relatively weak, so we would be doomed if they launch an all-out assault, and once they get us out of the picture, there’s a high chance that they’ll break the seal!”

“As a Guardian, I suppose you’re not only responsible for protecting the passage but also the safety of the Mortal World, right?”

“If you put it that way…” Ren De was silent. Since there was no threat to the passage, for now, he thought it might not hurt to help.

After all, he was indeed responsible for protecting the Mortal World, so fending off the intruders would indirectly protect the Mortal World.

“Alright, then. Since the Young Master said so, I’ll hold the fort for you!” Ren De agreed shortly after. “May I ask which Empire Young Master belongs to?”

No matter which Empire Yi Tianyun belonged to, he would still do as he was told.

“Heavenly Clouds Empire, I wonder if you have heard of it?” Yi Tianyun felt very satisfied with this answer.

“Heavenly Clouds Empire… Could it be that Young Master is the Great Emperor of the Heavenly Clouds Empire?” Ren De was shocked beyond words.

The one in front of him, who was not much older than his own grandson, was the Great Emperor who overthrew the World Dragon Empire, which was really shocking.

There were too many rumors, but all saying that the Great Emperor of the Heavenly Clouds Empire was very young, but there were also rumors that he was an old demon.

When Ren De looked at Yi Tianyun, he immediately thought that He was so young, and he was the successor of the Heaven Creating Divine King.

“Yes, it seems you have heard of me.” Yi Tianyun laughed.

“The Heavenly Clouds Empire’s base is indeed weak. When my son returns, I will immediately depart to help!” Ren De said in a deep voice.

Yi Tianyun smiled; this trip was not in vain after all. He managed to secure the Guardian’s aid, which would be a huge help since he planned to leave Mortal World for a while.

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