Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 629


Everyone else that was still numb due to the Retired Emperor’s aura was confused. They didn’t understand what Yi Tianyun and Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor were talking about.

They never heard of any Guardian before, nor did they hear of Heaven Creating Divine King! But seeing the Retired Emperor’s expression after hearing Yi Tianyun’s word was enough for them.

“Impossible! That demon would never be able to break free!” Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor’s tone was full of disbelief.

He believed that Yi Tianyun’s words were impossible to happen!

“You never cared about it before, so it was understandable that you didn’t know about this at all! I was just at the cave where Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet lies earlier. Hadn’t I fixed the Divine Rune there, the demon would break free in about 50 years! When that time comes, did you really think that you are more powerful than the Divine Kings who only manage to seal it away? After the passage is closed, you could no longer run to Heaven World or the Ghost World anymore! This is all because you are too blinded by power!”

Yi Tianyun wasn’t talking nonsense; what he just said was undoubtedly the truth!

The demon was able to weaken the seal all because the Divine Rune on the seal didn’t receive enough Spiritual Power, and the spiritual power was supposed to come from Heaven World Passage and Ghost World Passage as the two worlds were the Spiritual Power source for Mortal World!

“That is impossible!” The Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor was shocked.

He believed several points of Yi Tianyun’s word, but he had a hard time accepting it!

“Now, are you still obsessed with this power that you won’t be able to keep for that long? I’ll give you a chance to carry out your responsibility. If you do, I will not pursue this matter any further!” Yi Tianyun said in a cold voice.

Although the Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor had done something excessive, it was a bit of a waste to kill him.

Sure it was his own fault that he chose to abandon the duty entrusted to him, but if he returned to the passage, he would be able to make up for it!

The seal was not omnipotent either. Even if the Retired Emperor return to Ghost World Passage, the seal would eventually break anyway because Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet was an inanimate object while the demon was a living creature!

A living creature could continue getting stronger while the inanimate object will stay the same.

Under such conditions, it was impossible to contain forever!

“No! a hundred years is enough for me to enjoy my time here on Mortal World. After that, I will escape to Heaven World immediately! I will never return to that forsaken place again, not in this lifetime!” the Retired Emperor said with a disgusted expression.

“Are you really the heir of Divine King? Now that you are here, you have to hand over all the inheritance to me! If you do so, I will at least kill you painlessly!”

Unfortunately, the Retired Emperor had no plan to repent his sin and let his greed got the better of him and threatened Yi Tianyun’s life instead!

Yi Tianyun began to wonder why Heaven Creating Divine King chose this man to become the Guardian in the first place?

Did he fail to notice the greed in the man’s eyes?

Or did this man change through time? But one thing for sure, this man was clearly different than Ren De!

The ministers didn’t know what was going on, but they were excited as they knew that the Retired Emperor was about to hit Yi Tianyun!

It meant Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor would soon lose his life, and Heaven Primordial Empire would become the best faction here on Mortal World!

“It seems that you’ll be a slave to your desire until the very end! Then, with the power bestowed to me by the Heaven Creating Divine King, I will personally remove the shackle of duty from you!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“Do you want to purge me? Let us see if you have the power to do that! Don’t you think for a second that you are more powerful than me just because you can kill the old man in World Dragon Empire!”

The Retired Emperor immediately clenched his fist, and the ground started to shake! Yi Tianyun immediately inspected the ground and noticed that it was covered with Divine Rune, and it emitted wood attributed power constantly!

After absorbing this Wood Attributed power from the Divine Rune, the Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor started to become younger. In a blink of an eye, he became a handsome man in his thirties!

That was the power of Wood Attributed Spiritual Energy, which was capable of keeping its user alive for a long time. Paired with the Divine Wood Body that the Retired Emperor had, his vitality reached the utmost level!

A normal Saint King Stage cultivator would be able to live for four to five thousand years, but a Saint King cultivator with Divine Wood Attribute would be able to live double that amount!

In an instant, the entire hall was covered with Tree Vines that was emitting a green glow. This was life force energy that could rejuvenate everything it touched!

“The Retired Emperor is invincible; the Retired Emperor is invincible!”

The Ministers shouted excitedly. They know that the Retired Emperor could perform miracles, and this was one of them!

“Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor, previously, you threw a tantrum and made me wait outside for several hours, now this will be the end of your arrogance!” Heaven Primordial Great Emperor’s previous elegance had long disappeared, replaced by a hideous and fierce expression.

Everyone in the hall shared the same opinion. They all thought that Yi Tianyun would be killed here as there was no way Yi Tianyun would be stronger than the Retired Emperor!

Yi Tianyun used his Appraisal Eye and noticed that with the Great Array’s power, the Retired Emperor’s combat power soared to 4.3 billion!

Since Yi Tianyun managed to kill the World Dragon Empire’s Old Ancestor, the Retired Emperor decided to take the fight seriously.

He wanted to subdue Yi Tianyun as fast as possible so that he could get the inheritance of the Divine King from Yi Tianyun later!


Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor’s eyes flickered with a green light. As he put both of his hands together, countless tree vines wrapped around Yi Tianyun.

 Yi Tianyun didn’t make any move and let the vines wrap around his body. The vines then grew a tiny root that tried to pierce Tianyun’s skin so that it could take Tianyun’s power!

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