Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 630


“Heavenly Clouds Emperor has been dominated!”

The ministers were ecstatic as they saw that Yi Tianyun was immobilized by the Retired Emperor’s power.

They knew that whatever was bound by the Retired Emperor’s power wouldn’t be able to break free without the Retired Emperor’s permission.

Not to mention, the root from the vines would sap away the victim’s strength until they were dry, leaving only a husk of skin and bones would be left behind!

But as they thought everything was over, a huge flame suddenly emerged from Yi Tianyun’s body, burning every vine on its path!

“This flame!” Retired Emperor’s face changed and quickly cut off the tree vine that was binding Yi Tianyun so the flame wouldn’t spread to him and other parts of the hall!

The vines that wrapped around Yi Tianyun were burned to ashes in the blink of an eye. The Retired Emperor knew if he hadn’t cut off the vines in time, he would be set on fire!

Immediately, a pitch-black body was seen on the spot where Yi Tianyun was supposed to be. The presence was overwhelming as the pitch-black eyes coldly looked straight at the Retired Emperor!

That was the Evil God transformation from the Evil God Suit! Yi Tianyun’s combat power soared to 7 billion points easily.

This was all thanks to the power of Crazy Mode as it multiplied Yi Tianyun’s power with ease!

Without both the Evil God Suit and Crazy Mode, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t dare to face against a Saint King level cultivator!

“Divine Wood Body, you have a rare body! I think the Heaven Creating Divine King recognized the potential within you because of this special Divine Wood Body. With the ability to live a long and everlasting life, you can guard the Ghost World Passage as the strongest guardian. It was regrettable that you decided to abandon your responsibility despite all that!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

He roughly understood why the Heaven Creating Divine King would choose someone like this.

It was unfortunate that Heaven Creating Divine King didn’t analyse his person of choice more!

“What is that? Is that also the treasure that you inherited from the Heaven Creating Divine King?” The Retired Emperor was shocked!

This was the first time that he encountered such a dominating flame!

Nobody on the hall could withstand Yi Tianyun’s overwhelming presence. Everyone except for the Retired Emperor couldn’t even lift their head.

They were shocked as they thought that Yi Tianyun would be powerless before the Retired Emperor, but that didn’t seem to be the case at all!

Although Wood Element was weak to Fire Element, it didn’t necessarily mean that all wood could be burned, and this was also the case for the Retired Emperor’s tree vines!

But now, Yi Tianyun easily burned it down without any issues!

There was no doubt on their mind that the fire that Yi Tianyun unleashed earlier was a Sacred Fire!

They started to think that it may be the Phoenix’s Sacred Fire as it had the same divinity as the Phoenix.

“So what if it is Heaven Creating Divine King’s inheritance? It wouldn’t matter to you. But now, let me see the guardian’s power for myself!” Yi Tianyun said coldly as well to taunt the Retired Emperor.

As soon as he finished speaking, Yi Tianyun quickly released a black light that engulfed the entire hall, and the ministers that were too late to respond were swept into the centre of the black light while screaming horrifiedly.

Those who were swept into the centre of the Black Light were immediately burned to ashes as the real identity of the black light was the Evil God’s black flames!

In the blink of an eye, nearly half of the ministers were completely burned to ashes and turned into experience points for Yi Tianyun.

Unfortunately, Yi Tianyun couldn’t enjoy the amount of Exp that the minister gave as it was too small!

Suddenly, a shocking scene happened in front of the remaining survivor. They saw Yi Tianyun was clutching the Retired Emperor’s head!

No one could see Yi Tianyun move, not even the Retired Emperor!

The current stack of multiplication on Yi Tianyun’s speed was too much!

Now he has a terrifying speed that no one could keep up with, at least not in the Mortal World!

Even the Saint King could only bow down in the face of his terrifying speed!

“What is this?” The Retired Emperor quickly struggled out of Yi Tianyun’s clutch, but instead of letting go, Yi Tianyun quickly slammed the Retired Emperor to the ground.


In the meantime, Heaven Primordial Great Emperor was blown away before he could escape, and because of that, the black flame that was raging throughout the hall began to burn his body!

He screamed and rolled around on the ground, hoping that he could put off the fire on his body!

Frustrated that he couldn’t put off the fire, he started to think of some extreme way. He realized that he must chop off his own arm and leg so that he wasn’t burned to death.

He steeled his resolve and immediately cut off his arm and leg that was on fire. Fortunately, he could close the wound before he started bleeding!

A Great Emperor has now turned into a cripple! This was a concerning situation for Heaven Primordial Empire as there was no other cultivator who could replace the Emperor except for the Retired Emperor. But then again, it was their own fault for underestimating Yi Tianyun.

They were blinded by greed, and also, it was because none of them actually saw Yi Tianyun’s power when he fought against the World Dragon Empire!

All they heard from rumours that circled around the Mortal World was that Yi Tianyun was barely victorious, hence assumed that he wouldn’t win against someone stronger than the World Dragon Old Ancestor!

Now it seemed that the rumors were false at the root. The real power Yi Tianyun exerted to crush the World Dragon Empire’s Old Ancestor was much stronger than everyone estimated.

“Is…. this the end for our Heaven Primordial Empire?”

The Heaven Primordial Great Emperor had been weakened and might just faint at any minute now.

They finally realised that if they could turn back the time, they would never mess with this demon!

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