Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 631


Screeches filled the entire hall as their body was burned to ashes by the black flames. This was just a small amount of fire that Yi Tianyun unleashed, and the effect was really outrageous!

No matter what the people in the hall did, they couldn’t extinguish the fire!

A lot of ministers died this time, and those who managed to escape were severely wounded, either losing an arm or a leg!

“Retired Emperor will not lose; he will win for sure!” Heaven Primordial Empire’s cultivators still firmly believed that the Retired Emperor would best Yi Tianyun for sure.

They believed that it was just a matter of time!

But their belief was in vain as the Retired Emperor himself was already severely injured by Yi Tianyun!

Losing most of their ministers, their Emperor was also reduced to a cripple, and now, the Retired Emperor was in deep trouble!

Hadn’t they provoked Yi Tianyun, none of this would happen!

Now, upon regretting their decision, they didn’t know what to do to defend their Empire!

A green light suddenly radiated, and the Retired Emperor immediately jumped out of the black flames. The people in the hall were about to cheer for the Retired Emperor, but sadly after looking at the Retired Emperor’s condition, they refrained from doing so!

The Retired Emperor was covered with burn marks, and one of his arms was already gone, turned to ash!

The only silver lining for the Retired Emperor now was that he could somehow resist the black flame better, so he didn’t have to amputate his arms or leg just to put out the fire!

On the other side, Yi Tianyun was still fine! He didn’t have a single scratch on his body, and he was covered with the Evil God’s Black Flame. Yi Tianyun’s presence was really overwhelming that no one dared to even look at him!

They knew they were lucky enough that their Emperor was crippled instead of dead. There was no way their Emperor could resist Yi Tianyun’s power!

“What a powerful flame! My Divine Wood Body can’t even hold a candle to this flame…” the face of the Retired Emperor was contorted in anger.

He didn’t expect Tianyun to have such an amazing power. Furthermore, it was a power that easily countered his power!

If it were another attribute, he wouldn’t feel any fear, but the fire was a natural enemy for the Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor!

“The Attribute Damage enhancement power is just strong.” Yi Tianyun felt very satisfied with this attribute damage enhancement.

The Damage enhancement that Yi Tianyun talked about was the enhancement that he got if he was restrained or immobilized. The damage of his attributed based attack would be doubled under such circumstances!

Because of that, his combat power almost reached 10 billion points! Yi Tianyun didn’t care about the Retired Emperor’s Divine Wood Body as it was nothing more than a firewood in front of him!

“Now, didn’t you want to take care of me? What are you waiting for? I am still waiting for you to do something!” Yi Tianyun said as he walked step by step towards the Retired Emperor.

Retired Emperor didn’t say anything, but instead, he exuded a constant source of life force from his body, and his burned arm grew back!

This was the power of Divine Wood Body; a regeneration of that scale was nothing!

He could even regrow his heart in a matter of seconds!

But it was useless to regenerate them while they were on fire, so the Retired Emperor had to put off the fire before he could regrow and regenerate his body!

“Wood Divine Secret Art, Ten Thousand Woods Return to Origin!”

A blinding green light suddenly radiated from the Retired Emperor’s eyes that he pointed to the ground.

The green light surged wildly, and in an instant, countless sky-high trees sprang from the ground. The trees themselves had a razor-sharp branch that was all pointed towards Yi Tianyun!

The entire continent shook as the Divine Wood secret art that the Retired Emperor used affected the earth!

Moreover, to sustain the trees, spiritual power from the continent was constantly being absorbed into the ground!

“This is simply a miracle!”

The people on the Heaven Primordial Imperial City said when they saw the endless green light from the palace. It was so bright that everyone was left in awe.

At the same time, many cultivators noticed that the Spiritual Power in their surroundings was being drained, preventing them from cultivating in the process!

“What is happening? Did someone activate a large Spirit Gathering Array somewhere nearby? We can’t cultivate in this condition!”

All of them came out from their cultivation chamber and were shocked to see a blinding green light from afar.

It looked like a miracle, and after seeing that the green light was coming from the Imperial Palace, none of the cultivators dared to complain!

They didn’t know what the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor was doing, but it must have been something outstanding!

At the same time, an unusual and amazing turn of events took place at the. Big trees sprouted everywhere, and many of them also broke the ceiling on top of the hall and burst out of the imperial palace, but at the same time, the Black Flames started to burn everything at an extreme speed!

“I will put your fire out!”

The Retired Emperor roared and the green light around his body intensified, trying to extinguish these black flames.

However, the Retired Emperor was concerned about Yi Tianyun as he knew that Yi Tianyun was still alive somewhere.


Suddenly, a black dragon came out from inside the hall, biting off the trees and killed any cultivator on its path. Another Black Dragon appeared, and this time, it attacked the Retired Emperor!

He was startled that Yi Tianyun still had enough power to unleash an attack of this scale!


The Black Dragon’s attack instantly set the Retired Emperor ablaze, causing the Retired Emperor to scream miserably.

Even though the Retired Emperor was constantly healed by the Green Light that was covering his body, it couldn’t keep up with the flame!

Heaven Primordial Great Emperor in the corner looked over to Yi Tianyun and found that Yi Tianyun had become even bigger.

His head has grown two horns, making him look more and more like an Evil God than before!

“Father, father…” Heaven Primordial Great Emperor cried out in fear.

He didn’t know what to do as he saw his father was covered in fire!

This was a great battle between Saint King stage cultivators, so he couldn’t do anything to help his father.

He now realised the gap between him and a Saint King expert was too far apart, but seeing at Yi Tianyun, he knew that Yi Tianyun didn’t go all out just yet!

It was clear that what the horror he saw so far was not all there was to it!

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