Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 632


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While the flame was still burning, Yi Tianyun reverted to his normal state. His whole body was covered with black armor, not looking as menacing as when he transformed into an Evil God, but just as formidable.

Yi Tianyun no longer had any intention to kill the Retired Emperor because he felt it was too easy to deal with him.

Even if the Retired Emperor was a negligent Guardian who would even kill Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendant, Yi Tianyun thought that killing him was too nice.

“Hoo hoo hoo…”

After a while, the Retired Emperor finally completely suppressed the Evil God Black Flames, but his body was no different from that of a disabled person. His body was covered with horrible burn marks, especially his hands and legs!

His body constantly exuded healing life force, but the recovery speed was much slower than before.

Although the Retired Emperor could cut off his own limbs to regrow a new one, he couldn’t do that right now as he needed an alarming amount of Spiritual Energy to do that!

Because of his slow regeneration, the Heaven Primordial Empire’s residences on the hall began to lose their morale as they thought that the Retired Emperor was already in a critical condition.

“How does it feel?” Yi Tianyun said blandly.

“Stop! I will go back to Ghost World Passage and carry out the guardian’s duty again!” the Retired Emperor said as he surrendered to Yi Tianyun.

He now realized just how strong Yi Tianyun was, which he couldn’t hope to defeat! There was no way he would make Yi Tianyun his opponent again.

“Do you think you still have a chance now?” Yi Tianyun shook his head.

He had no intention of leaving the guardian position to the Retired Emperor again since he no couldn’t trust him anymore.

But the situation was already grave as it was whether the Retired Emperor assumed his duty as guardian of the Ghost World Passage or not!

The seal was already weakening, and it would be broken in 100 years no matter what they did.

Yi Tianyun at first planned to spare the Retired Emperor out of respect for Heaven Creating Divine King, but now that he bared his fang to Yi Tianyun, it wouldn’t be possible anymore.

Yi Tianyun never said that he was a saint as he always dealt with his enemies thoroughly. As long as they were hostile towards him, he wouldn’t let them go, even if it was a fragile-looking woman!

He would destroy this world if it meant killing his opponent without fail!

As long as he never had to deal with his enemies again in the future, he would do anything!

“Me and Heaven Primordial Empire would swear our allegiances to you. I will even vow to become your slave if you want to!” the Retired Emperor said while his body was constantly regenerating.

He frowns when he saw the ministers still stood there doing nothing, “Hurry up and kneel! What are you waiting for!”

The ministers, who were inwardly fearful, immediately came over and kneel. They didn’t dare to look at Yi Tianyun in the eyes as they were completely overwhelmed by fear.

Their greed from before was completely doused by the fear, and now, there was no other choice but to submit themselves to Yi Tianyun.

“We submit and willingly serve Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor as our Great Emperor!”

The ministers’ voice was shaky as the thought of what Yi Tianyun might do to them struck terror within their hearts.

They now realised how World Dragon Empire was destroyed as Yi Tianyun’s power was really terrifyingly powerful!

Yi Tianyun’s gaze coldly observed every single one of the Heaven Primordial Ministers. Even the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor, who already lost his arm, also kneeled on the ground.

He saw that their previously arrogant attitude has long gone. The only emotion that remained in this hall was fear!

“I apologize for my arrogant words earlier; I should have never said that!” Heaven Primordial Great Emperor apologized to Yi Tianyun with a weak voice.

He knew that he could no longer become the Great Emperor when he felt extremely scared like this.

“I accept your submission.” Yi Tianyun said blandly.

The ministers were delighted. However, when they looked up, they were met with Yi Tianyun’s terrifying flame!

They didn’t even get time to react as Yi Tianyun’s flame enveloped and start to burn their body in a matter of seconds!

With their scream echoing on the big hall, they all turned into ashes and charcoal!

Among them, the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor was also burned to death!

“We have surrendered ourselves to you; why would you still do such a cruel thing?” The Retired Emperor asked furiously, as his body was almost completely healed now.

“You are just stalling for time, am I right?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Just as you’re never willing to become the Ghost World Passage Guardian, you would never willingly submit to me.”

The Retired Emperor didn’t care even though Yi Tianyun totally saw through him! Instead, he slammed his feet, and in an instant, countless flower petals appeared around Yi Tianyun and started to envelope Yi Tianyun layer after layer.

Inside layers of flower petals, a shimmering green liquid drenched Yi Tianyun. This was life condensed venom that would definitely kill anyone who touched it!

“Hahaha. Even if you are on a Saint King stage, the venom would definitely kill you! We will see how long you could last inside that trap!” the Retired Emperor said while laughing out loud.

Although he lost his son, he didn’t care as long as he could keep his own life. He could always have another child later.

“I don’t know about that! It seems powerful, so I didn’t have any intention to test it!” Yi Tianyun said from behind the Great Emperor.

“You! How could you escape my technique?” the Retired Emperor said with a shocked expression, but Yi Tianyun didn’t answer his question, but instead, he grabbed the Retired Emperor’s head and slammed it to the ground.

He instantly used his Immortal Fire to burn the Retired Emperor’s entire body.

“Do you have anything else to say?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently as he kept burning the Retired Emperor’s body.

“This time, I am honestly willing to submit myself to you! I will become your personal slave for life!” The Retired Emperor shouted as he hoped and prayed for Yi Tianyun’s mercy.

“It’s too late! Death sentence has already been passed down as soon as you provoke me!” Yi Tianyun said emotionlessly. There was no need to give mercy to a backstabber!

“Then you’re coming to hell with me!” The Retired Emperor screamed and tried to reach for Yi Tianyun’s arm.

“No, you will go there yourself!” Yi Tianyun said as he slammed down the Retired Emperor’s head very hard this time, and with that, everything ended!

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