Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 633


Yi Tianyun crushed the Retired Emperor’s head effortlessly, killing the Retired Emperor once and for all!


‘Successfully killed the Retired Emperor of Heaven Primordial Empire!’

‘Reward: 8.8 billion Exp, 15.000 Cps, 10.000 SPs, 5.000 Divine Rune Mastery Point, Ten Thousand Woods Return to Origin, Divine Wood Pearl, Divine Wood Armour, Divine Wood Boots, Ghost World Passage Map.’


‘Successfully killed an elite enemy!’

‘Reward: 300 million Exp, 50.000 Cps, 10.000 Sps, 1x Super Enhanced Lottery Roulette Ticket.’


‘As a result of killing the Guardian of Ghost World Passage, gained all of the Guardian’s power and obtained [Mortal World Guardian] title!’

‘Mortal World Guardian: Couldn’t be pressured, gain the ability to travel back and forth between the passage, and fly on the passage.


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 3rd Layer of Spirit King Stage cultivation base!’


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 4th Layer of Spirit King Stage cultivation base!’

Due to the abundant experience point that Yi Tianyun got from killing the Retired Emperor, he could level up two times in a row!

It was all thanks to his Crazy Mode and the Exp cards that he got when he opened the Level 60 Gift Pack from before!

He wasn’t even that far to breakthrough to the 5th Layer Spirit King stage at this point!

“This is absolutely amazing! I almost level up three times in a row! If only I had been more ruthless, I would gain so much more!” Yi Tianyun originally wants to buy more Exp Card from the Crazy Store, but it was too expensive!

He decided not to buy any, and now, he regretted his decision.

If only he bought the Exp Card from the shop, he could’ve gained X160 Exp easily, which meant that he would gain exp equal to killing 160 Saint King cultivators at the same time!

How many Saint King could he found on Mortal World?

Even if he searched for one on Ghost World or Heaven World, he might not even be able to find that many Saint King that he could fight!

Yi Tianyun shook his head and turned his attention to the withering flower petals in front of him, “This doesn’t make any sense! It does look dangerous, but I don’t really understand it!” Yi Tianyun said as he tried to observe the venom that dripped down from the petal.

He noticed that even the hard ground beneath the petal was corroded by the venom and instantly created a venomous swamp underneath it “Even a Saint King stage expert would have no chance of breaking free from the petal’s clutch! It seemed this technique was the Retired Emperor’s strongest technique!

That was the reason why Yi Tianyun teleported behind the Retired Emperor immediately after he used this technique. Yi Tianyun sensed that the flower petal was dangerous.

Yi Tianyun immediately cleaned up the hall and pocketed all the storage ring that he could find on every dead body inside the hall, and he found two Divine Tools on the Retired Emperor’s storage ring!

“This is great! But it’s unfortunate that even someone as strong as the Retired Emperor only has two Divine Tools on him!” Yi Tianyun said as he shook his head.

He didn’t find any on the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor’s storage ring, meaning the Retired Emperor really hoarded the best resources for himself instead of for his own Empire!

But then again, after some investigation, Yi Tianyun realised that the two Divine Tools that he got from the Retired Emperor was useless!

It was tailor-made for the Retired Emperor’s Divine Wood Body!

It was clear that the Divine Tools were created by the Heaven Creating Divine King, but the Retired Emperor didn’t even bother to return the Heaven Creating Divine King’s kindness and discarded his identity as the Ghost World Passage’s Guardian!

In any case, the treasures there were scavenged cleanly by Yi Tianyun. When he walked out of the hall, the guards outside were all forced to back away!

They were dumbfounded as the energy that Yi Tianyun exuded was overwhelming!

“Who is that man?”

“He is the Heavenly Cloud Emperor! I had seen him before when I went to visit the Heavenly Clouds Imperial City with Great Emperor!”

“Why would the Heavenly Cloud Emperor come here? Could it be that the battle just now was his doing?”

While they were speculating, Yi Tianyun looked around and then said in a deep voice, “Because the Great Emperor of Heaven Primordial Empire has offended the dignity of Heavenly Clouds Empire, I have bestowed divine judgement upon him! From today onwards, the Heaven Primordial Empire is under the control of Heavenly Clouds Empire, and those who resist will be killed on the spot!”

Yi Tianyun’s blaring voice blared could be heard throughout the entire Heaven Primordial Imperial City!

“What?! The Heaven Primordial Great Emperor is dead?”

While each one of them was shocked beyond measure by the news that they heard from Yi Tianyun, they didn’t have any intention to resist Heavenly Clouds Emperor’s claim!

They all kneeled down in front of Yi Tianyun as they felt a surprising pressure from the bottom of their heart that they couldn’t resist.

Yi Tianyun didn’t exude any aura as he felt no need to do so. After all, he had the [I am the Great Emperor] title that made those weaker than him and the subjects of his Empire feel a constant pressure that would make them submit to his greatness.

‘I’m the Great Emperor: cause cultivators with weaker cultivation to submit more easily, at the same time, Command Point increased by 1.000!’

This title is amazing as it would make sure everyone’s loyalty would stay the same!

Now he was at Spirit King stage cultivation base, which meant everyone below that stage would feel the power of this title!

Besides the effect of the title, the fact that their Great Emperor was dead encouraged them to submit to Yi Tianyun without hesitation!

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