Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 634


“What? Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor attacked Heaven Primordial Empire? He even massacred the Great Emperor and all their ministers? He even killed the Retired Emperor himself?! Does that mean he is the strongest in Mortal World now?”

“What happened? For what reason did the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor attack them? Could it be that the Heavenly Clouds Emperor was unpleased with the Heaven Primordial Empire, or is it possible that he wants to dominate the entire Mortal World?”

“Hey, that may be possible. But it was clear that he already dominated the Mortal World! He overthrew the World Dragon Empire and now, the Heaven Primordial Empire! He overthrew the Netherworld Empire previously too!”

“The top three crumbled at his hands! Isn’t that scary? But then again, I don’t know if we should say that the Netherworld Empire was in top three!”

The news immediately spread throughout the Mortal World. While most people didn’t know why Yi Tianyun did all this, they were all shocked by Yi Tianyun’s power!

Many people started to think that Yi Tianyun was an ambitious person who wanted to conquer the Mortal World!

These rumours began to cause panic across the Empire on the Mortal World. They were scared that Yi Tianyun would suddenly knock on their front door and destroy their Empire.

So, the majority of the Empires in Mortal World immediately chose to surrender themselves to Heavenly Clouds Empire before Yi Tianyun set his eyes on them!

They had no other choice as they knew that they wouldn’t stand a chance against Yi Tianyun with their power!

They didn’t know that Yi Tianyun had no interest in doing what they just speculated!

He wouldn’t come to their Empire for something trivial as to conquer the Mortal World!

Furthermore, people started to think that Yi Tianyun was a tyrant with fierce power who wouldn’t hesitate to mow down anyone provoking him.

None of the Great Emperors from various empires dared to badmouth Yi Tianyun or the Heavenly Clouds Empire in public because of these rumours.

At most, they would talk about it in private, where they were confident that no one else would hear them!

However, Yi Tianyun just laughed hard as he heard about the rumours. How did he become a tyrant in the people’s eyes?

If the Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor had no plan to raise his hand against him, probably he wouldn’t attack them either.

However, he did not bother to explain that to the public. What they wanted to believe was up to them, and Yi Tianyun didn’t have an obligation to correct their way of thinking revolved around!

The fact remained that Heaven Primordial Empire was indeed conquered by Yi Tianyun. People had to accept that fact, and they also had to believe that Yi Tianyun would take good care of it!

But a new problem arose for Yi Tianyun the moment he conquered the Heaven Primordial Empire as he would have to dispatch some credible person to be in charge of the conquered Empire while Heavenly Clouds Empire was having a shortage of people who were capable of such a thing!

Yi Tianyun didn’t want to be a real tyrant like the people rumored, and so, he couldn’t just dispatch a random person only to oppress the people from the Heaven Primordial Empire in the end!

Then again, Yi Tianyun didn’t have to worry about this as it was Ye Qingxuan’s concern to manage Heavenly Clouds Empire’s territory!

Instead, Yi Tianyun immediately found a spot and used his lucky draw ticket. He realised he got it after killing the Retired Emperor earlier, and he remembered he still had some ticket from before that as well.

He immediately activated his lucky aura and used the lottery; it quickly spun around and finally stopped at Accessory Category.

“Great! This is rare!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he was excited to see that he would get an accessory from the lottery.

He immediately opened the box and saw a ring inside.

Desolate Ancient Ring: Desolate Ancient was one of the three pieces of Ancient Set!

Effect: 10X Power, 30% Crit Chance, 2X Crit Damage.

Special Effect:

Desolate Ancient Frenzy: use 8.000 CPs to increase Crit Chance to 100% and 4x Damage!

“Great! Another Desolate Ancient set piece!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

If he got another one, he would have the full set of the Desolate Ancient set!

The set would add another bonus to each accessory that was already strong as it was!

But he immediately heard a knock on the door, so he immediately calmed himself down and told whoever was knocking on his door to come in.

Ye Qingxuan walked in immediately and smiled faintly to Yi Tianyun, “Great Emperor, did you call for me?” Ye Qingxuan smiled.

“It’s been hard for you this time. I ended up conquering another territory without consideration again.” Yi Tianyun shook his head apologetically.

“That is not a problem, Great Emperor! Because of your effort, our Empire was more glorious than ever. Because of our influences in the Mortal World, our Spirit Race that scattered all over Mortal World began to regroup! The Spirit Race was stronger than ever!” Ye Qingxuan’s beautiful eyes were full of excitement; she didn’t feel any exhaustion at all!

She always tried to restore the Spirit Race to their peak power, but now due to Heavenly Clouds Empire’s status, Spirit Race was stronger than ever!

Particularly, the Spirit Race was one of the top brass in Heavenly Clouds’ managerial position. They managed most things and thus further elevated their power and status.

On the other hand, Heavenly Jade Sect had Yi Yuwei. Because of her charm and quick thinking, Heavenly Jade Sect didn’t fall behind Spirit Sect!

“Great Emperor, did you call us?”

At this time, Yi Yuwei and Jiu Lingyun both showed up outside Yi Tianyun’s room. The three of them were the top pilar of Heavenly Clouds Empire, just below Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun!

No one would expect that these three weak-looking women would be the core power of a great Empire like Heavenly Clouds Empire! But the truth was, those three’s cultivation was already pretty high.

They got many martial arts that suit their cultivation and the high-grade Medicinal Pills that Yi Tianyun has prepared for them!

Now, all three of them were at Core Transformation Stage and would be in Void Spirit Stage in no time!

However, Yi Tianyun was a little bit sad as Shi Xueyun was not there right now!

“It’s great to have you guys in the Heavenly Clouds Empire.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile as he faced the three women inside his room.

They were startled by Yi Tianyun’s words, as Yi Tianyun noticed their hard work this whole time. Their eyes were red as they were touched by Yi Tianyun’s acknowledgement.

The exhaustion from their work disappeared when they knew that everything was worth it. If it weren’t for him, they would have never accepted their responsibilities now!

At first, they only wanted to repay Yi Tianyun’s kindness, but eventually, it became their calling and a place to call home!

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