Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 635


Yi Tianyun looked at the women in front of him in the eye. How could he not notice their hard work? Managing an Empire was not a walk in the park!

It was clear that these women have struggled countless times along the way, going through a lot of life and death situations. They had to grit their teeth all the time to preserve their motivation and life!

“What are you crying for? There’s nothing to cry about.” Yi Tianyun gently patted each of the women’s head, gently wiping away the tears in their eyes.

“Heavenly Clouds Empire would have to rely on the three of you in the future, so you will always remember to get a good rest each and every day!”

“Great Emperor, we wouldn’t rest while we know that you are still working hard for us out there!”

“Yes, we didn’t even feel tired at all. We can do so much more than this!”

They smiled brightly at Yi Tianyun as they knew that they couldn’t whine while they were still too far below Yi Tianyun’s cultivation level.

Furthermore, Yi Tianyun kept fighting for their sake out there and always had a chance of injuring himself!

Compared to the three of them who were always sheltered in a safe place, how could they complain about it!

Yi Tianyun also realised the situation, and thus he smiled and said nothing more about it. Instead, he changed the topic immediately.

“This time, I asked you guys to come over to talk about several things. The first thing is relatively simple. I plan to leave the Mortal World for a trip to the Ghost World to take care of some unfinished business.” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Although he didn’t say his real purpose, the three women knew what Yi Tianyun’s goal was to take care of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

If this problem wasn’t resolved, Heavenly Clouds Empire would be in constant danger.

The three of them quickly nodded their head as they understood what Yi Tianyun has to deal with.

“The second thing is that I have to go look for my aunt in Heaven World!” Yi Tianyun said with a heavy tone.

After he dealt with Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, he would go straight to Heaven World to look for Shi Xueyun.

He didn’t know what faction took her, but as long as she was in the Heaven World, he would eventually find her!

“Yes, we must bring back Palace Lord Shi. She works the hardest among all of us! We have to find her for all her hard work before! She has given us so many things and teaches us a lot of stuff!”

They felt ashamed when they compared their work to Shi Xueyun’s since it was nowhere even close!

She also chose to go to Heaven World for the sake of Heavenly Clouds Empire!

It wasn’t clear whether she was threatened or not, but one thing for sure was that she left for Yi Tianyun’s sake!

That reason alone has become Yi Tianyun’s biggest motivation to get Shi Xueyun back!

When Yi Tianyun was still a boy, Shi Xueyun paved a path for him using Heavenly Jade Palace. Although Yi Tianyun could do a lot of things now, it wasn’t comparable to Shi Xueyun’s effort!

“I know. I will bring her back for sure!” Yi Tianyun said as his gaze flickered a little bit.

“The third thing is nothing important.” Yi Tianyun quickly waved his hands, and three Divine Tools appeared in front of him. Those were the spoils of war that he got earlier.

“These three Divine Tools would be yours; familiarize yourself with them and don’t take them out in the open unless you are in a grave danger.”

“Divine Tools!?” the three of them were surprised!

Those were the weapons that only the Great Emperor should wield, but it was now theirs?

A Sacred Tool was already amazing enough for them, but now they would have their own Divine Tool?

“We couldn’t accept this, Great Emperor! This is too precious. It should only be reserved for the Great Emperor to use!” They all nodded their head in unison.

They all reached the same conclusion that they didn’t deserve such precious tools.

“You guys are now the top pillars of the Empire. I’ll leave these Divine Tool under your care, and it is your responsibility to use them for the sake of the Empire! But think about it, if I can give these to you, wouldn’t I have something much better?” Yi Tianyun said with a sigh.

“Okay. We understand, Great Emperor.”

The three of them reluctantly accepted the Divine Tools after hearing Yi Tianyun’s words.

“Heavenly Clouds Empire depends on you three to continue advance forward. I believe that Heavenly Clouds Empire would be even more glorious in the future! Not just in Mortal World, but also in Heaven World and Ghost World!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

The girls lit up with excitement. They finally understood that Yi Tianyun also wanted to lead the Empire to the greatness that even Heaven World and Ghost World would recognize!

It meant that Yi Tianyun somehow intended to unify the three worlds!

The girls immediately excused themselves as they became more motivated to work harder, but Ye Qingxuan remained in Yi Tianyun’s room as she had something to say.

“Great Emperor, I have something for you!” Ye Qingxuan said hesitantly as she took out the rune, but handed it over to Yi Tianyun nonetheless.

“World Divine Rune! What are you doing? Why did you make something that would hurt you like this!” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face.

The power of the World Divine Rune was tremendous, and only the Spirit Race could carve it. The only drawback was that the carver would injure their body badly.

Ye Qingxuan had carved one and given it to Yi Tianyun before, and it indeed granted Yi Tianyun tremendous power!

However, he knew the price that she had to pay to make one, and so, he ordered Ye Qingxuan to never make another!

“I was able to replenish my Blood Essence back in time because of the Blood Jade stone that you gave me back then. I know that you ordered me not to make another one, but I know that you’re constantly facing danger out there! This is the least I can do to help you in your battle! You are the Spirit King, our King! You are indispensable!” Ye Qingxuan said with a hint of proudness that Yi Tianyun has never seen before.

Yi Tianyun slightly trembled after seeing Ye Qingxuan’s determination. He understood that if he was ever defeated in battle, the entire Heavenly Clouds Empire would collapse!

“Don’t worry; I will be fine. But I’ll refrain from using this World Divine Rune and keep it as a last resort.” Yi Tianyun said as he took the World Divine Rune and put it inside his item bar.

“It would be for the best!” Ye Qingxuan smiled and then excused herself and left Yi Tianyun’s room with a load off her shoulders.

Looking at her backs as she left, Yi Tianyun felt that he now bore a greater responsibility, carrying the entire Heavenly Clouds Empire on his shoulders, “It’s time to take care of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!” Yi Tianyun said as he would like to see how strong a Divine Nation really was!

Yi Tianyun’s figure disappeared from the room and reappeared outside. He immediately flew towards the Ghost World Passage quickly. He killed all the demon beast he could find along the way!

He kept flying even though he was already inside the Netherworld passage as the no flying rules no longer applied to him.

As he passed the Netherworld River, the cultivators who were busy making raft were immediately stunned as they saw someone flying through!

“Am I hallucinating? How can someone fly in here?”

“Yeah, isn’t it forbidden to fly in here?”

“Damn! I will try it myself!… Shit! I couldn’t do it! How on earth did he do it?!”

All of the cultivators looked at Yi Tianyun with a dumbfounded look on their faces.

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