Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 636


Ghost World, Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation.

“What’s going on? Why are we getting pushed back by a Mortal World cultivator? The cultivators we’ve already sent are plenty strong; they weren’t supposed to be defeated by a Mortal World cultivator!”

Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s Imperial Preceptor, Ji Yang, angrily shouted at the ministers kneeling in front of him.

They were worried that Ji Yang would punish them for their incompetence!

“According to the rumour, the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor has reached Saint King stage! All the Empire that showed even the slightest hint of animosity were getting destroyed one by one!”

The minister kneeling on the ground trembled while giving the report. They knew that the Imperial Preceptor would kill anyone with little to no mistake at all if that person displeased him in any way!

This time, their problem was bigger! If a minister did something wrong, they would get away with a slap as a punishment as long as it was still tolerable, but for a failure of this scale, they know that Ji Yang wouldn’t hesitate to kill them!

“How could a Mortal World cultivator reach Saint King Stage?” Ji Yang asked, feeling disbelief as he knew that it was almost impossible to achieve.

He knew that the Spiritual Energy on Mortal World was so much thinner compared to Ghost World!

“Yes, according to the information we got from a Mortal World traveler, that is indeed the truth!” another minister reported to the Imperial Preceptor.

“Bullshit!” Ji Yang shouted as he slammed his hands on the table, destroying the table and scaring all the ministers in the hall.

The ministers were terrified that Ji Yang would hit them even though they were responsible for collecting information and weren’t responsible for the invasion themselves!

“You are all garbage! You can’t even do a simple task properly! I am asking you to investigate that Empire, and what did I get? Just a bunch of bullshit!” Ji Yang said coldly to all the ministers.

“We got the World Dragon Empire as our puppet, but they were destroyed! This is not normal, and your job is to investigate the truth regarding that matter! Why can’t any of you even do that properly!”

“We are sorry for doing such a terrible job, Imperial Preceptor! Please punish us accordingly!” The Ministers said in unison.

They didn’t dare to argue with the minister and decided to accept their fate.

They knew that their report was accurate, but no matter how hard they explained, Ji Yang wouldn’t believe them! The task itself was hard from the beginning as they couldn’t go to the Mortal World themselves, plus they didn’t have that much time, to begin with, making it almost impossible to complete the mission thoroughly.

“If there really is a Saint King expert on Mortal World, that changes everything. I will put this aside for now, and I will personally go to the Mortal World when the passage weakens!” Ji Yang said solemnly.

He was determined to kill the rumoured Great Emperor since the army he sent was obliterated by this Great Emperor!

“Imperial Preceptor, are you seriously going to the Mortal World personally?” the ministers said as they were shocked to hear Ji Yang’s word.

“Who else should go? No one else would be able to deal with a Saint King expert easily!” Ji Yang said coldly.

The minister immediately stopped talking and bowed their head submissively.

“I can’t go right now, but I certainly have the energy to deal with the Phoenix Nest! So, it’s better to solve the closest problem to us first!” Ji Yang said thoughtfully.

“So, how is the situation at the Temple of Heaven?”

“It is still impossible to capture, Imperial Preceptor! It is protected by a layer of pure Spiritual Energy!”

“Damn, Heaven Creating Divine King’s Divine Rune was that tough?” Ji Yang said to himself.

“Are the troops ready to move?” Ji Yang asked coldly.

“Yes, sir! The Phoenix Slayer Squad is ready to go!” the minister at the forefront said confidently.

“Great! We will move out to exterminate those Phoenixes now! We will reap all of their resources and kill all of them!” Ji Yang said while smirking evilly.

“Right away, Imperial Preceptor!” The minister said in unison.

“Finally, some excitement around here! As long as we wipe out those Phoenixes, we would be able to cultivate a large number of people! I wonder how much stronger our Divine Nation will be after this!” Ji Yang said with a smirk on his face.

“Sir, we are ready to go!” a minister reported eagerly.

“Very good! Now, those of you that aren’t included in this Phoenix will go to Mortal World and report back in detail the situation over there! You got that?” Ji Yang said confidently.

“Yes, Imperial Preceptor!” the minister nodded and hurriedly left the hall to prepare for their own journey.

“Now, we will advance to Phoenix Nest!” Ji Yang said confidently. He couldn’t wait to kill a phoenix himself!


The situation inside the Phoenix Nest was still the same as usual. They were all cultivating in their own way, unbeknownst the incoming crisis at all.

But suddenly, there was a loud booming sound outside of the Phoenix Nest, which startled them from their meditation.

When they were confused and left the cultivation chamber to check out what happened, everything was already too late!

“Enemy attack!” the guards shouted with their last bit of strength.

The parasol tree around the nest was already on fire, and as a result, the phoenixes couldn’t coordinate their formation!

“The Phoenix Clan sure is kind. They grow a parasol tree around their base to make our job easier!” Ji Yang said sarcastically as he watched the trees burn.

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun was still at Ghost World passage, repairing the Divine Rune that the passage needed to stabilize once more.

But like a cat in danger, Yi Tianyun felt that something wasn’t quite right. “Strange, what’s with this bad feeling?” Yi Tianyun said while contemplating if there was something amiss.


‘Successfully received a quest [Rescue the Phoenix Clan!]’

‘Reward: 500 million Exp, 100.000 Cps, 10.000 SPs, 200 Phoenix Clan favourability.’

Suddenly the notification from Crazy Leveling System popped up, letting Yi Tianyun know about the crisis that was taking place as he repaired the Divine Rune.

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