Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 637


Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s Imperial Preceptor, Ji Yang, brought many powerful cultivators to attack the Phoenix Nest without warning!

They successfully startled all of the Phoenix Nest residents without any exception.

“What is happening? Who is crazy enough to invade our clan!” Bai Shuihuang shouted as she emerged from the conference hall with several Elders in tow.

The Phoenix Nest was currently affected by the Seal Great Array, which created a barrier around it, but the problem now was that no one knew about this invasion until the Seal Great Array was erected!

The Elders and the lord would immediately notice that the Great Array was erected, but they didn’t have the slightest information about the enemy.

But that didn’t matter right now. All the elders and Bai Shuihuang herself immediately stopped whatever they were doing and flew towards the enemy as the nest itself was in danger.

The only one who didn’t come out of their secret room to help was the Old Immortal, as they were too old now.

Even if they could, in their current condition, they would be able to help once at best, so it would be so much better to use it in a very critical situation.

Nonetheless, Bai Shuhuang was the one who held the Jade Pendant that could summon the Old Immortal.

If Bai Shuhuang crushed the pendant, the Old Immortal would have to help as the pendant would give them a tremendous boost of spiritual energy.

That was the fact about the Phoenix clan, as they were not an immortal being. They could still die of natural causes.

The only thing that differentiated them from other clans was their longevity!

When Bai Shuhuang and the Elders arrived at the gate, they finally saw that Ji Yang was the one who attacked their place!

The fire barrier that the Seal Great Array created was the only thing that stopped Ji Yang in his track.

“How dare you!” Bai Shuihuang shouted coldly.

He immediately released a scale-like aura packed with intense anger towards Ji Yan, but Ji Yang only raised his hands gently and parried the attack without any problem.

It was undoubtedly no easy feat to parry Bai Shuhuang’s attack as she used a divine tool to amplify her power.

“Phoenix Tail Feathers Red Flame is such a good Divine Tool. If it were your Old Ancestor who attacked me with it just now, I would’ve been reduced to cinders by now.” Ji Yang said as he dusted off a little bit of fire on his hands.

Everyone immediately realized that Ji Yang was far above anyone on Phoenix Nest right now in terms of cultivation.

Bai Shuhuang, the highest among Phoenix Clan, was at the 9th Layer Spirit King Stage, while Ji Yang was at the 5th Layer Saint King Stage!

“Master Ji Yang, what is all this? Our Phoenix Clan never wronged you before!”

Bai Shuhuang was anxious to attack Ji Yang once again as the guards who were supposed to guard the gate was captured by Ji Yang’s men, and she was afraid that Ji Yang would kill them and extracted their blood essence!

“No, you did nothing wrong. This is just my way of doing things.” Ji Yang said as he ripped off one of the Phoenix Guard’s heart.

Bai Shuhuang and the other shouted, hoping that Ji Yang would stop, but it was all for naught.

But Bai Shuhuang and the elders immediately realised that they couldn’t afford to be captured by the enemy as they would meet the same fate as the guards earlier.

Ji Yang immediately ate the still-beating heart, like eating a snack, chewing it up slowly while savouring it, “This fragrance is just so wonderful! I can’t get enough of this Phoenix blood. How long has it been since I ate one? especially in front of the Phoenix Clan themselves!” Ji Yang said with a smirk on his face as he was finally done eating the heart.

“Ji Yang, I will destroy your Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation soon! You bunch of bastards!” Bai Shuihuang shouted coldly as she took out the Jade Pendant and crushed it.

“Now, that is the best decision you ever made! I will be able to clean this place up properly!” Ji Yang said as he let Bai Shuhuang crushed the Jade Pendant.

“You think your Divine Nation would win this time? What a pretentious bastard!” Bai Shuihuang said coldly.

She knew that Ji Yang came with another Saint King expert, so she knew that the Jade Pendant was her only answer.

The other Saint King Expert was Great General Ming Shen. He was at the 4th Layer Saint King stage, just one layer lower than Ji Yang, but powerful nonetheless.

But he was not the only issue. There was a bunch of Spirit King Expert behind Ji Yang who could prove to be a problem when the fight broke out.

Especially the group of cultivators with the light blue dress behind Ji Yang. Their face was hidden, making it harder for Bai Shuihuang to measure their strength.

However, she felt a dangerous vibe coming out of that group! It was obvious that Ji Yang came prepared. On the other hand, Bai Shuihuang was at a loss here.

She had no information whatsoever about the enemy. Because of that, she didn’t have any opportunity to erect a proper defensive mechanism around the territory.

“Of course, I’m confident we would win. Why else did you think we’re here for? Anyway, we also come to free the Evil Spirit race that you sealed in the Phoenix Cave. You have hidden that fact for so long. Did you think we are stupid enough to overlook that? But at the end of this day, it wouldn’t matter. You will all be dead by then!” Ji Yang said indifferently.

Ji Yang didn’t think much of Bai Shuihuang’s words as he came to kill all of the Phoenix Clan. There was nothing to talk about as eventually none of the Phoenix Clan’s possession wouldn’t be theirs when he killed all of them!

“It seems that you have already admitted that you are the descendants of the Evil Spirit Race?” Bai Shuihuang said with a sneer.

“So what if I admit it? Do you think you can still turn the tables?” Ji Yang said blandly.

“I’ve already prepared everything I need to destroy the Phoenix Clan. Today is the day that Phoenix Clan would be wiped off from Ghost World!” I will make sure to use all of your blood efficiently.” Ji Yang said with a smirk on his face.

He reached out for the other guards he captured earlier, and like before, he also ripped off the guard’s heart!

Bai Shuihuang felt the hate that he never felt before as his eyes were clouded by anger!

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun was on his way to the Phoenix Clan as fast as he could. A big battle was clear on the horizon, and he hoped that he wouldn’t be too late to reach the Phoenix Nest!

“Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation has launched a major attack on the Phoenix Clan? Could it be that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation still has a hidden card that they never showed before?” Yi Tianyun began to wonder anxiously as it was clear that Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation was hiding something.

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