Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 638


The Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation and Phoenix Clan were officially at war, all this time, they kept a poker face to each other, but there was no need for that anymore!

The prelude to this was the death of two Phoenix Nest’s guards in the hands of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s Imperial Preceptor!

Furthermore, the Imperial Preceptor took so many cultivators in tow to invade the Phoenix Nest!

The Heavenly Netherworld Divine nation was Evil Spirit Race’s descendants, and because of that, they have been holding a grudge against the Phoenix Clan for what they had done to their ancestor.

Likewise, the Phoenix Clan wouldn’t forgive the Evil Spirit Race for what they did for the same reason.

The Evil Spirit Race has tried to eradicate the Phoenix Clan in the past, and it caused a significant loss to the Phoenix Clan.

Phoenix Clan had the principle not to offend anyone unless they were offended first!


Suddenly the two Phoenix Tail Feathers in Bai Shuihuang’s hand turned into the red darts and dashed towards Ji Yang faster than her attack before!

Ji Yang was clearly astonished, he quickly defended himself, but this time, he used his fan to defend!

A loud banging sound was heard, and Ji Yang was pushed backward several meters. Unfortunately for Bai Shuhuang, her attack was perfectly blocked, and Ji Yang was left unscathed!

Obviously, the fan that Ji Yang used was a Divine Tool. Although Divine Tool was extremely rare, a Saint King was supposed to have one to defend themselves from another Saint King cultivator.

“Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s Imperial Preceptor is still very young! Compared to our cultivator with the same cultivation level in the past, you are stronger!” an old man dressed in red floated down from the sky, and the two Phoenix Tail Feathers that Bai Shuihuang used earlier fluttered to his hand.

Although he looked old, there was not the slightest hint of hesitation in his eyes. His gaze was full of vitality that rivaled a young man.

“Yes, that is true! Are you here to attack our Phoenix Clan? Do you think we, Phoenix Clan, have gone rusty just because we have laid low in the mountains for so long?” Another old man followed behind the first old man, also dressed in red.

“It seems that we, Old Immortals, have to prove that our Phoenix Clan was no pushover! Let this become a sign to everyone on Ghost World that we aren’t going to take being pushed around!” the third old man came with a faint smile on his face.

“Long live the three Old Ancestors!” The Phoenix Clan shouted out respectfully.

These three old men were the Old Ancestors of the Phoenix Clan, and they were at Saint King level!

While the lowest among them was at the 4th Layer Saint King Stage and the highest was at the 7th Layer Saint King Stage, overpowering all cultivator on Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation side.

The three of them were the foundation of the Phoenix Clan. They were the strongest Phoenix Clan’s cultivators at this time!

The look of relief was clear on the Phoenix Clan’s face as they believed that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine nation wouldn’t be able to defeat their Old Ancestors.

“You three were clearly worthy of the Phoenix Clan’s name. I didn’t expect the Phoenix Clan to have three Old Ancestor of this calibre.” Ji Yang Laughed.

The Phoenix Clan had a longer lifespan than any clan on Ghost World, and so, they could cultivate a lot longer than anyone else. But, he wasn’t afraid of them as he already predicted and calculated this outcome.

“Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, you, as the descendants of the Evil Spirit Race, actually pretended to befriend us to free your ancestor! Luckily, we’ve already sniffed that rotting smell that comes out of your dirty intention! But since you already killed our member, we will fight you to the death!” Bai Shuihuang said coldly with anger.

She suppressed her anger earlier, but now that the guards were killed, they were ready for this war!

“Is that so? I think you rely too much on your Elders, do you not?” Ji Yang said with a faint smile.

“Of course, they are our prideful Elders!” Bai Shuihuan said coldly.

“Since you are so confident, then there is nothing else to do but end this farce!” Ji Yang smiled weirdly.

It seems Ji Yang was confident that he would win too!

“This is not good!” The three Old Ancestors said at the same time as their face visibly paled.

They remembered the Evil Spirit that was sealed on Phoenix Cave!

At the same time, a loud booming sound was heard from the distance, and the ground shook violently.

The vibration clearly came from the Phoenix Cave, making the Old Ancestor even more nervous than before.

Someone must have slipped under their radar and took advantage of the fact that they were occupied by Ji Yang to release the Evil Spirit Race’s seal!

“Hahahaha, it’s too late! Do you think our Heavenly Netherworld Holy King wouldn’t come in person to such a glorious event? Moreover, it is time to get his clone back…” Ji Yang laughed out loud.

His plan to cause a distraction was a success!

Who knew that the Phoenix Clan would fall for it hook, line, and sinker!

“Clone…. today, the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King’s clone, which is the suppressed Evil Spirit in the Phoenix Cave, would merge back with him!” The Phoenix Clan were terrified as in the past, the Phoenix Clan had to sacrifice two of their Saint Kings just to seal the Evil Spirit, but now that the Evil Spirit would merge back to his original body, its power would surely be greater!

The three Old Ancestor immediately flew towards the Phoenix Cave, ignoring Ji Yang and the rest.

After they left, Ji Yang and the others laughed and ordered the cultivators behind him to destroy the Great Array that halted their advance.

The blue-robed cultivators behind Ji Yang immediately took off their clothes and released a cold qi from their bodies.

Their faces and bodies were engraved with dark blue Divine Rune as if they were reinforcing something.

After taking off their clothes, they immediately made a seal, and these twelve mysterious cultivators immediately merged into one person.

The cold qi that they released earlier became so much stronger that it completely froze anything in its path.

The Flame barrier that seemed to be difficult to break was easily destroyed from the intense cold that the cold qi emitted.

“What is this power!?” The Phoenix Clan Elders, who kept an eye in the front gate was shocked by the situation!

The overwhelming Great Array that the Phoenix Clan took pride in was easily broken!

“This is the Heavenly Yin Fire, a powerful flame that was specially made to restrain us!” Shopkeeper Ye shouted to everyone.

The Phoenix Clan cultivator that has seen the fire before was trembling in fear as they know that they couldn’t do anything to suppress this freezing fire.

In the meantime, Yi Tianyun has made his way to the border of the Phoenix Clan territory and killed several Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation cultivators. He noticed that they had more than a thousand cultivators to invade the Phoenix Nest!

All of them clearly have surrounded the Phoenix Nest to make sure that no one could escape!

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