Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 639


Bai Shuihuang, who rushed towards the Phoenix Cave, soon saw that the cave was covered with the Heavenly Yin Fire!

The previous Heavenly Yin fire that covered the cave was absorbed by Yi Tianyun, meaning that the Heavenly Yin Fire this time was new!

No one here could use Immortal Fire to contain the Heavenly Yin Fire, so they just stood still in front of the Phoenix Cave, where they could tell that something terrifying was making its way out!

“The soul of the Evil Spirit has been liberated. It looks like it was still in the process of fusing together! We still have a chance to stop it from completely fusing with its main body!” Old Ancestor Feng Tian, the strongest Old Ancestor, said as he wanted to attack the Holy King right now while they still had a chance of winning.

Although this place was filled with the Heavenly Yin Fire, it wouldn’t be too bad for him to break out of it. Besides, others would be severely burned if they tried to help!

“Yes, let’s hurry! We couldn’t wait for much longer!” Old Ancestor Feng Yun said worriedly.

He was the second strongest among them, and he clearly didn’t want to see a more powerful version of the Evil Spirit race!

The three Old Ancestors looked at each other and immediately formed a triangle attack towards the Phoenix Cave.

Their combined attack was able to suppress the Heavenly Yin Fire and made its way inside the cave uninterrupted.

As the Lord of the Phoenix, Bai Shuihuang also attacked at the same time, she herself had Immortal Fire, and she was clearly not afraid of the Heavenly Yin Fire!

Her attack itself followed behind the three old ancestor’s attack, so it didn’t disrupt their attack!

However, no other person could come this close to Heavenly Yin Fire in the Phoenix Nest, so it was up to them to handle the situation here!

Moreover, they were facing the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King and the Evil Spirit, so the Elders and the rest wouldn’t stand a chance against them!

After a while, a middle-aged man came out of the cave, seemingly absorbing the black fog from the ground. The middle-aged man himself seemed to become more powerful for every second passed!

There was no doubt that this middle-aged man was the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King, the strongest person in the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, and the perpetrator behind this attack!

Originally, his cultivation level had reached the Saint King Stage 8th Layer. But as he absorbed the Black Fog into his body, he enhanced his power little by little.

Judging from the pace, he knew that he could reach the Saint King Peak stage or even the Divine King 1st stage at the end of this war!

When he reached the level of Divine King, he could basically walk around the Three Realms. It was unclear whether there was a Divine King on the three realms as no one has ever seen one.

They might be hiding somewhere on the realm, cultivating on their own, or there might be none at all!

If there were no Divine King at all, the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King would be able to dominate the three realms by himself!

Upon closer inspection, there was a big hole on the side of the cave!

It seemed the Holy King himself had a problem breaking through the mouth of the cave as the Divine Rune there was specially made to prevent the Evil Spirit from coming in or out of the cave!

Nevertheless, Heavenly Netherworld Holy King took advantage of Ji Yang’s distraction and successfully set his clone free! But fortunately, the fusion wasn’t complete just yet!

The three Old Ancestors knew that they couldn’t let the Holy King completely fused with his clone. Otherwise, the Phoenix Clan wouldn’t have any chance to win!

“Stop him!”

The three Old Ancestor shouted coldly. The Phoenix Fire was discharged from their body, creating a big ball of fire around them.

The Heavenly Yin Fire that surged madly from the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King was quickly swallowed by the Phoenix Fire!

A blast of heat immediately spread out as soon as the Phoenix Fire absorbed the Heavenly Yin Fire!

The entire Phoenix Cave shook and seemed like it was about to collapse from the blast.

But the Heavenly Netherworld Saint King was unharmed as the smoke dissipated. A dim ethereal blue light  shielded the Holy King from the Old Ancestors’ attack!

“Middle-Grade Divine Tool…” the Old Ancestors said with a frown on their face.

Middle-Grade Divine Tool was even rarer than the Lower Grade Divine Tool that was usually seen in the Ghost World!

This Divine Tool was quite powerful, too, considering that it wasn’t broken after defending against the three strongest Phoenix Clan’s Old Ancestors’ attack!

“Be a good man and wait for a moment, yeah?” The Heavenly Netherworld Holy King smiled grimly and continued to concentrate on absorbing his clone.

If the seal weren’t as strong, he would have already absorbed all of it, but unfortunately, he couldn’t even break the Divine Rune!

“Continue the attack!”

The three Old Ancestors did not stop attacking. Even though their attack didn’t do anything, they believed that even Middle-Grade Divine Tool had its limit. As long as they kept attacking, maybe they could break it eventually!

The three Old Ancestors used up all their strength to attack fiercely. The place was full of smoke and dust that no one could see anything!


At the same time, Ji Yang broke through the flame barrier outside and immediately set foot inside the Phoenix Nest!

In addition to three Saint King Stage experts, Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation also brought so many Spirit King experts with them.

Elder Luo and Elder Lei were surrounded by twelve strong cultivators with the Heavenly Yin Fire. They were surrounded as the Heavenly Netherworld Divine King wanted to capture all the Phoenix Clan!

Ji Yang knew that Phoenix Blood Essence was precious! So, it was a waste to kill all these resources! It was better to make the phoenix clan a blood farm exclusive for the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

“Don’t bother with your futile struggle, just give up!” Ji Yang laughed while ordering the Spirit King Stage cultivator to capture the children of the Phoenix Clan.

“How dare you!” Elder Luo roared in anger and instantly burned his blood essence.

He had to keep his granddaughter safe no matter what!

He was prepared to sacrifice his own life as long as his granddaughter could see the future!

“A mere little worm like you dared to stand before me?” Ji Yang said as he rushed in and punched Elder Luo’s chest!

Elder Luo grunted as he was sent flying. He could barely even stand as he was seriously injured just from one attack from Ji Yang.

Ji Yang still planned to capture every Phoenix Clan people as they could turn into precious resources for heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

“Grandfather!” A silhouette flew over to Elder Luo.

A 15 years-old girl was clearly worried about her grandfather’s injury!

“Come with me, Grandfather!” she said as she tried to pull Elder Luo towards the trees!

“Why did you come out!” Elder Luo was frightened.

He had hidden her well before, but now she was here!

“I’m worried about you, grandfather.” The young girl said with a sad expression on her face.

After more than a year missing from the Phoenix Nest, she has grown to a fine young girl. Obviously, her memories have returned, and she already recovered a little of her power.

“Now it’s too late to leave.” Ji Yang said while snickering as he looked at Luo Yan.

“She looks quite delicious; maybe I will taste her first when I get back.”

Luo Yan’s face turned white as she tried to get away while hugging Elder Luo. However, there was no way she could escape Ji Yang, who was faster than her.

A bright light suddenly appeared from the sky and attacked Ji Yang, startling him while he desperately dodged the attack.

“Who gave you the permission to touch my daughter?” A familiar voice came like refreshing water in the desert!

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