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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 640


Yi Tianyun’s familiar figure walked in from the front gate, which was immediately recognized by the Elders who were fighting in the front gate.

The timing was so impeccable that the Phoenix Clan felt grateful from the bottom of their heart.

The two Saint King Stage experts and many Spirit King Experts that Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation brought were actually a bit worrying as the Phoenix Clan people doubted that Yi Tianyun would be able to deal with them all.

There were simply too many strong enemies, especially some who could use the Heavenly Yin Fire banding together to suppress even the Immortal Fire.

“What the hell are you doing here, stupid human! Do you want to get killed?” Elder Luo shouted angrily.

Elder Luo was angry at Yi Tianyun instead of smiling happily. Of course, he was grateful that Yi Tianyun had saved him from a sticky situation.

However, he didn’t want to let the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation caught on that Yi Tianyun was their enemy too!

“Father!” Luo Yan instantly held back her tears as she saw Yi Tianyun.

She then remained silent as she didn’t want to break Yi Tianyun’s concentration.

Yi Tianyun ignored Elder Luo’s words and continued to approach Ji Yang. He looked at Luo Yan and was a little bit surprised that she had already grown to such a young teen in a short amount of time.

But Yi Tianyun knew that it was common for Phoenixes to grow this fast. A phoenix could metamorph to its adult form in several weeks after they deemed it was necessary to do so.

“Do you guys think I don’t know the identity of this man? He was the one who repaired the Divine Rune on the Phoenix Cave, right? I already heard that the one who fixed the Divine Rune in there is a very strong Human Divine Runemaster! But I didn’t understand why you chose to come here despite the barricade that Heavenly Netherworld Divine nation has built outside! Aren’t you aware of the situation you are currently in?” Ji Yang said confusedly.

But then again, Ji Yang immediately realised that in order to come here, the human must have killed several of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation cultivators who stood guard outside.

But before Yi Tianyun could say anything, Elder Luo shouted to him again, “Hurry up and leave! That man is the Imperial Preceptor of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation. You wouldn’t be able to beat him on your own!”

“Why do you think shouting in front of the said enemy would change the situation? Now that I’ve seen him myself, there is no way I would let him escape now. But I am impressed! At such a very young age like this, you’ve already become a Divine Rune Grandmaster! Because of that, I will give you a chance to surrender, you will become my direct disciple, and I will promise you glory and prosperity like no others! You can even control the Phoenix Clan as you like! Clearly, my proposition is better than dying here!” Ji Yang could see that Yi Tianyun cared about the little phoenix behind him, so he threw the proposition to control the Phoenix Clan as a temptation.

He clearly wanted Yi Tianyun’s talent, albeit the boy being human, that had nothing to do with the boy’s talent.

“Is that so? Then I want the whole Phoenix Clan under my control. Are you willing to give me that?” Yi Tianyun said with a cold smile.

Ji Yang’s face remained unchanged, still maintaining his faint smile, but it was clear that there was a drop in his emotion after realising that Yi Tianyun has rejected his offer.

“Did you really think the Phoenix Clan will win this war?” Ji Yang asked indifferently.

“Well, the Phoenix Clan is just fighting a bunch of trash this time, so why wouldn’t we win? Plus, I am here now. There is no way the Phoenix Clan would lose!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Haha, you’re very interesting, boy. Don’t you think there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity? Are you not afraid of death?” Ji Yang said impatiently.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now. If you choose their side, I am afraid your talent would be wasted today!” Ji Yang said as he waved his hands for the Spirit King behind him to attack Yi Tianyun.

The three Spirit King Stage experts rushed in from behind and attacked Yi Tianyun without hesitation.

Among those three, the one with the lowest cultivation level was at the 4th Layer Spirit King Stage while the highest was at the 6th Layer Spirit King Stage.

They were strong, but not as strong as the twelve mysterious cultivators with the blue robe earlier.

“Father!” Luo Yan shouted worriedly at Yi Tianyun as she was afraid to see Yi Tianyun get injured.

But, the next scene shocked everyone as no one saw Yi Tianyun attacked, but the three Spirit King cultivator was pushed back!

Yi Tianyun immediately pulled out his Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword as his hands shone with a cold light.

The Netherworld Fire that enveloped the sword instantly ignited the surrounding air. Ji Yang kept staring at the sword as he felt as if he had seen it somewhere, and then he realised that it was their Divine Tool!

But he was confused about how did the sword come into the boy’s possession!

He then remembered the previous incident involving Heaven Creating Divine King’s inheritance that a mysterious cultivator crushed all Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation cultivators in that place with ease!

“Stop, don’t go near him!” Ji Yang shouted hurriedly.

But it was already too late! A huge shadow appeared behind Yi Tianyun and killed the three Spirit King cultivator with a powerful blow.

The three Spirit King cultivators were chopped in half despite the powerful aura that defended their body.


‘Successfully killed a 6th Layer Spirit King Stage Experts!’

‘Rewards: …’


‘Successfully …’

Just like he did at Heavenly Creating Divine Altar, Yi Tianyun killed the Spirit King Experts with ease!

But of course, the truth lied within Yi Tianyun’s equipment. He was wearing Desolate Ancient Necklace and Desolate Ring, and with these two pieces of equipment alone, he could easily crush anyone at Spirit King Stage!

He didn’t even equip his Evil God Suit that would boost his power further just yet!

“Do you recognize this sword?” Yi Tianyun smiled blandly at Ji Yang.

“This sword is not good, so I’ve never used it before. I guess it’s not so bad to have Heavenly Netherworld Sword to cut a bunch of Heavenly Netherworld people!” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face.

But before Yi Tianyun could move, a shadow appeared behind him. Luo Yang was about to warn him, but Yi Tianyun’s body was already covered with a terrifying dark light before he could!

Ji Yang smiled disdainfully as he thought that Yi Tianyun finally kicked the bucket, but suddenly, a shadow appeared again behind Yi Tianyun and blocked the assailant’s attack!

Yi Tianyun’s figure was seen again as the smoke dissipated, but his appearance was completely different! He was covered in a dark-coloured suit with a stunning black mane!

The assailant was clearly desperate and used all his strength to attack Yi Tianyun once more. His sword once again collided with the shadow’s sword, and a loud blast happened once more, but this time, the assailant’s body was covered with deep wounds once the smoke dissipated while Yi Tianyun was still fine without any injuries!

Only then that everyone finally realised that the one attacking Yi Tianyun was none other than Great General Ming Shen!

“Is it fun to attack me from my blind spot?” Yi Tianyun smiled coldly at General Ming Shen.

He already knew General Ming Shen’s whereabouts and decided to counter his sneak attack instead!

With his stack of equipment, General Ming Shen’s terrifying speed didn’t seem that fast at all!

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