Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 641


The sword pierced Great General Ming Shen’s chest, wounding him severely!

He was a Saint King Stage expert, but a sword easily pierced his body like a normal person!

After the crowds saw what happened, they were shocked!

Yi Tianyun’s attack was too powerful, far beyond their imagination!

Now, the famous Great General Ming Shen was almost split in two with one attack!

Most people stepped back after witnessing Yi Tianyun’s power as they know that they wouldn’t be able to hold a candle against Yi Tianyun!

Was it because their evaluation of Yi Tianyun was several months ago?

But it wasn’t possible to grow this far just in a few months!

“How is this possible!” Ji Yang’s said with a surprised look on his face.

“Divine Envoy?!” Elder Luo said in shock, but thankfully, he didn’t feel any pain from his wound now.

Even Luo Yan was shocked to see Yi Tianyun’s power. She wasn’t with Yi Tianyun for the last couple of months, so she didn’t know how much stronger Yi Tianyun was!

But she felt proud as it was her father who overwhelmed the Heavenly Netherworld Great General!

“Come on. I don’t have all day! Let’s settle this quickly!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently as his gaze was directed to the Phoenix Cave in the distant.

Yi Tianyun could feel a terrifying power coming from the cave’s direction.

He was powerful indeed, but even Evil God Suit wouldn’t be able to help much if his opponent was already beyond the cultivation level that he could fight!

Just like Ji Yang over here, it was the first time for Yi Tianyun to face a 6th Layer Saint King cultivator with 2.5 billion combat points, and Ji Yang wasn’t even serious yet!

However, it would be different if he had to face a Saint King Peak Stage!

Since it was unclear at which cultivation level the Evil Spirit Race would be, he had to kill it immediately!

“Kill him!”

Ji Yang shouted as he clutched the fan in his hand. He knew that he had to get the situation under control quickly.

If he didn’t kill Yi Tianyun here, he could pose a threat to Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation in the future!

The look on Ji Yang’s eyes suddenly became serious, and the next moment, he released a powerful Heavenly Yin Fire that enveloped the fan in his hands.

Almost instantly, a huge Void Spirit shadow appeared behind him, followed by a howling sound that sent a chill down to everyone’s spine.

Now, Ji Yang had 6 billion combat power, almost reaching the 7 billion point mark!

On the other hand, Great General Ming Shen, who has healed the injury that he received from Yi Tianyun earlier, also released a powerful Heavenly Yin Fire of his own.

He then pulled out Heavenly Netherworld God Spear that constantly emanated chilling cries.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve encountered a worthy opponent. Let me see how strong you really are!”

The two great Saint King Stage experts attacked Yi Tianyun at the same time to finish him off as soon as they could.

They didn’t even consider what kind of Yi Tianyun ability or bloodline Yi Tianyun possessed as they thought that all human had a weak innate ability!

They wouldn’t bother to think of humans’ bloodline as they would be trash anyway!

“Father, be careful!” Luo Yan shouted from the side as she was worried about the two Saint King’s attack that was directed at Yi Tianyun.

“What a powerful aura! I wonder just what Yi Tianyun did to achieve this kind of power at such a young age! But, can he withstand two Saint King stage experts’ attack at the same time?” Elder Luo said with worried look on his face.

When the Great General Ming Shen sneaked in for an attack before, he did not use all his strength. So, his power now was clearly on a differnt level than before!

Not only that, but the Phoenix Clan was gradually being captured one by one by the mysterious cultivator with the strong Heavenly Yin Fire while Yi Tianyun was busy handling two Saint King Stage enemies before him!

“Hey, keep your eyes on the fight! You don’t have the time to worry about others!” a Spirit King cultivator shouted from the side as they captured yet another Phoenix Clan member.

“It seems like you guys are sincerely trying to make me angry.” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“Not really, but it was good advice! You have to keep your eyes on us for the time being.” Great General Ming Shen said indifferently to Yi Tianyun.

He clearly wanted to return favour from the attack that he received from Yi Tianyun just a few moments ago.

“I don’t have that much patience! Evil God Mode!”

Suddenly, a black flame gushed out of Yi Tianyun’s body, and his body also grew rapidly. He turned into an Evil God in a flash and quickly swung his Divine Sword down towards the Spirit King cultivator who tried to grab Luo Yan.

The black flame that Yi Tianyun unleashed turned a black Divine Sword, and Yi Tianyun quickly maneuvered the sword in such a way that he could hit the cultivator without touching Luo Yan. He successfully did so, killing the Spirit King cultivator and saved Luo Yan.

At the same time, Great General Ming Shen also aimed his spear at Yi Tianyun’s back, but as soon as he attacked, Yi Tianyun reached out for the spear and froze it in place!

Great General Ming Shen was horrified, but he didn’t show it as he couldn’t let the moral of his troop fall now.

But he clearly had a hard time seeing that his attack didn’t even land on Yi Tianyun, who wasn’t focused on him at all! It was an all-out attack, but it still didn’t reach Yi Tianyun!

“How about you wait just for little while?” Yi Tianyun said coldly while his body kept on releasing the terrifying black flame!

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