Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 642


Great General Ming Shen was shocked when Yi Tianyun gripped the God Spear that he used to attack Yi Tianyun and tried to pull the spear away from Yi Tianyun, but he couldn’t!

Great General Ming Shen was trying to burn his Blood Essence to overpower Yi Tianyun when Yi Tianyun suddenly lifted the spear with Great General Ming Shen still tightly gripping it, lifting him to the air along with the spear!

Yi Tianyun then swung the spear violently, and as Ji Yang attacked Yi Tianyun, Yi Tianyun used Ming Shen’s body to block Ji Yang’s attack!

Great General Ming Shen grunted, feeling like his body was about to be sliced open. In fact, his body was indeed sliced open. A huge wound was gaping on his back!

Ji Yang’s Fan clearly overwhelmed Ming Shen’s defences.

“Great General Ming Shen!” Ji Yang’s face paled as he quickly pulled away from his weapon.

Ji Yang immediately grabbed Ming Shen and tried to pull him away from Yi Tianyun, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do it!

“Did I give you my permission to take him away?” Yi Tianyun said coldly as he swung the spear forcefully again.

Ji Yang, who couldn’t let Ming Shen, was dragged along. Fortunately, he managed to muster all his strength to get away in time right when Yi Tianyun smashed Ming Shen’s body to the ground, crushing Ming Shen’s body to a bloody pulp!

“There is no way a human can possess this terrifying power! Who are you!” Ji Yang shouted as his face paled from fear.

The crowd looked at Yi Tianyun with an equal shock on their face. They never thought that Yi Tianyun would be able to block a Saint King Expert’s attack that easily and inflict severe injury to the said Saint King Expert!

The huge darkness that covered Yi Tianyun’s body was also full of mystery as Yi Tianyun looked bigger.

Not to mention, the black flame that was constantly discharged from his body was abnormally powerful!

“Get the hell out of my way!” Great General Ming Shen said as he stood back up and covered his entire body with Heavenly Yin Fire!

The Heavenly Yin Fire spiraled over the spear and reached Yi Tianyun, who was still holding the spear.

Elder Luo and the other Phoenix Clan members were startled and looked at Yi Tianyun with worry and anxiety on their faces.

They almost forgot that the enemy could control the Heavenly Yin Fire, which could trap a cultivator in its cold flame!

But, complete to their shock, Yi Tianyun’s black flame immediately swallowed the Heavenly Yin Fire and even burned Ming Shen, which led to him screaming painfully!

“What kind of flame is this? Get it off of me!”

The Great General Ming Shen couldn’t extinguish the black flame no matter how hard he tried!

He eventually screamed painfully while freezing in place under Yi Tianyun’s foot. He couldn’t move as Yi Tianyun’s foot kept him in check!

“If you kill him, we will make sure that you will die a painful death! We won’t even leave a trace of your body to bury!” Ji Yang said coldly as he tried to save Ming Shen.

Now, Ji Yang knew that he couldn’t just use violence against Yi Tianyun as he also had a powerful ability.

The Spirit King stage cultivator behind Ji Yang couldn’t even make any noise as they were all frozen over their fear of Yi Tianyun’s power.

Nevertheless, they couldn’t let the Phoenix Clan escape as all their plan would go down the drain!

Securing the Phoenix Blood Essence without killing the Phoenixes was their plan all along!

“Do you think you’re in any position to make a demand?” Yi Tianyun said coldly and stabbed Ming Shen with the God Spear viciously.

“I… I will kill you!” Ming Shen said weakly.

It was extremely humiliating for a Saint King Cultivator like him to be treated this way!

“You have to wait in line for that! But believe me, I’ve killed everyone who wants to kill me!” Yi Tianyun sneered.

His Black flame burned more intensely, injuring Ming Shen quickly!

Even if Ming Shen had experienced hundreds of battles, Yi Tianyun’s black flame was extremely unique!

“How dare you!” Ji Yang said angrily. Ming Shen was his companion for a long time now, and it was extremely unpleasant to watch his comrade in arms died like that! “Heavenly Yin Divine Soldiers, come at once, all of you!!”

The Heavenly Yin Divine Soldiers, who were tasked to capture all the Phoenix Clan earlier, immediately gathered behind Ji Yang as they heard Ji Yang’s call.

“Attack formation!” Ji Yang shouted, closing the fan in his hands.

A great array suddenly appeared under his feet, and the Heavenly Yin Divine Soldier immediately stepped on the Great Array!

A tremendous Heavenly Yin Fire appeared and surged towards Yi Tianyun quickly!

The Heavenly Yin Fire formed a huge dark dragon that looked so powerful that it terrified the Phoenix Clan, who were watching on the side.

Yi Tianyun quickly observed the dark dragon with his Appraisal Eye and noticed that the dragon had 8 billion Combat power!

As expected of a dragon indeed!

“I didn’t want to use this Great Array on you, but I didn’t expect you to end up forcing me to use it!” Ji Yang said coldly, scattering his killing intent all over the place.

“Your power isn’t bad, but what happened if some of them stop it?” Yi Tianyun said when suddenly two Spirit King Cultivators froze in place, and their body immediately erupted Heavenly Yin Fire, blocking the dark dragon that was rushing toward Yi Tianyun!

“What the hell!?” Ji Yang said surprisedly. The dark dragon immediately went out of control, “Run!” Ji Yang shouted as the dark dragon exploded in the air, scattering Heavenly Yin Fire to the ground around Ji Yang!


‘Successfully killed Heavenly Yin Divine Soldiers!’

‘Reward: 2.1 billion Exp, 30.000 Cps, 5.000 Sps, Heavenly Yin Divine Secret Art, Heavenly Yin Great Array, Heavenly Yin Fire, Heavenly Yin Divine Armour, Heavenly Yin Boots!’


‘Successfully killed Heavenly Yin Divine Soldiers!’

‘Reward: 2.3 Billion Exp, …’

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised to see that those 6th Layer Spirit King Stage cultivators gave him that much Exp, but it was probably because he used many Exp Card before coming to Phoenix Nest, and now he had X221 Exp Card in effect!

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