Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 643



‘Successfully killed the Heavenly Yin Divine Soldiers!’

‘Rewards: 2.3 billion Exp, 30.000 Cps, …’


‘Successfully killed …’


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully broke through to 5th Layer Spirit King Stage!’


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully broke through to 6th Layer Spirit King Stage!’

Yi Tianyun almost killed all the Heavenly Yin Divine Soldiers in one attack!

There was no way the Heavenly Yin Divine Soldier could defend against such an attack with their current cultivation level.

Those who managed to evade the attack were fine, but they no longer had the will to fight as they knew that they would share the same fate as their fallen comrade if they attacked Yi Tianyun!

With the X221 Exp card effect, Yi Tianyun was able to level up two times! At first, he almost reached the 5th Layer Spirit King Stage, but after the abundant Exp he got afterwards, he got to level up again!

After receiving the quest to defend the Phoenix Clan from the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation invasion, Yi Tianyun realised that he would be fighting against the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation in full force.

Therefore, he didn’t hold back on buying the Exp Card from the Crazy Shop! He used them all in one go, hence the X221 Exp Card effect now!

“What the hell is going on? Why does his attack suddenly get way stronger than before!” Ji Yang shouted and looked at the few remaining Heavenly Yin Divine Soldiers.

He couldn’t hide his shock and disappointment towards the Heavenly Yin Divine Soldiers as he had already invested a lot to help them with their cultivation for such a long time!

It couldn’t be helped if the Heavenly Yin Divine Soldiers lost their will to fight as their enemy was way out of their league.

Furthermore, they were still concentrating on maintaining the Great Array, delaying their reaction in the process!

As some of them saw Yi Tianyun’s attack coming, they immediately abandoned their position, causing the Great Array to stay out of balance!

“Didn’t you say that you would attack me? I am still waiting!!” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

Ji Yang’s face turned sour as he could no longer control the flow of the battle!

The people he brought were killed in such ease that his faith in them completely disappeared!

Elder Lei and the other Phoenix Elders who witnessed Yi Tianyun’s attack couldn’t believe their eyes!

They thought that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be able to deal with so many powerful enemies, but clearly, they were wrong!

The first thing that they noticed was the weird vibe in Yi Tianyun’s eyes that seemed to charm the Heavenly Yin Divine Soldiers he had eye contact with.

“How did you pull this off!?” Ji Yang shouted furiously as he couldn’t think of the reason how Yi Tianyun could be this powerful.

“Wow, does the great Heavenly Netherworld Imperial Preceptor lose faith in his own cultivation because of me? But well, it doesn’t matter as I will destroy Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation now!” Yi Tianyun said coldly to Ji Yang.

Yi Tianyun then looked down on the charred body of Great General Ming Shen, “It is time to send this guy to where he belongs!”

“How dare you!” Ji Yang shouted and immediately rushed towards Yi Tianyun in attempt to stop him from doing anything to Ming Shen, but he was too slow!

Yi Tianyun grabbed the God Spear and immediately cut Ming Shen in two, killing him instantly.


‘Successfully killed Great General Ming Shen!’

‘Reward: 20 billion Exp, 150.000 Cps, 20.000 Sps, Heavenly Yin Great Array, Heavenly Yin Divine Secret Art, Heavenly Yin Fire, Evil Spirit Bloodline, Evil Spirit Soul!’


‘Successfully killed an elite enemy!’

‘Reward: 500 million Exp, 100.000 Cps, 10.000 Sps, 1x Super Enhanced Lottery ticket.’


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully broke through to 7th Layer Spirit King Stage!’


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully broke through to 8th Layer Spirit King Stage!’

Yi Tianyun was filled with excitement as killing Great General Ming Shen rewarded him with 20 billion Exp!

This stack effect from the Exp Card was so overwhelming!

The number that he never imagined before appeared in front of him like an illusion!

Honestly, Yi Tianyun never expected that he would be able to level up this easily!

“This is crazy!” His power has increased by leaps and bounds.

He began to imagine whether he could reach the Spirit King Peak Stage if he also killed Ji Yang.

Ji Yang’s cultivation level was higher than Great General Ming Shen’s, so the experience value that he got surely would be much higher than Ming Shen’s!

At the same time, Ji Yang, who was filled with rage, immediately let out all power he got and began to mutate!

His body turned pitch black, and countless tentacle-like arms were growing out of his body!

Those tentacles soon fused into two arms, becoming the four-armed cultivator!

Both Ji Yang’s size and strength increased exponentially as he transformed himself into a Demon God, holding a Divine Weapon on each hand!

“This is the power of the Evil Spirit Race, Divine Envoy!” Elder Luo shouted from afar.

Yi Tianyun immediately checked Ji Yang’s information with his Appraisal Eye.

Ji Yang: Evolved to Evil Spirit Race, could strengthen himself for each addition arm!

Each arm granted a substantial increase in Combat Power, Defence, and strength. Combat Power: 91 billion points!

Due to impure bloodline, the user‘s cultivation level would drop after use.

Yi Tianyun was surprised! Ji Yang’s combat power soared to a staggering 91 billion points in one go!

Bloodline power was a terrifying existence as it was capable of giving a cultivator a large amount of power!

No wonder Ji Yang looked down on Human Bloodline as it was nowhere as strong as Ji Yang’s power.

Even when the bloodline was impure, the side effects were still acceptable. But Yi Tianyun understood why Ji Yang was reluctant on using this ability from the start.

But now, Ji Yang knew that he had to use his trump card to crush Yi Tianyun!

After all, he couldn’t hold a candle against Yi Tianyun in his current state!

“I will kill you! Just die for me!” Ji Yang shouted as he lifted a huge chunk of rock and threw it at Yi Tianyun, causing a massive shockwave as the piece of earth hit the ground!

This was the power of the Evil Spirit Race!

Even in front of Phoenix Bloodline, they were still capable of showing that they were stronger in many aspects!

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