Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 644


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The initially handsome Ji Yang has completely transformed into a demonic being with four arms that wielded a Divine Tools in each arm!

Ji Yang then began to show off his speed that was far quicker than before.

“Even if the Old Ancestor is here, he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Ji Yang’s power!” Elder Luo and the other Phoenix Clan said as they were shocked by Ji Yang’s power.

They’ve never seen the outburst of Evil Spirit Race before, and now that they were seeing it firsthand, they were terrified!

Even if their Old Ancestor also used their bloodline, like what Ji Yang did, it would be nowhere near Ji Yang’s power now!

Although they also knew about the side effects of Ji Yang’s abilities, it was nonetheless overwhelming compared to seize instant power boost through any other method!

However, the one who had to deal with Ji Yang right now was Yi Tianyun, not the Phoenix Clan Old Ancestors!

Yi Tianyun’s appearance was equally domineering, an Evil God with a tall and majestic appearance, with two horns on his head and a pair of black wings made of condensed Black Flames!

“Father, be careful!” Luo Yan shouted at Yi Tianyun worriedly.

“Don’t worry. Your father is quite strong.” Yi Tianyun smiled warmly towards Luo Yan.

As Yi Tianyun looked at Ji Yang, he was thankful to be able to level up several times before he had to deal with Ji Yang! Initially, Ji Yang only had 2 billion combat points, but now he had 91 billion points, the power difference was unbelievable, but so Yi Tianyun was no different!


Ji Yang took the initiative as a shockwave attack instantly enveloped Yi Tianyun. It didn’t deal any significant damage but ploughed the ground around Yi Tianyun’s feet, causing him to slightly lose his footing.

Seeing his opportunity, Ji Yang immediately rushed toward Yi Tianyun and attacked him relentlessly with the four Divine Tools that he had in each hand.

Each Divine Tool had a different effect. The first one was a God Fan that acted like a short sword, trying to cut Yi Tianyun into pieces.

The second was a huge axe that was powerful enough to crush Yi Tianyun and split him in two. The third was a Divine Sword enveloped by Heavenly Yin Fire that could engulf Yi Tianyun in its cold flame. The last one was a spear with a considerable length and a sharp edge that provided an advantage in range attack, trying to impale Yi Tianyun’s head!

The four Divine Tools’ effect stacked up with each other, increasing Ji Yang’s power substantially!

“Massacre the World!”

Ji Yang said coldly as he slashed Yi Tianyun from four directions, limiting Yi Tianyun’s escape route.

Just to make sure, Ji Yang also summoned countless skeletons from the weapons that further blocked Yi Tianyun’s escape route.

“You know that relying on Divine Tools alone is not real strength!” Yi Tianyun said as he condensed a terrifying size of Black Flame in his hands.

Yi Tianyun then further increased the Black Flame’s power by integrating the condensed Black Flame on his wings to strengthen the Black Flame on his hands!

“Evil God Descends!”

Yi Tianyun’s eyes flashed black as he punched Ji Yang on the chest, and suddenly a black light enveloped Ji Yang and Yi Tianyun as it towered to the sky and suddenly, an explosion occurred!


The deafening sound shook the entire Phoenix Nest, even stronger than the impact that came from the Phoenix Cave!

Even those who were standing far away from Yi Tianyun and Ji Yang’s battleground were thrown to the ground from the shock wave that the explosion caused!

“What a terrifying power…”

The crowds thought in unison as there was no other word that could describe the power that they just witnessed!

“Imperial Preceptor would be the one to come out on top! I am sure of it!”

The cultivator from Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation said in unison as their belief in their Imperial Preceptor was unwavering!

They knew that if their Imperial Preceptor lost here, their lives would be over!

The opposite also applied to the Phoenix Clan side as they hoped Yi Tianyun to come out on top!

If Yi Tianyun died here, the entire Phoenix Clan would be doomed!

They never considered Yi Tianyun as their Divine Envoy as they’ve already accepted Yi Tianyun as part of their own race!

As the cultivators prayed for their respective beacon of hope, the black light suddenly intensified and enveloped a large landmass!

Then it gradually started to diminish, slowly presenting Yi Tianyun, who was standing still in the middle of the battlefield with his dignified appearance!

There was a trail of ashes with four scorched Divine Tools on the ground in front of him.

“Imperial, Imperial Preceptor…”

The Heavenly Netherworld cultivators were terrified to see their Imperial Preceptor has been reduced to ash!

They knew that the Imperial Preceptor has died as there was no way the Imperial Preceptor would just drop his four Divine Weapons like that!

“Burned to ashes. He is a Saint King Stage expert, and he just burned to ashes…”

The Heavenly Netherworld cultivators couldn’t believe their eyes. They knew that not even the Immortal Fire could burn their Imperial Preceptor to ashes, yet how could Yi Tianyun’s Black Flame do so?

Little did they know that Yi Tianyun’s black flame was still a form of Immortal Fire!

But the Black Immortal Fire was an enhanced version of the Immortal Fire that was also further strengthened with the Royal Phoenix Bloodline!

Heavenly Yin Fire wouldn’t be able to resist this Black Immortal Fire as it would burn anything that Yi Tianyun wanted, including Ji Yang!

Yi Tianyun didn’t use the Royal Phoenix Bloodline before, but he used it against Ji Yang. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to kill Ji Yang without using it since he could use all the time he had to efficiently obtain as much Exp as he could get from the 221 stacks of Exp Card that he used!


‘Successfully killed Heavenly Netherworld Imperial Preceptor, Ji Yang!’

‘Reward: 22.4 billion Exp, 180.000 Cps, 40.000 Sps, Heavenly Yin Divine Secret Art, Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Divine Art, Heavenly Yin Great Array, Evil Spirit Divine Arts, Evil Spirit Divine Sword, Evil Spirit Divine Armour, Evil Spirit Divine Boots, Evil Spirit Bloodline, Evil Spirit Soul, Evil Spirit Bone, Evil Spirit Secret Book.’


‘Successfully killed an elite enemy!’

‘Reward: 500 million Exp, 100.000 Cps, 5.000 Sps, 1x Super Enhanced Lottery Ticket.’

Yi Tianyun smirked as he finally got a large number of Divine Tools. At first, he has already given up on thinking of obtaining a Divine Tool from killing a Saint King Stage expert as he realised that the drop rate was low even with used the Lucky Aura used, but he got it now nonetheless!

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