Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 645


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‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 9th Layer Spirit King Stage!’


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to Spirit King Peak Stage!’

Yi Tianyun levelled up two times in a row!

He was now at the peak of Spirit King Stage, meaning that he would be able to get into the Saint King Stage soon!

He now required the full 15 billion Exp to reach Saint King Stage, and it should be noted that it took only 3 billion Exp to reach 2nd Layer of Spirit King before!

The system’s requirement to level up kept increasing, increasing the difficulty to level up exponentially!

But then again, he could just buy the Exp Card from the shop again in the future as he now knew that the Exp Card worked more efficiently as he stacked the effect like this!

But it’d probably be better to wait until he got the discount from the shop later!

He got the discount earlier, where he could buy anything in the shop for half the price, but he still had to spend 1 million Cps for each Exp Card despite the discount!

It was a waste not to exploit this Exp Card providing the number of cultivators surrounding the Phoenix Nest.

The only thing in his mind was to replenish his Crazy Points as he used a hefty amount to buy the Exp Card previously!


‘X80 Exp Card expired!’


‘X50 Exp Card expire!’


‘X …’

Finally, the effect of Yi Tianyun’s Exp Card wore off one after another. After all, one hour was too short of a time to finish all of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

But then again, he already killed most of the cultivators!

But it sure would be a lot better if he could kill the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King while he was still under the Exp Card Effect!

But seeing his situation right now, it probably would be a lot better if he wiped the rest of the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s cultivators off before he went and fought Heavenly Netherworld Holy King.

After all, Yi Tianyun still had a chance to break through to Saint King Stage!

After killing Ji Yang, Yi Tianyun immediately undid his Evil God transformation as it used too much Crazy Point to maintain.

“It’s over for now.” Yi Tianyun said as he swept his eyes around.

The Phoenix Clan’s eyes were filled with shock as they stared at Yi Tianyun for a while. The scene that they just witnessed was too much for them to process right now.

Yi Tianyun easily killed the two Spirit King Stage cultivators and saved all of the Phoenix Clan from doom!

They didn’t even want to imagine what would happen to them now If Yi Tianyun was late!

There was a high chance that the Phoenix Clan would have been captured while their strongest warriors died from a futile struggle.

“All of you should find a place to hide right now. Although it may look safe now, we can’t say for sure if they still have a backup on their way here!” Yi Tianyun shouted to all the Phoenix Clan’s residences to hear.

The crowd nodded, and they immediately took the injured ones and got to safety. They were all trapped by the Heavenly Yin Fire earlier, but now that the Heavenly Yin Fire has been suppressed, they could escape from the battlefield.

“Father….” Luo Yan shouted weakly.

She tried to approach Yi Tianyun but refrained from hugging him as she realised that Yi Tianyun wasn’t her real father.

“What’s on your mind now?” Yi Tianyun said as he reached out to pet her head.

He then realised that because Luo Yan has regained her memories, she wasn’t sure how to approach him, “Luo Yan, it is good that you finally regained your memories. You can call me brother Yi from now on if it feels weird to call me father. It has to be weird calling a stranger your father.

“No, I’ll call you godfather!” Luo Yan’s beautiful eyes glittered and suddenly grabbed his arm in surprise.

“Godfather, you’re so powerful, they’re Saint King experts, and you just killed them easily! What was that transformation you used? I have never seen anything like that before!”

“Godfather…?” Yi Tianyun said as he sighed and shook his head.

He would feel embarrassed if Luo Yan called him like that while there were so many people nearby, but that was probably better than father.

“Divine Envoy. Thank you very much, if it were not for you, we would probably suffer a fate worst than death!” Elder Luo said as his face was pale from anxiety.

“It’s okay. It is just my responsibility to save everyone that believed in me. But now, you all have to hide. After all, their Holy King is still alive!” Yi Tianyun said dismissively.

Luo Yan understood and quickly led the others to safety. The rest of the Phoenix Clan nodded their head in respect.

The Phoenix Clan had a safe hideout not too far from the Phoenix Nest, and they planned to head to that place!

As for Yi Tianyun, he didn’t stay at the Phoenix Nest for long and quickly headed towards the Phoenix Cave as he knew that it’d be where his final battle against the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King be!

He could feel the Spiritual Energy at the Phoenix Cave fluctuating from afar and realised that the Holy King was probably getting stronger by each passing second!

“It seems that war has just begun!”

Yi Tianyun gritted his teeth and immediately rushed towards the Phoenix Cave!

Once he got there, he saw three Saint King Stage cultivators attacking the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King from a distance.

The Heavenly Netherworld Holy King himself was blocking their attack with one hand while constantly absorbing black spiritual energy from the ground.

But Yi Tianyun could see that the absorption was slow, but the Holy king’s cultivation kept rising despite that.

The Holy King has reached a Saint King Peak Stage, and he was relying on the Divine Tool on his hands to fend off the three Saint King Experts’ attack!

The three Saint King cultivators have used up all their power to attack, and their combination of attack was impeccable!

The three Saint King Cultivators clearly enhanced their power exponentially this way, but the Holy King wasn’t affected by their attack!

It seemed the Divine Tools on the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King’s chest created a strong energy wall that easily withstood the three Saint King cultivators’ attack!

Yi Tianyun realised that Heavenly Netherworld Holy King must’ve consumed recovery pills constantly to maintain the energy wall as it consumed so much spiritual energy!

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